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September 11, 2008
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We were not sure what to expect when this DVD came to our home along with the book. Was it going to be South Parkish, as cartoons are wont to be right now? We were pleasantly surprised while watching that it was neither raunchy nor stupid humor, but cartoons with good lessons cleverly and entertainingly disguised within the storyline. For example, in one episode report cards are handed out… but not from teacher to student, but vice versa. What follows is a comical portrayal of how people are graded, parent conferences are prepped for, and generally how ridiculous parts of that process can be. All of this is wrapped in funny characters that you want to follow throughout the episodes.

The kid test yielded great results. My two boys (8 and 3) both ask for this video to be played over and over. Unlike Transformers, we are happy to put this DVD in for them!

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