The Apostles of Comedy

Clean Comedy? Yeah, Right!

But Lo And Behold, These Guys Pull It Off

September 17, 2008
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Recommendation: Buy It!

Clean Comedians; oxymoron or possibility? With Apostles of Comedy it is reality. I put the DVD in with all the skepticism the genre of “Clean Comedy” deserves, but very quickly I realized these guys are good! The Apostles are: Jeff Allen, Brad Stine, Anthony Griffith, and Ron Pearson. They are funny stand-up comics who happen to be Christians.I was moved by the fact that these “funny guys” are also normal. They deal with the same life issues that we deal with: i.e., depression, bad attitudes, family issues. I especially enjoyed  Griffith’s deadpan delivery on situations like being shot at in a drive-by. But that is outdone by Allen’s facial expressions as he deals with things that go bump in the night… with a broken shotgun. The thing that is different about these four is that they are vulnerable enough to share their stories, albeit in a funny way, with huge audiences.

I highly recommend The Apostles of Comedy.

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