The concept of sacrifice and love, the willingness to forgive one another and work together, and numerous other areas are addressed and if searched for can be used. The problem I had is that they were not addressed adequately and with the detail that the first two movies did. Between this and other areas this movie was a major disappointment for me.
Review by David Bruce


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Warrior. Legend. King.

Directed by Chuck Russell
Story by Jonathan Hales
Screenplay by David Hayter, William Osborne, Stephen Sommers and Stephen Sommers

Dwayne Johnson .... Mathayus, The Scorpion King (as The Rock)
Steven Brand .... Memnon
Kelly Hu .... Cassandra Michael
Clarke Duncan .... Balthazar
Grant Heslov .... Comedic Sidekick
Peter Facinelli .... Takmet Ralph Moeller
Scott L. Schwartz .... Torturer
Andrei Sterling .... Balthazar's Bandit
Sherri Howard .... Queen Isis

Produced by
Sean Daniel .... producer
James Jacks .... producer
Vince McMahon .... executive producer
Kevin Misher .... producer
Richard Luke Rothschild .... co-producer
Stephen Sommers .... producer

Original music by John Debney
Cinematography by John R. Leonetti
Film Editing by Michael Tronick

MPAA: Rated PG-13
for intense sequences of action violence and some sensuality.

For rating reasons, go to FILMRATINGS.COM, and MPAA.ORG.
Parents, please refer to PARENTALGUIDE.ORG


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CD InfoScorpion King
Various Artists - Soundtrack - 2002

The track listing reads like a who's who of the nu-metal genre, with brand-new songs from chart toppers including Godsmack, Creed, and Nickelback. Especially strong are System of a Down's orchestrated-meets-intense "Streamline," Sevendust's fervent and unique "Corrected," and Nickelback's raucous, edgy, raw rocker "Yanking Out My Heart," while Creed's typically musically morose five-minute ballad "To Whom It May Concern" will certainly delight fans. New band 12 Stones show promise with their straightahead, guitar-heavy "My Life," while Flaw's layered, soaring, and mesmerizing "Only the Strong" sounds hit-bound, as does Injected's vibrant "Burn It Black." As with Godsmack, Mushroomhead's contribution was penned specially for the movie, the suitably "soundtracky" audio track "turned down" to suit the onscreen action. If the flick--the third of the Mummy series--fades from memory quickly, its musical accompaniment is well equipped to stand the test of time. --Katherine Turman

1. I Stand Alone - GodsmackMusic 2. Set It Off (Tweaker Remix) - P.O.DMusic 3. Break You - Drowning PoolMusic 4. Streamline - System Of A DownMusic 5. To Whom It May Concern - CreedMusic 6. Yanking Out My Heart - NickelbackMusic 7. Losing My Grip - HoobastankMusic 8. Only The Strong - FlawMusic 9. Iron Head - Rob Zombie feat. Ozzy OsbourneMusic 10. My Life - 12 StonesMusic 11. Along The Way - MushroomheadMusic 12. Breathless - LiferMusic 13. Corrected - SevendustMusic 14. Burn It Black - InjectedMusic 15. 27 - Breaking PointMusic 16. Glow - Coal ChamberMusic
Scorpion King
(Double Sided)
27 in x 40 in
Buy Scorpion King, The Original Movie plain,
or Framed | Mounted

Book infoThe Scorpion King :
A Novel by Max Allen Collins, Max Allan Collins

First, The Mummy rose up from the tombs of Egypt-and adventure was reborn. Then, The Mummy Returns resurrected the horror-and introduced a new breed of assassin. Now, The Scorpion King tells the story of the assassin Mathayus, an ancient enemy of evil who refuses to surrender...or die. The Rock returns in the role that took him from the World Wrestling Federation ring to the silver screens of Hollywood. A thrilling fantasy adventure filled with action, horror, and dazzling special effects, The Scorpion King is sure to be one of the most exciting blockbusters of the year.


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Five thousand years ago, a ruthlessly ambitious warlord named Memnon believed he was destined to rule the scattered peoples of the desert. With an army of crude barbarians at his command, he swept across the mountains and plains, enslaving those he did not slaughter. He struck with a merciless precision that filled those who opposed him with dread because as his enemies were acutely aware, Memnon's strategies were plotted by a seer who advised him on when, where and how to attack. He never lost a battle.

Only a few tribes, never natural allies, stand between Memnon and the throne. Knowing his final strike is inevitable, they grudgingly unite against their common foe by enlisting the services of Mathayus, a man descended from generations of Akkadian assassins skilled in the deadly arts, to eliminate the sorcerer and deprive Memnon of his most dangerous asset.

Thus, Mathayus enters a battle that demands all the cunning, courage and strength he can rouse from his powerful core. Slipping into Memnon's palace in the notorious city of Gomorrah, Mathayus discovers that the evil leader's visionary is a woman, the beautiful Cassandra. Rather than kill her, he takes Cassandra hostage, deep into the desolate Valley of the Dead. Although he and his scrappy band of allies would be severely out-numbered, Mathayus is convinced any hope for survival will require direct confrontation with Memnon.

Cassandra's visions have predicted that Mathayus would die in such a fight. But Mathayus has always lived by the simple but profound creed of his people - live free, die well. He also believes that he can create his own destiny, and with that conviction, transcends his heritage, evolving from assassin to legend . to The Scorpion King.

Chuck Russell (The Mask, Eraser) directs the action-adventure film, a spin-off of The Mummy series.

Inspired by tales of a legendary Egyptian ruler, The Scorpion King unfolds in a time of hardship and brutality, centuries before the raising of the Great Pyramid. As the story begins, the cruel Memnon, portrayed by Steven Brand, will stop at nothing to become king of the known world. He faces minimal resistance from the few desperate survivors of his scourge-like attacks. Still, a small band of Akkadians, a once-proud clan of assassins, now nearly extinct, has been hired to kill the sorcerer who guides Memnon's deadly hand. However, after accepting this mission, the Akkadians' numbers are quickly reduced to just one - Mathayus (The Rock).

The Scorpion King character, portrayed by wrestling superstar The Rock, was first introduced in The Mummy Returns, a film which is set 2000 years after the events depicted in this new action adventure saga. The Rock had just finished his first days of shooting The Mummy Returns - the film in which he made his big-screen debut - when Universal Pictures approached him about starring in his own film, which would chronicle the Scorpion King's rise to power.
-- © 2002 Universal Pictures



Web site

Mike is the Senior Pastor at United at the Cross Community Church in Wichita Kansas. United at the Cross is a church made up of individuals not often accepted in other churches. The church consists of former gang members, drug addicts, prostitutes and others. Mike also speaks nationally on various topics and is a freelance writer. To learn more about Mike and his ministry link onto In the arts Mike has worked with top music artists such as Steppenwolf, Marshall Tucker Band, Kansas and has an active interest in film. Mike is pictured with his music band "Route 66." His reviews include The Mummy Returns. Amistad, The Apostle, Armageddon, The Cell, Hurricane, Dr Dolittle 2, ELO -Zoom, Frequency, The Patriot, Me, Myself and Irene, Pearl Harbor, Rush Hour 2, Shrek, Extreme Days, The Last Castle, Serendipity, Ali, Reversal, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jimmy Neutron, Mothman, Black Hawk Down, Scorpion King

I don't believe there will be any doubt about it; this movie will have reached as high as the #1 spot in America before it is over. If you read my review of The Mummy Returns, you can see that I thought highly of that movie. One of the surprises was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. As a matter of fact my comments were, and I quote, "Another newcomer who surprisingly does not get nearly enough screen time in my opinion is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the Scorpion King. "The Rock" a real life professional wrestler is a very pleasant surprise. While professional wrestling is now billed as "sports entertainment" as opposed to "real sport", it should be no surprise that "The Rock" is a talented actor. He did such a good job for the brief time he was on screen in a venue other than wrestling that some will be surprised." While I made those comments at the time, I never knew that a movie was going to be made about this character.

Spiritual attributes were addressed wonderfully in the first two movies and I had hopes they would also be addressed here. From the area of spirituality there are some issues addressed. The concept of sacrifice and love, the willingness to forgive one another and work together, and numerous other areas are addressed and if searched for can be used. The problem I had is that they were not addressed adequately and with the detail that the first two movies did. Between this and other areas this movie was a major disappointment for me.

The Rock and others do an adequate job at portraying their roles with the script that was given but the talent exhibited in The Mummy Returns is as distant from this film as one could imagine. I had to wonder where was the direction in the film and what in the world was going on. It didn't take long in the closing credits to see that this movie was a Vince McMahan production. I soon realized what had happened. Vince McMahan the leader and head of professional wrestling has had his hand in a number of ventures over the years. He has taken a sports entertainment venue, professional wrestling, that was once good family fun and made it into a mockery of sport and a mockery of anything that resembles family values. Those same values exhibited in professional wrestling, complete with the sexual degradation of women to the valuing of rude and inappropriate characters is displayed in this film. For individuals who have read my reviews, you know that I seldom make comments of this nature. I legitimately and truly try to find positive attributes within film and find spiritual issues to discuss. What I found with The Scorpion King has about as much value as a used, chewed up, toothpick. Frankly I was insulted that I was promoted a movie that was supposed to be loosely billed as a prequel to The Mummy Returns and what I received was plate full of mush. All of this said from someone who actually saw some value in numerous movies that I have been blasted for like The Replacements.

This is a movie that I would strongly urge parents to keep their children away from. One of the fallacies of this movie is that while the Scorpion King was a ruthless villain filled with evil and wrong intent in The Mummy Returns, we see that in his origins he was a good character who was basically a paid assassin. This concept is dangerous in that it can cause one to focus on the origins and intent as opposed to the final product. What is really bad here is that the concept of who The Scorpion King is is really not any different than The Mummy Returns. The only difference is that we are now supposed to like him for what he does. While there are movies that have character switches, i.e. Darth Vader in the Star Wars series, the way it is presented here is virtually unbelievable and not acceptable.

The reality of it is, that I love this genre of film. I remember the old Jason and the Argonauts films, the old Hercules movies and other types of films that were done well and caused young boys and girls to dream. I actually like and appreciate fantasy but I found the only positive experience from this movie going venture was the box of popcorn, diet coke and previews I enjoyed before the movie, it's just that I could have received those benefits much cheaper at home. Other than that this movie was the disappointment of the last two years and one of the great disappointments of all time. If wanting to discuss spiritual issues with someone who likes this series, watch the first two movies and go from there. Frankly I expect few fans of the series to like this movie; at least at the theater I was at I couldn't find a single person who thought it was anything other than just okay. For me it wasn't even that.

By far the worst of the series. Because it is the third in the series I'll give it a 3 out of 10.

God Bless,
Mike Furches
Luke 15

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