David BruceThis is a powerful war film that asks the tough questions about life and death, love and war, God and purpose.

-Review by David Bruce

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One reviewer describes this film as Hell invading Heaven!
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August 6, 1999. Then I watched Tin Red Line again the next day. This movie is not for viewers that want to be spoon fed constant mindless action-story. But, if you are the kind of movie goer that is willing to pay attention this movie will draw you into a story of hell and human endurance. I have not been in war, but I think this movie portrays the true hell of the experience better that saving private ryan.

June 2, 1999. I thought the film was a very well made, thought provoking, artistic movie. It left me with a feeling of peace (almost numbness). I can see why many might find it "boring" but I most certainly did not, and I'm not an especially intellectual person!

May 3, 1999. Count me in the confused and disappointed group. This was a so-called "anti-war" movie that showed us three hours of graphic violence and gore. Each actor doing the voice-overs seemed to have a good ol' boy Southern accent, and the context of the voiceovers was consistently pointless and vapid. I can't recall when I was so anxious to leave the theater. Janet

March 17, 1999. This was a great anti-war film. All war films are anti-war (more or less) but this one would rank with "All Quiet on the Western Front" as particularly pointed and powerful. I wondered as I watched, "what is being said here about the root of such evil?" Does the impulse to fight spring out of the industrialized West? Is it all about power and greed? Or does it spring out of a broken and fallen world in which there will be violence interspersed with occasional moments of calm if not peace? I believe the Bible teaches the latter. The movie would have told its brutal story better if it had shown the occasional panther bringing down a fawn, or a great ugly toad gulping down a butterfly. I felt the "nature (good, beautiful, and innocent) "set over against" Industrialized Humanity: (brutal, vain, and vicious), less than honest. --John Schuurman

"THE THIN RED LINE," "2001," and "SOLARIS"
March 4, 1999. I just saw this movie. The box office has apparently run down - so the theater was empty. THE THIN RED LINE is a powerful movie, not on par, but in the same neighborhood as "2001" and "Solaris".

Feb 27, 1999. I have to say that I don´t understand why some people find this movie boring or something like that. Wasn´t it obvious that this won´t be a normal movie for normal viewers? A good movie has the task to stimulate the viewers attention and I think this is one of the rare movies that fulfils that task completly. This was not a movie about war, this was not an action movie, this was an excellent masterpiece about men, about their lifes, their fears, their thoughts, their dreams! This movie stimulated me to think about what´s after my life, what am I going to expect after my death? Nobody, least of all a movie, can tell you or explain you what´s going to happen after your death, but this movie helps you to think about whats coming, this movie stimulates your mind. Florian from Germany e-mail:

Feb 12 1999, I have mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, the movie was very deep and effected me deeply. Of course on the other, much larger, hand, many times I thought the movie was intentionally made painful to watch so that the viewer would understand the pain of war. The film was unnecessarily long, confusing, and poorly edited, to say the least. I understand to critics and reviewers, who look for deeper meanings in movies, this was a masterpiece filled with symbolism after symbolism; but to the ordinary movie-goer who seeks entertainment, this movie was terrible. I couldn't tell what half of the movie meant. And the tiring endless muttering of those monologues made me want to choke on my popcorn (which would be less painful). Finally, I am not the only one who feels this way. Everyone, and I mean everyone, I know who saw this movie, was left confused and disappointed. Thanks for allowing me to voice my oppinion. -Kevin
You are right this isn't mindless shoot-em'-up entertainment.  It is a masterpiece of thought provoking artistry of the highest kind. 

Feb 9, 1999. NO. although this movie may have been poetry, it was anything but poetry in motion. In order for poetry, or any form of art for that matter, to work, it has to be affecting, to most people. Virtually every person I have talked to was bored to tears and was never drawn in enough to be moved or drawn in enough to care about the symbolism or the characters. Brilliance, maybe. Affecting, not to those who matter most, the viewer. -Seth

Feb 9 1999, Not what I was expecting, but wow was it deep and enjoyable once I shifted gears to a thinking movie vs. a "blood" guts "action film". Great symbolism all pointing to the ultimate of man's futile attempts to survive and thrive without understanding the creator.

Jan 22, 1999. A good film.Great camara work. Long at several points. "Monologues of thought" were hard to digest. Was able to care about the characters. Combat sequences were as good as any, ever. Some concerns were: I don't believe the Japanese were in that bad a shape on the'Canal in 1942-3. I know we didn't take that many prisoners, almost none.(Code of Bushido and all that) and our soldiers, bye and large did not use such vulgar language. And further more, while I understand the use of licsense in storytelling, I sincerely object to the notion that most of our troops had No idea why we were fighting the Japanese. It most certainly was not "just about dirt"! And our troops knew that! Our government, right or wrong, had done an excellent job of making the case for why we fought! Use Vietnam if you want to make a movie about all this introspective gabblaty-gook, but when telling stories about WWII, get it right! Dave at

Jan 20, 1999. I have heard varying responses regarding this movie, some brimming with praise while others not appreciating the depth and amazing symbolism so obvious to the literate viewer. While I enjoyed "Saving Private Ryan" I stand in utter awe of the brilliance of Terrence Malik's (sp) vision and ability to make such an intensely personal and layered movie. On a side note, while coming out of the theature after viewing "Line" I heard a young lady bemoaning that the movie was about "nothing" and commenting that it held her attention for 20 minutes. I found her opinion almost infuriating. Movies are no longer allowed to portray thinking characters and situations that require one to gaze inward. Her commentary made me sad, because this movie truly dealt with man's depravity and the inevitable consequences of a plight without relationship with God. ILLUMINATE

Jan 19 1999, A great film! Poetry in motion. The cinematagrophy is beyond anything done since "Breaking The Waves" The question at the end: "Where does the Love come from?" Big question, big movie.

Jan 18 1999, Incredible film! Poetry in motion --Calvin