Review: Owlegories Volume 6: The Wind, The Moon, and The Rainbow

September 13, 2017
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Christmas came early this year! Owlegories Volume 6: The Wind, The Moon, and The Rainbow released this week and my kids cannot get enough. Truthfully, I chuckled throughout the movie as well. Along with these great new episodes, two new books, Twitch and the Invisible Wind and Joey and the Shining Star, were also released.

Each of the DVD episodes has quite a few laughs. There are the silly laughs that my kids keep quoting over and over again and there are the witty jokes that keep my husband and I giggling. Volume 6 is probably the funniest episodes yet! In each adventure, those cute little owls discover how the wind, moon, and rainbow all reveal a little bit more about God and His character. After their journeys lead them all over the world, they discover God’s promises to each of us. Volume 6 contains lots of cute owl puns, jokes, and funny banter. It really is a great DVD.

Some of our favorite highlights include Violet’s catchy song in “The Rainbow.”  A cute little kitten named, Miss Wafflepuff, and an ongoing dream Nora has in “The Moon.” The one complaint each of my kids had was, “The episodes are too short.” I think they want a full-length movie with Joey, Nora, Violet, Gus, and Twitch!

Away from the screen, Owlegories creators just released two books with original stories:

“This new line of books will have preschoolers giggling as they learn about the ways nature teaches us about God. Each book includes a short family devotional to help grown-ups talk more about the object lesson of the story through simple activities, memory verses, even adventures that will get you out of the house and into God s glorious creation.”

My kids love the books with bright and colorful pictures and keep asking me to read them over and over again. These are great little additions to our library.

Our family loves Owlegories but this DVD ranks at or near the top. The jokes kept both the kids and adults coming back for more! Volume 6 was well worth the wait!

If you haven’t yet checked out Owlegories for yourself, head over to their website and meet these adorable and hilarious owls for yourself. You will instantly fall in love! Right now, they are offering an amazing sale on their DVDs and books that you won’t want to miss. Stay updated on the latest news and offers by following your favorite owls on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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