a romantic film dealing with authenticity in relationships, true intimacy, and the illusion of success and power. It tells the story that life is full of both joy and pain.


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Directed by Pat O'Connor
Written by Kurt Voelker
Story by Paul Yurick and Kurt Voelker
1968 Screenplay Herman Raucher

Keanu Reeves .... Nelson Moss
Charlize Theron .... Sara Deever
Jason Isaacs .... Chad
Greg Germann .... Vince Holland
Liam Aiken .... Abner
Joe Bellan .... Cabbie

Produced by Marty P. Ewing (co-producer), Elliott Kastner, Steven Reuther, Deborah Stoff, Erwin Stoff, Wendy Wanderman (executive)
Original music by Enya (song) Christopher Young
Cinematography by Edward Lachman
Film Editing by Anne V. Coates

Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language.

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1. Cellophane - Amanda Ghost 2. Only Time - Enya 3. Shame - BT 4. Touched By An Angel - Stevie Nicks 5. Consequences Of Falling, The - K.D. Lang 6. Heart Door - Paula Cole/Dolly Parton 7. My Number - Tegan & Sara 8. Off The Hook - Barenaked Ladies 9. Rock DJ - Robbie Williams 10. Baby Work Out - Jackie Wilson 11. You Deserve To Be Loved - Tracy Dawn 12. Wherever You Are - Celeste Prince 13. Other Half Of Me, The - Bobby Darin

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She just needed a month to change his life for ever.

Nelson Moss (KEANU REEVES) and Sara Deever (CHARLIZE THERON) have nothing in common except an hour spent in DMV hell. She's a charming spirit who brings out the best in men. He's a workaholic executive whose only intimate relationship is with the bottom line...until he meets Sara.

Intrigued by each other, but not quite ready to commit, they settle on a rather unconventional courtship: a one-month trial, after which they'll go their separate ways. No expectations. No pressure. No strings attached.

What neither of them counts on is falling in love.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures, an AOL Time Warner Company.

Our Life is a Fragrance
We Leave on Others

Arts Director
Evangelical Free Church,
Naperville Il (630)983-3232

Click to enlargeA workaholic ad man, Nelson, has a ?chance? encounter with Sarah the free spirit who marches to the beat of a very different drummer. During our first day with Nelson and Sarah, Nelson?s values are revealed to us; Sarah, however, is a mystery.Click to enlarge Nelson admits to: trying to buy redemption, selling gluttony and sin, wanting to reveal man as he truly is?a savage, and his belief that we are all pagans worshiping our own gods. Nelson?s god is success, power, and control. Sarah questions his values and offers to turn his life around in 30 days,Click to enlarge which Nelson flatly refuses. Within 24 hours, Nelson?s life is turned upside down and dumped. He winds up back at Sarah?s door. Sarah sets out to show Nelson that life is what happens while he is too busy pursuing success. She demonstrates how to life live to the fullest and enjoy each moment we are given. Halfway through their month, Mr. Price an advertising demi-god offers Nelson the world on a platter. It is a similar offer to the one Satan gave Jesus in the wilderness. Nelson must consider the cost.

Click to enlarge?Sweet November? is a romantic film dealing with authenticity in relationships, true intimacy, and the illusion of success and power. It tells the story that life is full of both joy and pain. How we live leaves a fragrance on those we touch. Click to enlarge?Sweet November asks us to look at our values, our work, our lives and see if the price was too high for the idol we chase.

It is an interesting parallel to what Christ offers. He does not offer a life without pain. Jesus does however offer a life of hope and joy. He asks us to set aside our idols, count the cost and follow Him. --

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