Ties That Bind Pilot Review

August 5, 2015
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Ties That Bind is UP’s first scripted series. It’s about a cop named Allison McLean (Kelli Williams) that is forced to put her own brother in prison. Although she already has her hands full with a full time job and a family of her own, she takes in her niece and nephew.

We not only follow the story of Allison McLean’s personal life, but her professional life as well. There’s a subplot of a tough case that she’s trying to crack, which I’m guessing will be a regular thing that you’ll see throughout the series. This is a great idea, because it’s always great to see what goes on in a person’s life outside the home. Ties That Bind does a great job at keeping the case she’s trying to solve interesting.

I’m glad that the acting is top notch. Usually in inspirational scripted projects, the acting is a little uneven. I was very impressed with all the actors, especially with Jonathan Scarfe, who plays Allison’s husband, Matt. I can’t wait to see how his character develops.

While there is family drama in the pilot episode-and probably plenty of it within the series, it’s not cheesy at all. The show doesn’t neatly tie a bow onto the end of each episode and end it on a pretty not, they try to be as real as possible. I love that. As we know, not everything can be solved quickly.

Family is a gift from God. Like the show says more than once, family sticks together. Jesus preached more than once about looking out for widows and for orphans. Although that’s not literally the case in this show, we see Allison look out for her niece and nephew who are without parents. This is without a doubt what Jesus was talking about!

Ties That Bind premieres on UP on Wednesday, August 12, at 9 PM EDT. Check it out and give it a shot, I’m glad that I did!

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Sarah Brock and Sean DeArmond have been married since January 31st, 2009. They're devout Christians and have been involved in the film industry for many years. Sarah is currently focusing her time on Hollywood Jesus and nutrition and Sean is a librarian. They reside in Alabama.

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