The incarnated Evil is manifested as the Beast. It has no regard for human life as it prowls around in the darkness. Satan in the Bible is a thief that comes to rob, kill and destroy.
David2.jpg (1924 bytes)THE RELIC
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Dr. Margo Green: Penelope Ann Miller,
Lt. Vincent D'Agosta: Tom Sizemore,
Dr. Frock: James Whitmore,
Dr. Ann Cuthbert: Linda Hunt,
Hollingsworth: Clayton Rohner,
Greg Lee: Chi Muoi Lo,
Coroner: Audra Lindley.
Directed by Peter Hyams.
Written by Rick Jaffa, Amy Holden Jones, John Raffo and Amanda Silver.
Based on a novel by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston.
Running time: 110 minutes.
Rated R (for monster violence and gore, and for language).
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     Like Outbreak, Anaconda, and Congo, the film starts in the jungles, in this case the Amazon, where an innocent appearing but evil mixture is brewed and given to a victim (same idea is in Rosemary's Baby). This is what the Bible calls communion with demons. The Evil then comes to Chicago via ship on the ocean. Evil in the Bible is often linked to the unpredictable sea. The Evil has racked havoc with the occupants of the ship; hence, the police are called. But, this is a supernatural Evil and not the type the police are equipped to handle. The Evil in its addressed Pandora's box is brought to the Chicago Museum. The Evil is unboxed by innocent scientists who are suddenly confronted by supernatural Evil incarnated in reptile-insect-human form. This is a story about the essential nature of faith in a scientific world. This same idea is present in Contact.
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     The museum furnishes the perfect setting for the Evil to thrive as this studio-created PR picture so clearly illustrates. There are dark tunnels, claustrophobic rooms, doors, and a basement.
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     The incarnated Evil is manifested as the Beast. It has no regard for human life as it prowls around in the darkness. Satan in the Bible is a thief that comes to rob, kill and destroy. And like the Evil serpent of scriptures it grabs victims by the heel. The power of Evil is presented as starting with a little thing, like a cockroach, and then grows. The power goes off in the museum. People are trapped. The only way out is through the water in the flooding tunnels of the basement. Those who go on the journey through the water (as in Daylight) are saved. Those who stay behind become food for the Beast. The Biblical idea here is salvation through baptism and the journey of Israel through the Red Sea.
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   The film ends with true-to-the-Bible insights. Dr. Margo Green must confront the Evil. Earlier in the film this person of no faith called out to God in desperation. She calls the Evil by its name in a face to face. Naming is an important Biblical concept. To name something is to have power over it. It gives us a handle. After naming the Evil, Dr. Green can tell it where to go. In Revelation the Devil will be thrown into Hell. When Jesus cast the demons out he first asked their name and then cast them out telling them where to go. Green sets the Beast on fire and protects herself by running and diving into a tank of water. The Beast dies and she is saved. Again, the Biblical idea of salvation through water baptism. Also, Christ calls himself the Living Waters that bring salvation.
Bulletin Board :

Feb 27, 1999. I really enjoyed this film. But I have to say this, I'm glad I don't like going to Museums, because if I did, I don't think I would be going to another one.–Wendy

David, you do it every time. Relic does have connections to the Bible. It's hard to have imagined. -D.F.

Relic and Contact do have a lot in common. Science and faith need to be connected, This seems to be the theme in several films now.

My Response:
Have you checked out Mimic? These two films are very much the same. And, yes you are right culture is putting both faith and science together more now. It is good to see.

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