By David Bruce
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RODAN was Toho's second entry into the monster movie genre, following quickly on their success with Godzilla. It is one of the better monster movies and ranks as one of the top 5 monster films from Toho which include GODZILLA, GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN, GODZILLA VS. MOTHRA (1964), and MOTHRA.
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    This huge creature, flying at supersonic speed, generates typhoon force winds destroying the countryside and cities not just by trampling buildings but simply by flying over them. This is the Japanese version of the satanic chaos monster. During the World War the atom bombs were dropped from the air on Japan. Rodan is the personification of that horror. The plot and the issues are the same as Godzilla. It is a way of telling the rest of the world about the sheer horror they had to face and the dangers of continued atomic testing. 
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   The movie starts out showing H-bombs blowing up a Pacific island that has a mine on it. It caves in. In the mine, nature goes amuck. A mine worker is mysteriously killed by what turns out to be a giant insect loose in the mines. However, what else has been resurrected is far worse. A giant egg hatches, and the monster, a giant Pteranadon, emerges.

Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001

It should be emphasized that in the Japanese version of this film (called there RADON, MONSTER FROM THE SKY), the H-bomb footage does not appear, nor is the film narrated. Much of the music is different as well, although that which does remain of the score is dialed to a higher level than the unfortunately meager mix in the Japanese version.

The American version also mucks with some of the sequencing, showing TWO Rodans rising out of the canyon one after the other. In the Japanese version, the second Rodan appears during the last stages of the battle in Fukuoka (renamed Sasebo in the American version). I don't find either version of this unveiling particularly effective (in the Japanese cut, it just happens out of nowhere, and not at a critical moment in the story, while in the American print, it's so obviously the same footage reversed, it's depressing.)

Plotwise in the Japanese version, Rodan (Radon) is simply THERE, without a great deal of explanation. It's not a mutant like Godzilla, nor meant to evoke the same images. The picture isn't really about the threat of nuclear testing in the same way GODZILLA is.

What DOES interest me about the Japanese version is that it's so obviously about the bond of marriage. Look at the lead characters, Shigeru and Kiyo, who are weirdly mirrored in the image of the mated Rodans, and consider that the first human victims of the Rodans are a married couple on their honeymoon. Consider as well that one Rodan prefers to die rather than give up its mate. (This is more overt in the English version with the narration, but is equally clear in both.) As with the original GODZILLA, director Ishiro Honda was trying to portray farewells to the things that matter -- for instance, towards the very end, Kiyo is seen picking flowers in the field that's about to be swallowed by lava, to have SOMETHING to remember of the town the characters grew up in and where they likely figured they'd spend the rest of their lives. Even more than GODZILLA, RODAN is fundamentally a tragedy: the only reason the Rodans must die is because humanity wants to live. Honda signals this with the image of Kiyo in tears at the end: the beasts must die simply because of what they are, and that in itself makes it sad -- all the more so because we are shown that they can feel love and loyalty, at least for one another. "Monsters are born too tall, too strong, too heavy," Honda often said, adding "THAT is their tragedy." I believe he felt a real sympathy for the Rodans that he did not originally have for Godzilla, although in the last scenes of that film, Honda and his team extended a kind of sympathy to him as well: his agonized final war-cry from the depths of his ruined lungs -- as purely evil as Godzilla was for the whole rest of the picture, that scene's nonetheless a heartbreaker.

Mr. Honda once told me that he preferred RODAN even over the original GODZILLA; although I don't agree that RODAN is superior (it has some great stuff in it, but some terrible handicaps as well), I found that comment extremely revealing. Of all his monster films other than smidgens of FRANKENSTEIN VS. BARAGON, it's the closest to a real romance, and the weird thing about his career is, when he was starting out as an assistant director, coworkers assumed that female-oriented romances were going to be his specialty. He directed a fair number of those in the fifties, but even inside Japan mainly is remembered for his fantasy films. (Honda's only straightforward love story in the fantasy genre is the amazing THE HUMAN VAPOR [1960], although, again, the English version -- which does have its good points -- bears little resemblance to the Japanese cut.)

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I saw the original in a theatre in Chicago in 1957 or so. I'd love to get a VHS copy. So VERY COOL!!!

March 29, 1999. RODAN was an outstandingly entertaining film. Very COOL!

June 12, 1999. Hey, way cool dude! I liked the movie a lot. Especialy the part where he has the girl friend. –Elizabeth.

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