Ties That Bind Episode 102: A Fresh Start

August 18, 2015
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A Fresh Start is the second episode in the first scripted series for the UP Network, Ties That Bind. This week, we follow main character Allison and her partner Devin as they are investigating the murder of a restaurant owner of a place called “Prison Food” that hires ex cons. Meanwhile, Allison’s niece and nephew, Mariah and Cameron tries to fit in at their new school.

The concept of the murder mystery was a good one. I liked the idea of a restaurant owner that took in ex cons and the name of the place was just great! I don’t know how big of a surprise as to who the culprit will be to the audience, but it’s played out in such a way that they’ll be interested all the same.

My favorite parts of the episode was seeing Mariah and Cameron trying to fit in. I’m looking forward to seeing their character’s develop as the series continues, because they’re interesting. I also like seeing how Allison’s children are dealing with both trying to look after them and being good role models.

The actors are are just as strong this week as they were before. I was especially pleased when Mariah told off her cousin in a self-absorbed way that she was going to start over in her new school the way she wanted to. Meaning that she was going to come across too sexy for someone her age. The reason why I was pleased with that scene is because it could have come across so cheesy, but it was pulled off very well.

The series is so far one that is worth watching. I know that it has only been on for two episodes, but it is already starting to hook me and pull me in! The episode premieres Wednesday, August 19th, at 9 PM EDT.

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Sarah Brock and Sean DeArmond have been married since January 31st, 2009. They're devout Christians and have been involved in the film industry for many years. Sarah is currently focusing her time on Hollywood Jesus and nutrition and Sean is a librarian. They reside in Alabama.

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