The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

October 1, 2013
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Fan-made Silver Chair bannerWell, here’s a good excuse to dust off the old Narnia blog.

According to, a production company has been chosen to produce the next Narnia film. The book chosen as next in the series is The Sliver Chair. (Thanks goes to for finding and sharing this story.)

Last Wednesday, William O’Flaherty posted an audio interview with Douglas Gresham, C. S. Lewis’ step-son. O’Flaherty asked Gresham about rumors going around that a new movie was in the works, but apparently details were not nailed down enough for Gresham to say anything. (Gresham works for the C. S. Lewis Company, and was executive producer for the first three Narnia movies from Walden Media.) The deal was struck to make the film with The Mark Gordon Company. No possible dates for filming or release were given in the Deadline article.

The timing of this corresponds to what Gresham said almost two years ago in another interview with O’Flaherty.

If you’re aware Walden’s contract with the [C S Lewis] Company has expired, that’s true. And that leaves us in a situation that, for a variety of reasons, we cannot immediately produce another Narnian Chronicle movie. But it is my hope that the Lord will spare me and keep me fit and healthy enough so that in three or four years time we can start production on the next one.

You may also want to read what Paul Martin of had to say back in 2011 just before that interview came out: More information on the Future of Narnia on Film.

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