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Good News by Rend Collective

Album Review: Good News, Rend Collective

Jan 18, 2018Comments off

Rend Collective’s newest album, Good News, will drop on January 19th, 2018. Their newest album is, precisely what the title states, full of good news. “Purveyors

Book and Album Duo Review: i am n

Book and Album Duo Review: i am n

Feb 26, 2016Comments off

I made a few sacrifices for my faith this week. I gave some money to my church, took time out of my schedule to prepare

Review of Rend Collective’s New Album...

Aug 14, 2015Comments off

The members of Rend Collective are no strangers to the excitement surrounding the release of a new album. With four previous releases, including 2013’s Campfire and

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