Video Game Review: The Aetherlight

August 31, 2016
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The Aetherlight video game is a new interactive game that can be downloaded to your computer. “Once a beautiful land, Aethasia is now covered by a sickly pervasive fog that corrupts everything it touches. But all is not lost. Rumors are spreading of a fledgling Resistance, who have the courage and audacity to try and restore Aethasia to its former glory, and to reinstate The Great Engineer back to the throne of Aethasia. And that Resistance needs you!”

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The Aetherlight also highlights biblical stories as seen in this video.  The interface allows for friends to play together online as well as individual play.

As the characters interact with each other bubbles with their words pop up. Throughout the first steps of the game different tools are built to aid the resistance in their battle. The view for the majority of the scenes.

My sons are ages eleven and nine and are avid Minecraft players. They enjoy adventure stories as well. I thought this might be a good combination of the two things, but unfortunately, it didn’t hold their attention. The story at the beginning of the game seemed to begin somewhere in the middle of the resistance. The character we created was asked to help build something. He is guided by a character, but only given limited questions to ask.

The second time we entered the Aetherlight game a fire was present. A character instructed us to find a well and something to put water in. After about ten minutes of wandering around, trying to ask a question and eventually finding the well, we felt frustrated that a bucket, hose, watering can or any other object was not around to make the job something that could be completed without continuing to hunt. Every time we would go back to ask Alexander (the Aetherlight character) for help the same three question options would pop up with the same three stock answers. It became too frustrating for all of us to continue hunting for something to put out the fire with.

I think this would be a great introductory game for kids who don’t spend much time with video games or prefer games played on the computer. For our family I give The Aetherlight two out of five stars.

There are three episodes in The Aetherlight Chronicles of the Resistance. You can purchase each separately or purchase a season pass for all three. In exchange for an honest review, I was given a code to download the first episode.

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