The hopes and dreams of deserving people in towns all across America come true in “Three Wishes,” an inspiring and heartwarming unscripted series starring five-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist Amy Grant.

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Friday, September on NBC(9-10 p.m. ET)/ Fridays on NBC


Day & time: Fridays (9-10 p.m. ET) on NBC
Premiere date: TBA
host: Amy Grant
Contributors: Carter Oosterhouse, Eric Stromer and Diane Mizota
Executive producers: Andrew Glassman and Jason Raff
Executive in charge of production: John R. Holmes
Co-executive producers: Lewis Fenton and Lillian Lim
Supervising producers: Grant Julian and Jeff Keirns
Line producer: Tim Gaydos
Supervising casting producer: Bryan Stinson
Director of photography: Guido Frenzel
Origination: Various locations
From: Glassman Media and NBC Universal Television Studi

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The hopes and dreams of deserving people in towns all across America come true in “Three Wishes,” an inspiring and heartwarming unscripted series starring five-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist Amy Grant (“Rock of Ages…Hymns & Faith”).

Recently named one of the “most promising” new series for fall by Entertainment Weekly, the one-hour show will feature Grant leading contributors Carter Oosterhouse (NBC’s “Today,” “Trading Spaces”), Eric Stromer (“Clean Sweep”) and Diane Mizota (“Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls”) to communities all over the country to grant wishes.

Individuals, families and even entire cities are affected as Grant and her team move from town to town, witnessing firsthand the extraordinary consequences of their wish-granting and the powerful spirit of community that often helps fuel their missions to make dreams large and small come true.

From simple and light-hearted to more dramatic and involved, the broad spectrum of wishes range from paying tribute to an unsung hero to helping a family grappling with a loved one’s life-threatening medical crisis to honoring a high school coach by making her heartfelt wish for her students come true. Viewers will follow the deeply personal and uplifting stories of deserving people as their hopes and dreams are transformed into life-changing reality.

Grant has sold over 25 million records worldwide, won five Grammy Awards and numerous Dove Awards – including “Artist of the Year” four times – and has performed everywhere from the White House to the Grand Old Opry. She has had 10 Top-40 pop singles, 17 Top-40 adult contemporary tracks and a string of contemporary Christian chart-toppers. Her songs of love, faith and family continue to find their place across radio formats.

Andrew Glassman (NBC’s “Average Joe 1-4”) and Jason Raff (“Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back”) are the executive producers of the series for Glassman Media and NBC Universal Television Studio.

Host of

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08.jpg (169 K)The devastation in New Orleans and the surrounding area has been devastating to watch. And, right in the midst of perhaps the greatest natural disaster to have ever happened in the United States; when our television screens are filled with human misery and pain; and as we watch roving armed thugs robbing, raping, killing and even preventing needed humanitarian care in Louisiana, NBC Premiers a show of hope. What a contrast. If there ever was a time for a show like the, now is it.

Right now we need this show.

14.jpg (170 K)This show points to the better side of humanity. Three Wishes is about granting people their wishes, in terms their need. Here is a reality show that is positive, outreaching, and heartwarming.

Recently, members of the press where given the opportunity to speak with Amy Grant about the show that she hosts.

How did you get involved in the show?

33.jpg (216 K)I am not looking for a career in TV. My sole reason for being on NBC is this concept. I think the germ of the idea was birthed at NBC. And I got this call while I was on the trip with my son—I was spending some time with him in the way it would be exciting to a 17-year-old. It was NBC and they said they had this great idea for a show and they wanted to interview me. As it turned out I was going to L.A. anyway. So it was perfect.

Everybody on the show is going through life altering events. You have been through several such things: a divorce, remarriage, crossing over from Christian music to secular music. Some in the press have severely criticized you. Do you think these things have helped shape you in terms of your faith and being able to do this show as effectively as you do?

37.jpg (181 K)I guess I was born an optimist. I have a four-year-old who named her hamster "Rainbow." And I could totally relate to that. There have been many things in my life that have built my faith, but none of the things that you mentioned. It's everything in life. Even when I wake up feeling useless, there is always something in a day that helps me.

In terms of this show, I think everything in my life has been leading a to this. In my concerts (for example) because of some of the songs I sing, people feel like they can share their life with me. I had a girl come up to me and she told me how she had been sexually abused. And she wanted me to sing a particular song.

39.jpg (240 K)In Three Wishes when needs are met, walls come down between people. When needs are met people allow themselves to be vulnerable. Because they are not being taken advantage of. Things are happening that are important and necessary.

Are you involved in the selection of the people that are helped on the show?

No, and I'm so glad that I am not.

Are there any plans to incorporate your music into the show?

38.jpg (191 K)I did not want to capitalize on the show. You know, like an info commercial. So I had them take that out of my contract. But when we did a show from Sonora we set up a free concert. It seemed like half the town came out. So I asked them if I could close the show with a song. So it worked out. A man told me that even though he didn't get his wishes granted, at least the got to see a free show!

BOTTOMLINE: This show is about helping others. Freely you have received, freely give in return. Changing the world one person at a time.

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