The Moment

Filling the Gaps

Psych thriller about memory

June 20, 2014
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In The Moment Lee, a photojournalist, tries to retrieve her cameras from her ex-boyfriend’s cabin. She discovers an empty house that looks like it was abandoned suddenly. Soon after, she suffers a nervous breakdown at a gallery showing her work; she heads off to a mental hospital where she meets another patient who looks uncannily like her ex. As she goes through therapy, she begins to wonder if perhaps she has killed her ex—or maybe her daughter. As she, the other patient, and her daughter work through their demons they all move toward the healing they need, but because all are dealing with their past failures it will not be an easy or pleasant experience.

Much of the plot depends upon the frailty of memory and, to a lesser extent, the way our imagination tries to fill in the holes. As with other psychological thrillers, what we do not know seems far more important than what we do. Revelations come from time to time, but we are always left with questions. As a photographer, Lee has captured some stunning images. Yet like each clue that we discover, those images are only a brief moment with a past and a future that we do not know. Lee finds herself in a world in which she does not remember the past, which makes it impossible to visualize a future. Instead she is trapped in a disconnected present.

While the film is not about faith, it may serve as a way to consider what faith involves. Faith is often not so much about what we know as about what we do not know. The gaps in our knowledge require us to make “leaps of faith” that may or may not be in the right direction. We must keep at it until we learn where and how God will be made more fully known. (I think this is also a decent description of the scientific process as well, which is also trying to fill in the gaps of knowledge, just from a different perspective.) Just as Lee must be brave in seeking to learn the truth and go wherever the clues may lead her, people of faith must have courage in their search for God.

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Darrel is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) living in southern California

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