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Directed by Curtis Hanson
Writing credits: Michael Chabon (novel) Steven Kloves (screenplay)

Michael Douglas .... Proffesor Grady Tripp
Tobey Maguire .... James Leer
Frances McDormand .... Chancellor Sara
Gaskell Robert Downey Jr. .... Terry Crabtree
Katie Holmes .... Hannah Green
Richard Thomas .... Walter Gaskell
Rip Torn .... Quentin "Q" Morewood
Philip Bosco .... Hank Winters
Jane Adams .... Oola
Richard Knox .... Vernon Hardapple
Michael Cavaias .... Miss Sloviak

Produced by Ned Dowd (executive), Lisa Grundy (associate), Curtis Hanson Scott Rudin Adam Schroeder (executive) Original music by Christopher Young
Cinematography by Dante Spinotti
Film Editing by Dede Allen
Rated R for language and drug content
You can be lost even when you know where you are going!

Frustration. Stuck. Lost.

Can not move forward

Can not even help others.

Drugs, booze become way of life.

Disposable relationships. Maintaining distance.

Searching for meaningful relationship.

A desire to begin again.
A desire for new life.

Avoiding further complications. A good first step toward change.

Working through the issues.

"I am pregnancy!"
The two become one.

Getting rid of the old self.

The way up is sometimes down. Rebirth through relationship.

Wonder Boys made me think about Michael Douglas and his family. There are a few parallels. For example, Michael's recent courtship and marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones came to mind, especially due to the announcement of her pregnancy. In a recent US magazine interview they talk of their relationship as one might talk about spiritual rebirth. The film seems to mirror this real life situation.

However, the connection that really came to mind concerns Michael's father Kirk Douglas. His father is a Hollywood icon with 83 films to his credit. At 83 years of age he just finished another film, 'Diamonds,' with Lauren Bacall. And he has just had a role in 'Touch By An Angel.'

Few know, however, that he is a writer of books. Like Michael's character who had to go through a life changing event to be free to write, so was the experience of Kirk Douglas. His event was much more traumatic, however. He had a stroke that was so severe he did not want to live any more!

He survived and three years later he began a study of the Bible, which led to a series of books he wrote for children entitled, "Young Heroes of the Bible." "I tell the stories from the point of view of a kid, which is how I would have wanted to hear them. I recently gave a lecture at UCLA and was asked how to write stories that appealed to Hollywood. "I said, 'Read the Bible. It's full of dysfunctional families, rape, murder, incest, fratricide... everything is in the Bible."

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