Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success

July 27, 2009
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Spiritual Steps on the Road to SuccessLinda Seger is a highly successful, world-renowned, Hollywood script doctor who has consulted on over 2000 scripts including more than 40 produced feature-films and thirty-five produced television scripts.   She is in demand as a speaker, has taught in more than 30 countries, and has written ten books. She has been acclaimed by such greats as filmmaker Ron Howard, film producer Ralph Winter (X-Men and Wolverine), and science fiction legend Ray Bradbury (The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451). By all accounts, she is a successful professional – a person who has reached the top of her profession. Having two Master’s degrees and a theological degree, Seger has a distinctive perspective on how success has affected her colleagues and friends.

Bringing a uniquely biblical view to the idea of success, Seger thoroughly and deftly examines the definition, elements, and pitfalls of success in her newest book Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success. As a believer in Christ, she explores the definition of success. Is it making lots of money? Becoming important in the world’s eyes? Doing God’s will? Or something else? She also looks at topics seldom seen in “success books” such as becoming unimportant. Her anchor verse on this subject is in John 3 where John the Baptist says, “He must become greater; I must become less.” Another rare exploration in these kind of books is how ladder-climbing workers react to and deal with the seven deadly sins: envy, covetousness, lust, gluttony, pride, anger, and sloth. To these she quotes a Hungarian proverb: “Adam ate the apple and our teeth still ache.”

Anyone who has dreams of becoming better, more respected, more powerful, or more financially successful (namely most everyone in the world today) has something to gain from reading this book.  Personally, one of the best gems I mined is from one of Seger’s early career consultants: “When something doesn’t work, look at your part in it, and then change the policy.” These words are a reminder that a chosen profession may not be the problem if you are having trouble making it work for you.  The problem may be how you run your business.

Best of all, Seger makes you think about what success means “under God.” When one looks at the life and career of Mother Teresa (the Albanian Catholic nun) who worked with the poorest of the poor in India, one discovers how making money and achieving success are two entirely different things altogether. Perhaps success doesn’t mean the white house and the white picket fence and 2.5 children.

In today’s broken world, the American dream is becoming less and less of a reality. Perhaps the question we should all ask is, “What is God’s definition of success for me?”  Seger’s book can help every reader be better prepared to receive the answer to that question.

Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success: Gaining the Goal Without Losing your Soul will be released July 31, 2009 from Monarch Books.

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