Movie Review: Samson, The Original Superher...

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Let me first of all state, I am an unapologetic, Bible Believing follower of Jesus, I actually believe in and love the Bible. I have

Forever My Girl Soundtrack

Album Review: Forever My Girl Soundtrack

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (January 19, 2018) – UMG Nashville releases the highly anticipated 19 song soundtrack to the feature film Forever My Girl today. Assembled by executive music

The Greatest Showman

Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

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If you’ve been on social media lately, you have undoubtedly witnessed the widespread and resounding praise for The Greatest Showman in the form of a

Heart of Man DVD

Q&A Session with Jason Pamer, Producer...

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The Heart of Man releases today, November 13th, on DVD and Blu-ray! In my review of The Heart of Man, I held nothing back from

The Heart of Man

First Look: Encore Presentation of The Hear...

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Sold out auditoriums across the nation garner “The Heart of Man” an encore presentation in theaters on October 17th. Due to popular demand, the powerful

Movie Review: The Stray

Movie Review: The Stray

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The opening scenes of many family movies begin the same–a stressed out parent at work and a sad kid at home. It keeps showing up

Review: Owlegories Volume 6: The Wind, The ...

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Christmas came early this year! Owlegories Volume 6: The Wind, The Moon, and The Rainbow released this week and my kids cannot get enough. Truthfully,

Patterns Of Evidence Young Explorers

DVD Series Review: Patterns of Evidence ...

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Patterns of Evidence – Young Explorers is a five video series that shows patterns through six major events that outline the Exodus. The Young Explorer

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