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November 1, 2008
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Last Winter I took my son to see Senator Barack Obama speak at a rally in El Dorado Kansas. El Dorado is a small town outside of Wichita where Obama’s mother’s parents are from. After standing in the very cold snow storm for over an hour, we finally got in, sat in some VIP seats and listened to his presentation. At the time I was seriously considering voting for Senator Obama. You see, while I have been registered with the Republican Party since the election of President Bill Clinton, I am still open to voting for the best person, not the party. As a result, Senator Obama sounded like someone I could support.

Well the rest is history and the following is a continuation of the limited celebrity I have experienced since that rally. You see I was interviewed for an article at the rally by That story went international and since then I have heard from people all over the world regarding my position and beliefs. In the weeks leading up to the election I have been interviewed by various media including this week, The Canadian Free Press and The Daily Telegraph out of London England. I have also heard from various individuals, radio programs and more. To say the least, after some discussion I felt it important to give clarity as to my thoughts in this article. While the reporters have been respectful and friendly, I find it important and realize that no media can print or cover an entire interview; as a result, some of my opinions and thoughts have been misconstrued. , I am hoping to clarify some of my thoughts here. I do want to make clear, these are my thoughts. While I believe I have spoken to a large number of people who agree with me, there is no recorded data to support my positions. I do believe there are many others who will hold to, agree with my positions, and support the assumptions made. That said, here goes, hope you enjoy the read, and hopefully it clarifies up some of the misperceptions some have had.

Note: While the following shows who I am supporting and voting for regarding the President of the United States, I must make clear, I like Senator Barack Obama, I also have concerns about him. I am not one of those who will vilify him at this point, I just don’t know enough about him to do support his run for president.

The following is titled How Talk Radio and The Religious Right Influenced The Election of 2008

There are several things, among others, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other in the Religious Right and I agree on:

1. We support John McCain for President.
2. We like Sarah Palin and believe her selection as Vice President helped the Republican ticket for President.
3. That I am wrong about what I am about to write.

To see the rest of this article, complete with photos, hyperlinks, and video, click here.

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I am a speaker, author, and pastor. I have been a part of Hollywood Jesus for a number of years now, almost since the beginning. I make my living by writing and of course speaking. You can visit The Virtual Pew to learn more about me and the topics I present on. I take joy in serving The Lost, The Last, and The Least, whether Christian, or not. I also pastor Mosaic Wichita a church in Wichita Kansas that attempts to serve those who have given up on church. We offer services to the down and out and homeless community. We also care about those who have been abused. My book The Keystone Kid tells my story and can be found at major retailers, Amazon where you can download the Kindle Version for .99 cents and where you can get the audio book for free.

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