Spiritual Direction


What to Do with Temptations.

Take temptations as they are, in all their ugliness and all their force. Do not be afraid, but by faith and prayer imaginatively wash your hands in their blood! Grip them! Bring them out! Face them! And, slay them before the Lord. And do it quickly. Make sure work of it. No playing around with lusts, which are like springing lions, that war against the soul.
The lust for drink,
the lust of another kind
— the lust of the flesh
— the lust of the eye;
and the pride of life — which perhaps is one of the greatest destroyers of the young soul — the swelling pride of life!

Bring them out and put the sword in it up to the haft; and do it even as a master sword fighter would do. Long ago, in Scottish history, the Conspirator did met his enemy.  He "dirked" him. He put the knife into him with one stroke, and then rushed out to his fellow conspirators, and said: "I think I have slain the Comyn." Another conspirator said: "Thou thinkest; but I will mak siccar (make sure)!" And he rushed in and stabbed him repeatedly. "Mak siccar" — make sure — that you have faced eye to eye, hand to hand, and foot to foot this particular form of sin; and by the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and that mighty weapon that Bunyan talks about — "All Prayer " — thou hast overcome. — MCNEILL.