What happens if you mix the holocaust, ethnic differences, Stan Lee, comic book superheroes, the Matrix, Usual Suspects, and the apocalypse together?
-Review by David Bruce


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David BruceThere is so much spiritual meaning in this film. I got tired just thinking about it. X-Men is more than 'just a comic book." There is deep meaning behind these stories. No wonder the comic books and the movie have done as well as they have.
-Review by David Bruce


Click for larger photoFINDING AND ACCEPTING 'PLACE.'
Xavier says to Logan, "You'll be safe here from Magneto, a very powerful mutant who believes that a war is brewing between mutants... and the rest of humanity."
Finding 'place' is fundamental to acceptance and security. The story has Logan and Rogue struggle with the concept of 'place.' Don't we all?

Click for larger photeClick to go to THE SIXTH SENSESIXTH SENSE
Jean Grey "lifts" the syringe from the table. She, too, has a sixth sense ability. Her abilities are similar to Xavier's (sixth sense) and somewhat like Magneto's (move objects). She is, in fact, the female counterpart to Xavier. Think of all the story possibilities here. She is still in training, however, and lacks the same maturity. Actually, it is refreshing to see a film in which a twenty-something year old isn't already some world-renowned expert in a certain field. Maturity matters.

Click for larger photoCOMMUNITY = POWER.
The message is clear in X-Men. We should not act alone. Strength is in the bond of community. In order for Magneto to kidnap Rogue he had to isolate her away from her community. In order to get Rogue back, the X-Men form a community, working together, toward that goal. Also clear is the concept that each of us is differently gifted.
Xavier is a leader because he takes the time to help, love, accept others. He is the spiritual mentor. He is what every priest, rabbi and minister should be. Xavier is the embodiment of grace.
The X-Men are a reflection of all those that are not tolerated by others. The message in X-Men is that we all contain the same genetic stuff. (As the Bible says, we are all of one blood). We are part of one humanity. Storm is the reflection of humanity's common past and common future. In fact, human families are becoming increasing inter-racial. We are all becoming like storm. Another character is a white woman with dark blue skin and kinky orange hair = same idea.
Click for larger photoTHE CUT SCENE ABOUT STORM
In order to keep the film within certain budget limits -cuts were made. One featured Storm as a little girl being made fun of by racial bigots. Within the strong emotional reaction that she felt she discovered her gift. And so it is. Sometimes our best qualities are brought out by life's hard experiences.

Click for larger photoSTORM AS A FEMALE CHRIST FIGURE.
There have been a number of recent films with Christ like women in them. Click to go to THE FIFTH ELEMENTThe disciples of Jesus once noted that Jesus could control stormy weather. And, so can Storm. Notice the cross like body position of Storm when she summons the elements. Other films that feature a female Christ figure include The Fifth Element, and Alien The Resurrection. X-Men is the second popular film within a year to give the world a black African Jesus -the other film being, of course, Green Mile.

Click for larger photoClick here to go to BLADE RUNNERTHE EYES HAVE IT.
Storm's eyes go white as she controls the wind and lightning. The use of eyes in X-Men is profound. I think I could write a book on the subject. Another film that makes important use of the eyes is Blade Runner.

The Bible uses the illustration of the eye hundreds of times to show its importance as a gate to the soul. Jesus says, "The light of the body is the eye", meaning that not only do the things that we look at affect our soul, but also that our eyes can show what is already in there. When the Hebrew hero Samson was captured by his enemies he was publicity humiliated by having his head shaved and his eyes gouged out.

Click for larger photoPOWER OF THE SINGLE EYE.
Jesus once said, "If the eye be single how great the light." The ability to focus attention on the things that need to be done is a tremendous power. Cyclops makes the case for that truth.

Click for larger photoClick to go to JESUS SERIESWOMEN IN SATANIC ROLES.
After years of seeing only middle aged white business men as the evil one (since Watergate), we are now experiencing the fact that evil is inherent in all of humanity. In X-Men, evil takes on all forms in the character of Mystique -an enemy of the X-Men. She takes on various incarnations (makeovers) to tempt, kill and destroy. She becomes a male and female, a boy, Wolverine, and even Rogue. She invades the Orphanage, like the serpent invaded paradise, to tempt Rogue (Eve) to leave the community.

Click for larger photoVIOLENCE RUNS IN THE FAMILY
Sabretooth is the bitter enemy of Logan (Wolverine). This is made very clear in the film. Those who read the comic book know that Sabretooth has learned that he and Logan are related. This knowledge has made him even more violent toward Logan. Violence and murder, outside of the drug world, happens mostly between family and friends. There is such a sad truth here. Sabretooth reminds us of the necessity of love between "loved ones"!
Click for larger photo Click to go to MATRIXTHE THUMBPRINT OF MATRIX
The enemy Toad leaps at Jean, she sticks her hand out and freezes him in mid-air. There are several such connections to Matrix. X-Men was in pre-production when Matrix became a hit at the box office. So...
From being a victim and survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, Magneto grows up to be the very evil that he hates. The irony of the human condition. We sometimes become the embodiment of what we despise.
Xavier activates Cerebro. Suddenly Xavier reacts in incredible pain. He drops to the floor...

Click for larger photoClick here to go to ALIEN though he were dead. He is in a deep coma brought on by the evil Magneto. Many recent films use such death and resurrection scenarios, including Alien -the Resurrection, and Matrix.

Click for larger photoTHE WRONG APPROACH
Magneto kills his enemies. This is the face of the Senator as he faces the wrath of Magneto.
Jesus said: "You have heard ... 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!" -Matthew 5:43-44
Click for larger photoELLIS ISLAND IS THE TARGET.
It was Alfred Hitchcock that first used national symbols in film, such as the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. Symbols that a filmmaker uses are important to the meaning of a film. Ellis Island is the place where all nationalities could come and find freedom and new beginnings. Magneto seeks to destroy such ethnic diversity.
As long as people hate each other liberty will always be a fragile thing. This seems to be the message in this X-Men film. As the greatest teacher once said, "Let us love one another" for Love is of God.

Bulletin Board:

Subject: X-Men
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001
From: "Samuel Ewing"

Hello, After seeing the X-Men and reading your observations on the characters, David, I was really interested in your insights concerning Storm. I got the impression that there was more to her than meets the eye. I reaalized that Storm is a character based on some very ancient concepts. First of all I want to mention the factors in the movie that I saw that gave her the markings of a Black Female Christ Figure:

a. The obvious X logo on her uniform. The scene where she levitates in the air and assumes the crucifix position while in a battle to save humanity.

b. Her ability to levitate, fly, ascend into the sky is common with saviours/heroes who have come to earth from a spiritual realm or who are returning to that realm. Of course, Jesus was said to have ascended into the heavenly realm to be with the Father-God.

c. Storm assisted Wolverine in ascending upward to the top of the Statue of Liberty to rescue Rogue. This motif is the same as the deities who rescue a group of people from disaster by taking them from earth to a higher realm of existence; examples being Lord Kalki and Jesus who are prophecized to rescue the faithful in what Christians call a Rapture.

d. One of the evil mutants, a sort of frog-man, was unable to defeat Storm in combat, and he said, "Don't you people ever die!?" ( or something to that effect). This is a clear indication that Storm is no ordinary person. It indicates her ability to come back even in the shadow of death. Storm's powers are a vital key in enabling other team members to do their part. She is not a minor character.

e. It is Storm who teaches the student mutants a history of the Roman Empire's conversion to Christianity. Constantine's alleged vision of the cross is mentioned and how the soldiers were made to put a cross on their shields to bring them victory. *In the other e-mail I sent on the meaning of the X-Men, the X as a type of cross is explained.

f. If eyes are truly the windows of the soul then one can interpret Storm's eyes becoming white with white lightning energy as an indication of : her spiritual purity, that she is filled with the Holy Spirit of God's Wrath as it manifests in nature, and that she is an instrument of the Supreme Being's Wisdom.

I decided to examine Storm's attributes further and what I found out supports her role as a Christ figure.

White Hair: Storm's white hair symbolizes purity and wisdom. The wisdom of the elders. Yahweh as the Ancient of Days is described in Ezekial with the white hair. Wisdom in the Bible texts has been described numerous times as a primordial Female Being who is one in mind and intent with the universe's Creator. Furthermore this idea is common in ancient literature in various cultures. Storm represents that cosmic being called Wisdom.

Holy Spirit: Storm is an instrument of what many cultures refer to as the Holy Spirit and this is indicative of her name as well. The most ancient texts on the Holy Spirit incorporated in Bible literature comes from Africa, Asia, and India. Historically speaking these areas had great influence on what is now called the Near East or Middle East, which is still part of the African continent. This Third Aspect of the Supreme Being was known as a Feminine Being who acted as the Destroyer and Regenerator. The Hebrews gave Her the name Ruh, Iune, and Ruah (which is female), Egyptians called Her Amazon, Neith and Auset. In India she was called Devi, Mother-God, Shakti, other names were Sophia, Wisdom, Juno, Venus, Athena etc. etc. The common emblem of this being was the Dove.

This Holy Spirit was said to come as a rushing mighty wind and to visible as tongues of flame. Ruh implies air in motion as in a storm, hurricane, or tornado (pillar of cloud and fire). The Old Testament refers to it as the Angel of the Lord, while older forms of this text, as well as other Hebrew texts call it the Shekhinah (Glory of God, Female). Its fire aspect was said to be galvanic, magnetic, and electric. Another words lightning and thunderbolts. Auset (Isis) is called in the Egyptian Leyden Texts, 'the Goddess of Electricity'. The Greeks called this same Being the Anima Mundi or the World Soul. Athena who is the Greek version of the more ancient Neith (Wisdom) or Auset is called Goddess of the Thunderbolt. Marvel Comics Group and DC Comics did a crossover comic involving Storm in which she was called *Amazon. I have no doubt that they were aware that the first human Amazons were Black women and that Amazon, the feminine aspect of the most ancient Hercules ( an African deity) was an electrical person. This Amazon presided over storms, weather, lightning etc. Other places in Africa honor Her as the goddess Oya, she is the thunderbolt-axe in the hands of the male Yoruba god Shango, she is the club of lightning and fire wielded by the Egyptian Hercules named Shu etc. etc. Storm's bio in comic book lore talks about how she was worshipped as a goddess who protected and helped Africans with good weather. *Storm represents the Holy Spirit.

Fire From Heaven: I continued to research the the symbology of lightning:

1. Lightning, thunderbolts, heaven's fire--- in many cultures is regarded as an expression of divine power which is both terrible and creative. This power is traced back to the Highest God who is the Enlightener and Punisher. Biblically lightning appears in conjunction with the Wrath of God and the Judgement of God. Yahweh is well known as a storm deity who punishes evil with fire, lightning, storm, flood, thunder, and earthquakes. *Storm has the gift of this phenomena and is God's answer to evil men and the demonic forces that empower them. Storm is God's Wrath with a feminine face.

2. Lightning/thunderbolts are represented as the X (Chi-Rho Cross or Sword Cross). The Word is the Sword of God and the imagery is identical to Marduk's thunderbolt. The thunderbolt is in the form of the sword-cross as a vertical bar down the center of an X, while one of the cross bars has a loop on it to show that it is a sword. Storm is the wielder of the Word which is the Sword of God's Wrath.

Storm's character is very intelligent, compassionate, honorable, and regal of bearing. She is extraordinarily beautiful, some would say exotic, but she doesn't give the impression that one should approach her with anything but respect. In this movie she serves as a positive role model to women, and African American girls. She is one of the most powerful of the X-Men. A BLACK FEMALE CHRIST FIGURE.

I'm listing here references which cover the information I mentioned in this transmission which speaks in much greater detail on this subject for those who are interested in further research.
1. Godfrey Higgins, ESQ, Anacalypsis Vol. # 1, 1992, published by A & B Book Publishers, Brooklyn, New York 11201
2. Charles S. Finch III, M.D., Echoes Of The Old Darkland: Themes From The African Eden, 1993, published by Khenti Inc., Decatur, George 30036-1003
3. Ernest Busenbark, Symbols, Sex, And The Stars In Popular Beliefs

Sincerely, Sam Ewing

Subject: X-Men
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001
From: "Samuel Ewing"

Hello, I watched the X-MEN when it came out on video. This movie is symbol rich and spiritually rich. The X-MEN are literally heirs to HERCULES, individually as well as a team. They are American versions of Hercules. Furthermore when one examines the literal meaning of what the X represents, then one can appropriately call the X-Men the Yahweh-Men, the God's-Men, the Christ's-Men, and this is the most ancient meaning of the word SUPERMAN:

1. The X-Men are men and women who have been "crossed out" by the dominant culture that rules American society. These X-Men stand out because of their creativity, talents, abilities, skills, and gifts that they have been given by the Supreme Being. People can split hairs over the word evolution but whether one agrees with the use or meaning of the word or not, the real point here is that a Supreme Being has created them to defeat evil, to enrich humanity, to bring truth and illumination to dispel ignorance, therefore they have the ultimate and legitimate right to be here.

In a broad, appropriate sense the X-Men are in reality people of color ( people of African descent, Asians, Native Americans, Aboringes, and all indigenous people across the planet who have color), those who have a multi-racial/ ethnic heritage, women, children, artists, social activists, whistleblowers, truth-tellers, truth-scouts, truth-soldiers, innocent people who are wrongfully accused ending up in prison, with their lives damaged, or who are executed, the wise elders who aren't respected, the talented who are cheated out of their own creative achievements by others or who aren't given a chance to manifest them. ****These people are the X-Men, the unsung heroes who help this country even though this country is often cruel to them. They are America's greatest resource and the United States would fall into utter ruin without them. There is much food for thought here!!

2. X is the monogram for Jesus and the Christs (plural). X=10, the number of divinity, perfection, completeness, and of the deity called Yahweh. In ancient African cultures like Cush and Egypt, the Africans developed what is known as the Chi-Rho (handled or sword cross). This cross is X. One of the bars of this cross has a loop on it to represent a sword with a handle. This is the symbol of the African Deity known as Harpocrates and Chr-Amon (Heru). This god of light was crucified, rose from the dead, and destroyed the forces of evil.

In the second century B.C. the Greeks borrowed this cross from the Africans, calling Harpocrates (Heru)= Hero-Horus-Heracles (Hercules). Shortly thereafter the same Deity was named by the Greeks Xpnc (Chres) or Lord, Chrestos, and Christ. Many European scholars (including Christian scholars) have identified Heracles/Hercules as none other than an emblem of Jesus Christ. This reveals the African origin of the word, Christ. Bear in mind that the names Heracles, Hercules, Hero, Christ, and Messiah are also titles directly derived from the word HERU which is of African origin. The Greek title Christ, is derived frm the Egypto-African word KARAST. KRISTOS or CHRISTOS is the KRST (KARAST). Karast is a person who is anointed as a Heru (Hero) during their lifetime,when they are deceased they receive a great honor as a KRST or AUSAR (Osiris). Their bodies are anointed with spices, oils, and resins to preserve the body. The body is wrapped in bandages, placed in a coffin, the coffin is placed upright to symbolize resurrection. African people believed that the Herus (Heroes) or Krsts (Christs) would rise again to save the world as fully divine beings. "He has risen." The Afro-Asians (Hebrews, Jews, Black Semites) brought this tradition out of Egypt. Jesus has the title of a Christ.

The X-MEN are individually and collectively Christs (plural). They are beings of the Living Word, the Sword (sacred word) that slays all forms of evil, and the powers that each one of them displays is a form of the power of the Word. Again the X-Men are literally HERUS, HEROES, CHRISTS, HERACLESES/HERCULESES, MESSIAHS, the YAHWEH-MEN. *When using these words this includes women as well because ancient cultures also had records and stories about Female Herus too. ***Yes! Storm, Jean Grey, and Rogue are Herus, Herculeses, and Christs.

3. The X-MEN are MESSIAHS. The word MESSIAH is from the Egypto-African words MESSU and MES-IAH. MES=child and to be born. This is one of the epithets or names of Heru (Krst, Christ) the Son. MESSU also means the anointed one. MES-IAH literally means "the Son of Yah (God). YAH is the Egyptian YAHWEH who was worshipped by the Egyptians (they new who He was). The Hebrews were those Nubians, Egyptians, Afro-Asians, and nomadic Semites who broke away from Egypt, separating from their own people, and they are the ancestors of the Jews.

4. X is the number in ancient Greek culture that symbolizes the number 600 which is the numerical type for the Heroes or Demigods, in India it was one of the emblems for the Avatars of God, in ancient Rome it was the emblem that represented the 12 Caesars, in Hebrew, the Messiahs and so on.

5. The historical X-MEN of American culture are numerous= Paul Robeson, Geronimo, Tecumseh, Hiawatha, Muhammed Ali, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, General Benjamin O'Davis, Tuskegee Airmen, General George Patton, General Douglas MacArthur, Shirley Chisholm, Josephine Baker etc. There are others such as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Shaka Zulu, Queen Boudicea, and Emperor Haile Selassie to name a few in other countries. *Also there is one whose name belongs here as well and his name fits with the theme of X. That person is Malcolm X.

***From what I found out I must point out that Jesus Christ was an X-MAN too.
All X-Men are crucified (in one fashion or another) saviors.

Senator Robert Kelly is an American extreme right-wing version of Adolph Hitler, he is a blatant fascist and racist in the Nazi tradition. It is no accident that he appears to have blonde hair and blue eyes. An Aryan demagogue who represents the same ideological madness of the predominant culture, who represents that culture's ignorance and envy of those who are diverse and more talented than they are. Racism is always about hostility , fear of those who racists feel are different, talented, creative, more successful, and possibly more beautiful than they are. This envy and fear called racism needs support by a false sense of superiority. Yet when one measures the exploits and achievements of the racist they are either non-existent or morally questionable. Senator Kelly needs some one to beat up and to beat down to feel like he has a purpose and reason for existing. He implied this when he was on the plane with Mystique.

Which group do you belong to? Are you a Senator Kelly, part of the problem? Or are you one of the X-MEN, the solution? These are the questions we must ask ourselves.
Sincerely, Sam Ewing

Subject: X-Men
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001
From: "Sorge"

I think it was good, fun movie except for the fact that they give the credit for the mutants' power to evolution. I hope they make a sequel.

Subject: X-Men
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000
From: Casey Stephens

My responses are in blue -David

Storm a christ like woman? All of these comparisons between characters and the bible is getting me a little confused. I thought this movie was based entirely on the comic book? well, not entirely because some of the details and relationships between certain characters were left out, but come on..dont you think relating Storms body position to Jesus on the Cross is a little too much? Maybe that wasn't intended by the directors (and maybe it was).

There's got to be hero's in every story, this being true even before Jesus, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to tie the 2 together! So in this story there were more than one hero, because Storm is definitly not the main character in this movie. And the movie failed to mention that Rogue was actually raised by Mystique and had her first kiss on the banks of the Mississippi river and not in a safe house w/ her parents..but anyways. I'm just kind of sick of people looking too deeply into a movie when maybe it wasn't intended to be made for that purpose. (The nature of story is that it connects differently with each of us. There is never "only one" approach to any story, even if there was an original intention).

Sure there are a lot of themes in the story, but to go as far as commenting on Storm's body position which could have been an accident (the whole film was on story board before it went to film. It was not an accident), and most of all saying that her appearance is a mirror of how all of humanity is interconnected is insane. (You misquote me. What I said was, "Storm is the reflection of humanity's common past and common future. In fact, human families are becoming increasing inter-racial"). If storm is just that, and her role had that much on her shoulder, then she would have been one of the main characters, which she was just a supporting side character to me. If you look back on other "storm" characters, like Frosta in SheRa, she also had darkened skin and light hair (blueish white). Maybe it's just a snow thing!

Casey Stephens

Subject: One more comment about the X-Men movie.
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000
From: Belle Book

I have a suggestion for you concerning the "Christ-like" elements of Wolverine. Maybe you should add to your commentary the scene where Rogue has collapsed after being used as the "battery" of Magneto's machine, and Wolverine deliberately risks death to save her life -- by touching her face and giving her his powers of healing. That's definitely a Christ-like act, as he was willing to sacrifice his life -- and definitely his powers, for a time -- so Rogue could survive. It completes the process by which Wolverine regains his humanity and the process by which Rogue finds safety and love. And except for the fact that Christ didn't have to regain his humanity, that's similar to what he did for us -- he helped us find safety and love by his death, among other things. Belle Book

Subject: Hm, What A Refreshing Change
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000
From: Fire Core

I must say, this site is great.

A group of people and I were talking one day and one of them brought up an article reviewing "X-Men." Now, all of us have seen "X-Men" and thought it was great, so we wondered what was the significance of the review. We read it, and well, it pretty much disgusted us. It was rather pathetic. The review was against the movie, but that wasn't the point; the point was that the reviewer parallaled the whole movie as a huge metaphor for homosexuality and other "sins" (I myself don't consider homosexuality a sin, and I love them as much as I love the next person, but that's a topic for another day). I mean, heh, it's as if you, Mr. Bruce, used your powers of insight for negativity instead of positivity (hehe, "Using your powers for evil, not for good"). The article was longer than your review, so I wonder how much anger must reside in that man. The extent he went to find such minute connections to evil were astounding. I barely hear of dictators that go this far to try and spread propaganda.

Then my friend showed us this website (Hollywood Jesus) to counter the "Vengeful God" review. He was the one that introduced me to this site. I was pretty much wowed by the parallels you saw. That would explain the title on my subject. Like I said, it is so refreshing to find someone that is very spiritual yet positive in public. I know alot of those with strong faiths are just as positive, but the loud ones are often the minority (William Donahue comes to mind, as his actions resulted in that fine show on ABC getting canceled, and then blasting "Dogma" before it was released. Oddly enough, I found both to enrich my faith).

I didn't even see the connections (besides the obvious racial overtones) until I read this. It's nice to see someone using their abilities to benefit others =) Marcus (Plz don't post up my email address, thank you)

P.S. Thank You, Mr. Jeff Niems, for talking about "Churchianity." Your comments are what made that article spring up in my head. I didn't even make the connection between the Brotherhood and "Churchianity!" Seems Mr. Bruce isn't the only good insightful one here.

Response: Thank you for the kind words. -David

Subject: Thought Provoking
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000
From: "Mike Furches"

There are a number of things about X-Men that I appreciated. First and foremost is that the special effects where not the primary focus of the film. There is actually a story that is well played out by a group of quality actors and actresses. The opening scenes of the Holocaust lets you know from the outset that this film is going to be different than many of the recent comic book adaptations. I am someone who this film would naturally attract. I love movies and I have collected comics for a number of years. The X-Men might be a number one seller but frankly it is a comic that I have never been attracted to. While I have liked many of the characters, especially Wolverine, I never actually got into the comic itself. This film has motivated me to give the comic another look.

There are many components about this film that will attract viewers beyond the comic crowd. I expect the trailer to be one of the primary draws to motivate people to go see X-Men. Once people go, and they have been going, it is one that word of mouth will also help. David has hit on many attributes that one can draw from when watching the film. While I agree with much of what has been said there is another attribute that I think is easy to ignore. This is a film that a parent can see with their children and not worry about the negative components of the film. There are basically good moral attributes distributed in the film without an over abundance of sexual content, and language. While there is violence in the film it is in many regards comic book violence and not much different than many of the Saturday morning cartoons that play on television. While there are some negatives I believe the positive attributes out weigh the negative.

I continue to wonder what is going on in Hollywood. This film is another representation of how we should love and respect people of all types. It is a film that Christians can use to their advantage when discussing movies with non Christians. It is also a good story that can be related into modern day concepts regarding respecting others despite differences. It seems as if Hollywood continues to give opportunity to share positive light in a world of darkness that we as Christians can expound upon. While it does have the tendency to play into some liberal concepts of humanistic thought and practices, including a belief in evolution.

It also has many positive attributes that provide an opportunity to look at ones own faith walk, plus find the doors that can be opened in sharing the Gospel with friends. While this is far from the best movie of the summer, that honor still goes to 'The Patriot', this is a respectable and enjoyable film. It is also a film that a family can enjoy together without to much caution and more importantly it is a film that can open the doors to discussing Christ with others.
On a scale of 1 - 10 a 7
Mike Furches Tulsa, OK

Subject: A Great Site
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000
From: DDo

Hey, I found your site and I can't believe your detailed reviews of all the major films. This is what's needed for Chirstian to discern what they should be watching. God bless! And keep up the good work!
Yours in Him, DDo

Subject: The meaning of 'X"
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000

David, Let me start by thanking you yet again for having this site which shines like a light in the darkness. Your insights into this film are great, and I especially like your statements of the power of community. I think it is interesting that in today's society we have a couple of Xamples where X is used in place of Christ. Most notably "Xmas" and "Xian". I walked away from this film thankful that the Lord has chosen me to be one of His X-Men. In light of that designation, I wonder if the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants can represent what I call Churchianity, that group which loudly proclaims its desire to save humanity, yet ultimately causes harm because it operates without grace and mercy (which are Xemplified by Professor Xavier, the Xavior of mankind) God Bless You, Jeff Niems

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