Star Wars (Marvel Comics)

January 15, 2015
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Star Wars #1 CoverIt was only a matter of time before the Star Wars series made its way back from Dark Horse Comics to Marvel. Twenty-four years, to be exact. For some, who loved what Dark Horse was doing with it, Marvel’s announcement that they were getting the rights back and that a new slate of comics would hit stores in January came as a disappointment. For others, the move was inevitable since Disney now owns both Marvel and Lucasfilm. But here we are, a new age in Star Wars comics coming from the House of Ideas (aka Marvel).

Drawing on the talents of one of their best writers in Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday, Star Wars #1 brings us the original crew of Luke, Han Solo, Chewie, Princess Leia, C3PO, and R2-D2.
After Luke’s destruction of the first death star, the rebels have garnered some momentum. With that momentum, the team goes on a mission to blow up one of the empire’s weapon depots on Cymoon 1. They hijack one of Jabba the Hut’s ships on its way to negotiate some arms trade with the empire (clearly a desperate empire at this moment). With C3PO on the Millennium Falcon hidden and awaiting orders to pick the crew up, and Chewie on a tower with a sniper rifle, the team gets into the main building and sets their plan in motion. After taking out the commander and his guards, Han and Leia set the reactor to overload in order to blow away the main factory. Luke taps into the force to discover slaves in need of rescue. Unfortunately, as they prepare for a clean break, an empire ship arrives with the negotiator, Darth Vader. Chewie tries to take him out to no avail and now the once smooth operation has headed south. With C3PO having his own issues on the ship, the crew is trapped, and Luke attempts to face his biggest foe yet, even though Ben’s spirit is telling him to run.

Growing up, I loved the Star Wars movies, but I can’t tell you I’m a fanatic. I’m your average fan who loves the original movies, couldn’t care less about the prequels, enjoys the original characters and finds their sagas timeless and always wonderful to see. I can recount most of the stories, but for the most part, I’m not the fan who can give you every detail of the Star Wars mythos and universe. So naturally, the first thing I did after reading Issue #1 was to find out if it is a rehash of something I just can’t remember from the films, or a new story adding to the mythos. I’m thankful it was the latter, because no one wants rehashed stories. I do like the idea of taking the original beloved characters and opening up a new story within the story. Casting light on side missions during the war and telling fresh chapters only helps expand the mythos of Star Wars, making it even greater. If I had one problem with the story in this first issue, it is with the premise that Luke confronted Darth Vader before their classic encounter in film. I understand the need to bring in the big guns early, but it could have been saved for later. Besides that, this first issue was pretty great and I can’t wait for more.

What makes Star Wars so compelling, and I think this first issue captures it, is that you have these characters that are so different yet united under a single bond. Then you add the element of “the force” and it is a perfect rendering of good and evil, righteousness and sin, morality and immorality. A lot of us wish we could have the force of a Jedi and the reality is we do have access to “the force.” The Holy Spirit is the gift of Christ to man that at times can give us all those abilities that “the force” confers. Granted, we probably can’t hold our hands and move things (although it is not impossible for Him), but the Spirit does guide us into the path of light and righteousness. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be special to tap into the Spirit like that of a Jedi. It is a gift that is available to everyone if we just seek it.

It will be interesting to see where Marvel goes with this series and what other plans they have within the Star Wars mythos. Comment below and let us know what you think. Did you pick up the issue and read it? Do you like the idea of adding new side stories to the classic films?

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