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Hollywood Jesus
A very organized radio show! Yea. Right!
Karla having a dog day at WAY-FMWAY-FM in Nashville plays the hottest Christian hits, 24 hours a day! The air personalities are upbeat, fun and encouraging. You'll hear not only great songs from the most popular Christian artists, but daily scripture references delivered in the language of today's culture. Plus, check out the "Live from Nashville" morning show with Doug & Karla, featuring in-studio guest artists such as dc Talk, Michael W. Smith & Rebecca St. James, Monday - Saturday, 5 - 9am central time.
First interviewed was on Wednesday, June 23, 1999
Repeated: Saturday, June 26, 1999 (best of... show)
This show brought in over 25,000 additional hits to Hollywood Jesus!

Second Interview with David Bruce from Hollywood Jesus
happened on Wednesday, July 14, 1999



July 24, 1999. David, I just hit your website. In a limited visit I found it to be very interesting. I didn't have much time to explore, but I wanted to let you know I heard about the site from WAY-FM in Nashville on Doug and Karla's show. Although I was skeptical at first, I decided to go in open minded.  Keep your ministry strong my friend. I'll visit again soon.
In Christ, Tim
My response: Thanks Tim and I really enjoyed doing the Doug and Karla show. They was great.

I think this site is great! I heard you talking about it on WAY FM 88.7 here in Nashville, TN. I have to admit I wanted to see The General's Daughter. I am a Christian no less! After reading your review I have definitely changed my mind. Praise God! Keep up the good work. Love in Christ, Jennifer.
My response: Thanks for the kind words.

July 14, 1999. I just today got your web site off of WAY FM here in Clarksville, Tennessee. I like your site, it will be very helpful because I have two young teenage sons. I think today we are in the midst of the "ME" generation and young people are thinking more of themselves. They want so called grown up things, but not the real grown things: bills, real jobs, family, ect. They are still depending on good ole Mom & Dad for financial support way into their late 20's. I will say this I married young at 17 & had a son, then at 19 had another son. I waited my whole life to be a wife and a mother. Getting married and having children was exactly what the Lord had intended for me. If I hadn't started my family then I would have never been able to have children. I would have like to had more children but that wasn't meant to be. My point is listen to the Lord and his plans for your life. He will led you down the road he has designed for you if you will just follow. Thanks & God's Blessings To You All, -Brie.

E-Mail: WAYM@Wayfm.com

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You can also listen to WAYF, from West Palm Beach, Florida!

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APROPOS FILM German TV Click to go to Christianity Today June 1999 issue
APROPOS FILM (Feb 1999) German TV came to California and did a 30 minute feature on Hollywood Jesus. It aired all over Europe. CHRISTIANITY TODAY (June 1999 issue) highlighted HJ in an article on the web. The world's #1 Christian magazine. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (April 30,1999, Market Place B1) highlighted HJ reviews in its article on Shawshank Redemption
Decision Today CHRISTIANITY ON LINE Sept-Oct 1999 issue. Patter.jpg (570130 bytes)
DECISION TODAY ran an interview with web master David Bruce on May 10, 1999. CHRISTIANITY ONLINE (Sept-Oct 1999) featured a cover story on Hollywood Jesus with an interview with web master David Bruce THE PATTERSON IRRIGATOR is the local newspaper in Patterson, California, the home of HJ. This Jan. 28, 1999 article was the first article about HJ.
Hollywood Jesus in the Modesto Bee
Click for more information
MODESTO BEE newspaper celebrated the one millionth hit by running a feature on HJ in the Feb. 9 1999 issue WAY FM has interviewed HJ web master David Bruce  twice on the Doug and Karla morning show.