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Too Much Of A Decent Enough Thing

September 11, 2008
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Recommendation: Rent/Queue it

The storyline is a good one: good versus evil, and the weaker, more noble Autobots conquering the stronger, more selfish Decepticons. I like the humble leadership of Optimus Prime the most, as he continues to try to lead a small band of non-warrior Autobots against relentless evil on earth (not just the Decepticons, by the way).

We did the kid test on this and although my boys (8 and 3) love this cartoon series we can neither recommend it; nor will we keep it. The attitudes and plots are just a little too much for our boys’ age group and tend to steer them in the wrong direction as far as their interactions with their parents and each other (i.e., being mean to each other and disrespectful to us, their parents). A little goes far enough.

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