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is gutsy and honest. It's infectious.
It's a God-film that isn't afraid to make a statement.
It's about connecting to the music of the soul.

-Review by David Bruce

This page was created on May 25, 2000
and was updated on June 5, 2005

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SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT is a story about love, friendship and the struggle to change. Starring Irma P. Hall (Patch Adams), Darius McCrary (Family Matters), Tamera Mowry (Sister, Sister) Rashaan Nall and featuring Grammy Award winner Kirk Franklin.

Tommy (McCrary) is a young man who has the voice of an angel, but he also has the record of an ex-con. His dreams of a steady job and a better life appear out of reach until Memaw (Hall), a spunky saint with a big heart, takes him under her wing. Soon, Memaw's faith starts to rub off.

Lilly (Mowry), Memaw's granddaughter, is no less amazed by this street boy. As she grows to appreciate his genuine humility and warmth, they form a special bond. Tommy's childhood buddy, G. Smooth (Nall), just wants a drug-dealing partner and can't believe the old TNT has "religion" now. Smooth laughs Tommy off until he's fighting for his life.

For the first time in his life, Tommy has something to hope for, something to live for, SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT. You'll smile, you'll sing and your spirit will soar!

Director Charlie Jordan was honored in 1996 at the Black Filmmaker's Hall of Fame Awards for her short film "One Red Rose." She makes her long-form directorial debut with "Something to Sing About."

Actor Darius McCrary is best known for being a regular on the popular, long-running TV series "Family Matters." McCrary has also starred in feature films like "Big Shots" and "Mississippi Burning." In the World Wide Pictures' film "Something to Sing About," he plays Tommy - a person who wants a better life, but who's checkered past makes for a cloudy future.

Actor Tamera Mowry is most famous for starring (alongside her twin, Tia) on the TV series "Sister, Sister." In the World Wide Pictures' film "Something to Sing About," she plays Memaw's granddaughter, Lilly - a person with a generous heart and joyful spirit.


Click to make largerTommy (Darius McCrary) has just been released from jail. He is in search of a new life. The inner city offers many options, some not so good. As the movie opens he is already making some questionable contacts. Click to make largerI like the natural way that Menaw (Irma P. Hall) works her way into Tommy's life. The age difference is no barrier in her attempts to help Tommy. She uses home cookin' as a way of friendship. (Click for RealVideo).
Click to make largerClick to make larger Click to make largerMemaw introduces Tommy to church. Her church sings, dances and rocks (click for RealVideo). I wish all churches were as hep. Tamara Mowry (Lilly) is a wonderful actress and dancer. Irma P. Hall (Memaw) is an absolute winner.
Click to make larger This film is not afraid to present a straight forward message about God. No sugar coating here. This is a Gutsy and honest film. (Click here for RealVideo). Check out this scene and see what I mean.
Click to make largerClick to make largerTommy's friend does not respond to the call of Christ and walks off in the other direction. Evil lurks.
Click to make largerTommy becomes involved with the church after his conversion and becomes part of the choir. He helps the place to rock. (Click here for RealVideo). Click to make largerLeaving the old life is not always easy. I appreciated the fact that Tommy has to take care of some left over business (Click for RealVideo).
Three cheers for director Charlie Jordan. What a great job she has done. She knows her craft well and this film celebrates her artistry. This film is a bold new step for the Billy Graham association. It is a musical set in the inner city with a nearly all black cast. This film is simply the best film World Wide Pictures has produced.

Subject: Something_To_Sing_About
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002
From: Yvonne Jackson"

Who is the artist who wrote Cry Holy?

Subject: Something_To_Sing_About
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002
From: Brenda

Hello please write back and tell me how I might get the music from the movie something to sing about
Thank You
Brenda Douglas

Subject: Something_To_Sing_About
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001
From: "Lela McNary"

As a mother of two pre-teen boys, who by the way happen to be black...did you know that the life expectancy for a black male is only 18...I appreciated having something to show my kids that supported and encouraged the values that my husband and I are trying to teach our sons. In a world where most television shows for children, pre-teens, and everyone else under the age of 40, is geared to the weird, and demonic, I gave this movie "two thumbs up". After reading some of the comments, I have to say, though with as much love as I have in me, it might not have had all the glitz, polish and special effects of some of the industry's "finest", but it was something that a parent could feel comfortable letting their children watch. We need more of this kind of television! Most of what's out there, we do not let them see, (we preview all movies, music and television, before allowing them to watch or listen to it), but they sat with me and enjoyed this one very much. We aren't the "black family" that most people see on television; I am married to my sons' father, neither of us have ever been arrested for selling drugs, pimping or prostitution, we own two companies and they both have to do with the entertainment industry, we don't abuse our sons and could be described more as an average middle class family, (without having to add the black or white to it, what does it matter anyway...poor people are poor people, trashy people or trash regardless of race). My point in saying all of that is this, it was refreshing to see a television show that didn't give my sons the impression that because they are black males, they can only aspire to a life of crime. And if they did happen to go that way, there was a way out of it. It didn't just appeal to a certain demographic, but could be enjoyed by a multigenerational group. Needless to say...I loved it! Thanks for your time and God's richest to you.
--- Lela McNary

Subject: Something_To_Sing_About
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001
From: Nathan Gunter

When I saw this movie it really touched my heart. I really like singing also so I could relate to the songs. But I was wondering If you wonderful people had a soundtrack to this movie. I watched it a while back this year and they were saying at the bottom of the movie that if we need these songs to call them at a number that I lost. So If you have any way Of telling me how can I get these wonderful songs I will be so grateful. God Bless!!
Yours in Christ
Nathan Gunter.

30,000 TIMES
Subject: movie Something To Sing About
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001
From: princess

I have seen this movie for about thrity thousand times and I enjoy seeing the film. I am now trying to show this film to the people that are not save and want to have a relationship with God. When I saw the end I wanted to cry cuz i thought tommy was dead. Then it made me laugh. Its a wonderful movie if u have any more movies like this or similar to this one please contact me at annoited_vessel@yahoo.com so I can get the other people invovle.
Thankyou very much God Bless Nery!!!

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000
From: Janis

I greatly appreciated this movie. I feel, there should be more movies like this available on tv, for Christians who wants to keep the world from trying to rewrite over God's love, grace, & acceptance already planted in the Christian.

Subject: Great !
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000
From: Lewis

Hi, I thought it was GREAT TV. R.C.
Lewis Colo. Sp., CO

Subject: Frustrated.
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000
From: "Robin"

I know I'll be the 'odd one out' on this, but I'll say it anyway... and it isn't intended to be disrespectful towards anyone who either liked 'Sing' or or those who put it together. I'm glad there is Christian entertainment out there in any shape or form ... but I just wish it could be at least half the quality as mainstream offerings. Please understand this is only one person's opinion [yes, I'm Christian, btw :)], but I am interested in the film industry as a career and therefor understand the process/ what makes a good movie/etc. perhaps better than I would otherwise. Maybe that is the only reason for my thoughts on the matter. Maybe not :).

Why I thought it lacked quality: *"special effects" such as the cut on Nall's cheek obviously fake *story - it was extremely, extremely, *extremely* predictable... nearly every element was obvious from the first few minutes [Tommy's whole story, Nall's conversion, etc.] *acting rarely didn't *look* like it was acting *dialogue was usually stale/unnatural *this 'bold' presentation of the gospel sat the fence between natural and "bold" ... and preachy and roll-the-eyes-and-turn-the-channel. That said, I am also considering it from an adult stand point. It would be different for children under... maybe 12-14. *even the settings and lighting screamed FAKE/LOW BUDGET/RELIGIOUS ATTEMPT AT CONVERTING THE MASSES. I applaud the effort, and I'm glad Christian material beat out other projects.

But I know that all of my non-Christian friends would have taken one look at the acting, the lines, the contrived story, etc. and figured they'd wait til Sunday to get their dose of religion when Aunt Betsy hauled their butt into the pew by force. It doesn't matter how good, how true, how necessary the message is if nobody sticks around to hear it. In my opinion, if this movie's intent was to help people along their journey to Christ's feet, it failed.

However, as a good family movie, I certainly find nothing wrong with it. I just wish that we wouldn't continue to reaffirm the idea that Christians have nothing to offer in the realm of art/film/etc. that is on par with the rest of the world.
Love in Christ, Robyn.

Subject: Hurray for bold Christians
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000
From: Cathy

This wonderful film went beyond saying "God loves you" to include the rest of the story - we are sinners saved by the Grace of Jesus. Jesus loves us and will change our lives - always for the better. Real Christians get involved in touching the lives of people around them. I loved the moment where Tommy reaches out to the sick wife and shares God's love as he had recieved it from MeMaw and his employer. All inovolved deserve praise, especially the TV stations who sold the primetime to Billy Graham to show such a bold statement of faith.