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The animation is absolutely great. Glen Keane (Lead Animator) is considered among the most innovative and masterful artists of his generation.

-Review by David Bruce

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Here we are in San Francisco for a private screening of Tarzan, courtesy of Disney.

I took my three daughters and Megan's best friend Corrie. (L to R, Kat, Cara, Megan, Corrie)

Megan (age 12) says: I can't image how they did such amazing animation. The story line was excellent. The best Tarzan movie I have ever seen.

Carra (13) says: I think it was great. Well animated. Exciting.

Corrie (11) says: My favorite part was Tarzan getting the elephant hair. My favorite character was the elephant. The movie was really really cool. The best animation I have seen.

(L to R: Megan, Carra, Corrie)

The animation is absolutely great. Glen Keane (Lead Animator) is considered among the most innovative and masterful artists of his generation. A 23-year Disney veteran. Keane was responsible for creating the characters of Professor Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective) Ariel (The Little Mermaid) the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas and many others.

Directors Kevin Lima and Chris Buck have also involved with such films as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King.

Tarzan is rated G opened Friday, June 18, 1999.

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Oceanside D&J&m&c.jpg (135980 bytes)TARZAN IS ABOUT BLENDED FAMILIES.


(Photo: r to l, Cara, Megan, Jonathan, and myself. We are in a park having a Tarzan moment: rolling in the grass and enjoying God's world).

     "Tarzan" was a movie about being family. For me, the film was very profound, beautiful and yet simple. It hit me to the core. Let me explain: My sister died of cancer when her two children were just 1 and 2 years old. I took her children in to be part of our family. Matt and Cara had lost their natural family. But they have a new family. I love them very much. Nevertheless, I wish my sister were still alive. Shortly before she died, she told me, "I can take the pain of cancer but the pain I can't take is knowing I won't be able to raise my children."

Oceanside K&M.jpg (132773 bytes)Today (1999), Cara is 13 years old. And, Matthew is 15. Just like Tarzan they have come to know no other family. It is really beautiful how families are. I am thankful to God that God has made us family. And, this is what Tarzan is about. I have seen so many different kinds of blended families. Tarzan is about making the best of the situation we have and loving the family we have. Love and commitment are the keys.

(Photo: Matt being kissed by Kat during a Tarzan moment).


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Click photo to learn more about the lead animator
A Biography

Glen Keane has emerged as one of the top talents working in animation today. Keane grew up in Paradise Valley, Arizona, where he learned to appreciate art at an early age from his father Bil Keane, the creator/cartoonist of the nationally-syndicated comic strip "The Family Circus." CLICK PHOTO


Subject: Tarzan
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001
From: Monica

Hi! My name is Monica Andersson, live in Sweden. I have seen the disneyfilm Tarzan and I really like it! My favourite character from the film is Terk. She has been my idol and favourite disneyfigure. And I have a tattoo of her. My own picture gallery: I will soon put up more pictures and other stuff in the gallery, welcome!
I love you, Terk!
Greetings/ Monica

Subject: hi...i really liked the movie!
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000
From: tIngLypUff

my name is Ting. im 14 and i LovEd ur movie. i watched it like 20 times already. i love all the animation and the songs. this movie took you 4 years? how did you think of making this movie? this movie is great!! and i loved when he was becoming a
man...the part where Kala finds Tarzan when hes a baby...and the whole ending after jane says "england will be so small compared to all this" haha...i even memorized the words too. it was really creative how you looked at skateboarders and made tarzan move so swiftly on the tree braches. it was amazing how he slid on them. r u going to be making n e more movies? cause i look forward to seeing your movies. it would be great if i was a voice of one uf your characters.! i always wanted to become an actress since i was 4. and i always dreamed of being a voice of an animated character. this is my email address if you want to email me it would be great if you did, but you probably dont have time. well, i loved your movie. hehe...
Looking forward to see your future productions!! buh bye!

Subject: I enjoy your movie
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000
From: Angela Wines

Hello, My name Angela Wines, I live in Chester, South Carolina. I'm sixteen years old.I'm a christian and love to go to church.
There is one comment I would like to say I love the movie Tarzan. It's really great.I watched the movie over and over sence I have got the movie.keep up the good work and God Bless You truly!!!!!!!!! Angela Wines

July 7, 1999. Having only heard the incredible soundtrack, I must say I would like to see the movie; yet the words of the songs were "searching" for that 'meaning in life', which only comes thru a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I pray that Disney and the rest of Hollywood would embrace that TRUTH, and reach this lost, searching and dying world. When people start standing up for Jesus in the entertainment field, I believe we could see a major revival in the hearts of the American people. That is, when they accept the awesome grace of Christ and come to humble repentance. That is what HOLLYWOOD JESUS and the rest of the true CHRISTians in this world need to be focusing on. Come on, let's get Christ_filled music and films going strong!!!!–Shawn

July 3,1999. I really liked Jane. Minnie Driver did a great job as Jane's voice. She was spunky, intelligent, and kind. It was a good movie overall. (Some of Disney's villians are starting to look alike, though; I thought the bad guy in Tarzan was a cross between Jafar and the bad guy in Pocohantas.)

July 3, 1999. While Tarzan may be a good family film to most people, you still have to remember that the Disney we grew up with in our Generation is not the Disney of today. Michael Eisner supports homosexuality. In fact Gay Day was just a month or so ago. I hate to tell you folks but this money made from Tarzan will go to fund every perverted thing that Disney supports and believe me there are a lot of things. We need to pray for Michael Eisner. But in the meantime we need to look for alternatives to Disney. There are some good films and animation movies coming out that have the right family values the Bible talks about. Who agrees with me? M&J
My response: Isn't it time to end the hatred of Disney? And the hatred of Gays? God loves every Gay person on earth and Jesus died on the cross for every Gay person. God also loves every person at Disney, too. Learn to reflect this love of God and the world will be a better place. Your comments reflect a very legalistic morality based Christianity that alienates others, rather than an attractive Christ-centered love for others that draws. Your comments build walls between yourself and those God loves. My suggestion: "Love your neighbor" and "Do for others what you would like them to do for you."

June 29, 1999. Yes, the animation is wonderful and the music is nice etc. etc. However, I found the song "Son of Man" (played over Tarzan swinging from vines and learning to become a better ape) to be hideously offensive. I'm not a "Boycott Disney" Southern Baptist, I'm a relatively difficult to offend Catholic. It seemed like a not-so-subtle swipe at Christians in retaliation for the boycott. It also seemed to me that "animals good, people bad" theme was a tad unbalanced. And if you extend that to the REAL theme, which was "animals good, people bad, people with guns VERY bad"'s almost enough to make me think the New World Order folks are not the paranoid lunatics I had originally suspected...
My response:
So your are a hard to offend Catholic. Wow! You could have surprized me! New world lunatics? What are you talking about? People are bad and animals are good theme? Does this make "Bambi" a bad movie, too?   I don't have the words to respond.

June 27,1999. For entertainment purposes this movie is on par with most of what Disney has put out thus far. I'm having a bit of a struggle though with what we all seem to think is entertaining. After seeing Toy Story my kids couldn't seem to stop calling one another "idiot". When one of Quasimodo's friends calls the other one "the fat stupid one with the big mouth" we all laugh but I don't like my kids to talk to one another that way and when they do, how can I justify my reprimand. I set Disney's example before their eyes. As far as Tarzan goes I see this movie and it's accompanying soundtrack as Darwinian Evolution Theory propaganda. Phil Collins sings in the finale "Two Worlds, One Family". I will not allow my children to believe that they are in one family with gorillas. Notice that the gorillas were portrayed as all noble and good, though justifiably fearful of evil human types. Half of the people were portrayed as patently evil. Indeed people are capable of good and of evil. Gorillas however are capable of neither. They are only capable of responding to their circumstances out of the context of their instincts. We however are capable of responding to evil with good. But they are saying people and animals are the same except that animals are always good. Doesn't this kind of philosophical agenda lead to thinking that produces laws that make it a crime to kill an eagle in an egg but not a crime to kill a baby in a womb? Call me paranoid but I'm beginning to think that Disney's agenda is not as purified and holy as we would all like to think. I wouldn't recommend this or much of anything else hollywood is producing for kids. With all these heroes and superheroes flying (swinging and surfing in Tarzan's case) I'm having a hard time making Jesus and the heroes of our faith appear special. I'm (in my opinion) setting a good example for my kids but in their minds theirs a super human out their in their future who flies, flips, fights his way into happiness. In reality the only super human is a Christian one. –CharlesOceanside D&J.jpg (78197 bytes)
My response:
After my teenage daughter, Kat, read your remarks she asked my 8 year old son, Jonathan, if he thought "Tarzan" was about humans coming from apes. He said, "What? That's not what it was about!"
     And, I agree with him. It's about the meaning of family. Lighten up and enjoy life. Celebrate your family. Go to a park with them and roll around in the grass. Feel their love for you. If you do this you'll understand the true message of Tarzan.

June 21, 1999. This will be listed among the greatest of Disney's animations. It brings a very mature balance of character development and plot to the world of animation. The visual aspects of the film are breathtaking. Overall, the most adult "children’s film" to come from Disney since Beauty and the Beast.

June 18, 1999. An inspiring and exciting trip with a character who seeks to find both identity and fulfillment in his life. Tarzan moves toward integration rather than toward alienation, as so many films today do. My children are teenagers and, though we sat in a predominantly pre-teen audience, shared an insightful discussion after the film. -Del

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