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Course Review: The Heart of Family, Kirk and Chelsea Cameron

January 10, 2018
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The Heart of Family is a very intimate course in marriage and family, featuring life experiences from Kirk and Chelsea Cameron. As a couple who have been married for over twenty years, their combined experiences and perspectives are put together for a unique and pertinent experience moving forward in marriage. The course is broken into six sections which they personally created from their own marriage do and don’t lists.

Each of the six sessions is focused on topics which are general to marriage relationships. The discussions are based on biblical references and practical application. Sometimes marriage is hard and we could all use a little reset. The Courage courses are a great way to hit that refresh button for insight and a new perspective.

The lessons are set up conversationally, and there is a pdf study guide to go along with each topic. I found printing the guide was most helpful because, after each session, we could go back and work on the study guide however we saw fit. Some of the questions are personal, and some are conversational.

Here are a few tidbits from the first session below.

Lesson 1-What is marriage?

*spending time together

*doing life together


*carving out time for marriage

*what draws you to your spouse?

*find the good

*there’s only one person I can change- myself

*trust God to heal

*wage war on sin that targets your relationship

*pursuing relationships with God and Godly people

What if the purpose of marriage isn’t to make us happy, but to make us holy?

Lesson 2-Resolving Conflict
Lesson 3-Forgiveness and Joy
Lesson 4-Godly Parenting (part 1)
Lesson 5-Godly Parenting (part 2)
 Lesson 6- Disciplining your kids


Watch and listen below as Kirk and Chelsea give you a preview of what to expect.



While there is a cost for this course, the formatting is completely flexible. Husbands and wives can work together, or separately. The courses are all online, so pausing and picking up again are elements I was able to use. I could even rewind if I wanted to take notes for a quote or specific reference.  Even better, there isn’t a lot of fluff involved.

The Heart of Family course includes truth that is applied in a practical way to encourage all married couples to move forward together.

There is also a group purchase option so the course can be used for a small group or a larger church-wide event. The pdf of the study guide is self-explanatory and the organization of the website is completely smooth. There were no glitches with videos loading or extra advertisements to sort through. This course is one of the simplest, yet most information packed marriage courses I have seen.

Having the information from a real-life couple who have been married long enough to be helpful through experience is priceless. Their spirit and heart shine in every session.

You can find more helpful information about home and family, on Kirks new website The Courage, here.

For The Courage- The Heart of Family courses, go here.


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