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May 12, 2010
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BDSThe Boondock Saints are everywhere.

This time, the creator and author behind The Boondock Saints movies has brought the McManus brothers, Connor and Murphy to the pages of their own comic book. To the delight of fans everywhere, Rocco returns as well. Needless to say, this is a story that didn’t appear in either of the films, and finds the Saints committing a hit on a drug ship, intent on unleashing cocaine on Boston’s streets.

The comic is funny, perverse, and violent… just like the movies. Of course, when attacking a boat full of drug dealers, the possibility of being at sea should be obvious.  No one told Rocco, who spends half the time puking all over the place. Most people might see themselves as outnumbered and outgunned, too, but that’s never stopped these guys from picking a fight, just to clean up a bit of the vermin that threaten their city streets.

The graphics themselves are pretty “old school”.  That is, gritty and stylized, but fans of the Saints will enjoy the vibe. It’s like channeling Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, dropping the f-bombs, the ratatat of the machine guns, and flying willy-nilly into the face of danger. You’re not exactly engaging this one for its insight into everyday life; no, you’d rather have something that allows for some unrepentant vigilante-style vengeance. That’s what you get here.

Fans of the movies will especially enjoy the interview with Duffy, and appreciate his cocky humility in experiencing fame. They’ll like the promises he makes about future books and they’ll rush to the stand to find the next issue detailing these Catholic saints and their love for Old Testament-style vengeance.

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