David BruceThere is a war in heaven. It is mentioned in the Bible. There are lots of Biblical imagery and tie-ins.
Review by David Bruce
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Starring: Christopher Walken, Jennifer Beals, Russel Wong, Eric Roberts, Glenn Danzig, Brittany Murphy.
Director: Greg Spence.
Rated: R, Language, violence
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Subject: Prophecy 2
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002
From: Doug

 I am a bible-believing Christian. I don't call myself Catholic, or Protestant, as I feel that is putting myself in a denomination. I simply believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and is my Lord and Saviour, who's death and ressurection paid for the punishment due for my sins. I have yet to see the second two Prophecy movies, but I have recently ordered them and I should hopefully be able to watch them next week. However, the first one is absolutely brilliant - cramming so much information into one movie.

 I did some research on what all this Hebrew Cabalhism was about...where this "angelic script" came from and how they managed to find suitable names for the angels. As it turns out, Hebrew Cabalhism is not Judaism, even though their writings are in the same language. Instead, Cabalhists are an offshoot that took a more pagan slant on the religion and calls upon angels for help and guidance, much like hindu deites, instead of calling on Yahweh himself (God) as the Jews do or Jesus Christ as Christians do. They believe masses of things ranging from angels that were sent to earth to show humans how to survive, and then started mating with the humans, to listing names of hundreds and hundreds of angels which are not mentioned at all in the Bible itself (including Usiel - who is an angel in the cabalhist belief system). The Christian Bible mentions only 3 angels, Lucifer - who is Satan and who is fallen, Michael who is an archangel and head of the heavenly armies, and Gabriel, who is God's messenger, and thought by many people to be the "angel of death" who destroyed Soddom and Gomorrah, and who killed the firstborn of Egypt during the plagues that God brought upon Pharoah during the slavery of the Israelites and in the time of Moses.

As a Christian, I can see many things which the producers of The Prophecy, got right according to the beliefs of my faith...they show Satan as a fallen angel "sulking in his basement" and how he really does not have any power...notice that at the end he tempts the school teacher lady and and Thomas to come with him to hell, but when they refuse he can do nothing but threaten them with words...this is very true to the Christian belief of Satan. He is persuaive and cunning, but by no means powerful. However, I also see that many of the aspects in the film are based on both Catholic beliefs - i.e. the priesthood etc. but mostly the Cabalhist beliefs about angels. Especially Gabriel: I even read on a website that Cabalhists believe in the fact that Gabriel whispered secrets to the unborn souls in their mother's womb, and then just before they were born, putting his finger to their mouth and going "Ssshhhh!" which kept the information surpressed within the soul's conciousness and also created the dent in the childs top lip. Interesting, but un-biblical.

The other thing that was unbiblical was the fact that their could be a second war in heaven, but then I could spend hours talking about this...but never mind that for now, and also the fact that as Lucifer mentioned in the end of the first film, that Heaven was closed to humans until the war had ended. I suppose this is all part of the story of the film, however again it is unbiblical.

To a non-Christian who might be perhaps interested in finding out more about the Christian faith that is actually founded on biblical teaching, I would say this film is not the right place to start, because it teaches un-biblical doctrine, and promotes perhaps an unhealthy interest in angels instead of Jesus Christ himself, who is the door to salvation. But, for the Christian believer who has a solid grounding in their faith - this is certainly a highly interesting film to watch. Whatever your faith or belief is: this is a quality film with high entertainment value.

I found the plot a little confusing at didn't appear clear as to why people did what they did, not even watching it a second time...and their are certain things that are left, what happened to the knife that Usiel drew to fight Simon seemed to dissapear before the fight was finished. And, if the only way to kill an angel was to pull out its heart - why did Usiel die when he got hit by car? It may have crushed his chest, but the film never made it clear that his heart was, why did he have no eyes, and yet Simon seemed to be able to turn them on and off at will...and why did Gabriel always have them...and why this and why that...there are a lot of question and details which seem to be left unanswered and left hanging, which is irritating. Perhaps the second two films will clear things up, but I am fearful instead they will create contradictory errors! :(

 Anyway, technically, this film is great: Camera shots are beautiful, editing is crisp and sharp, post-production sound is added in perfectly (with the exception of a cliched zapping sound effect which is used from the transition from Gabriel setting Usiel's body on fire to another scene of which I forget). Acting is also great, especially from Thomas Daggert and Simon - I find Christopher Walken's Gabriel is fairly sinister, but somtimes his voice sounded strange, turning into a southern drawl and then out again into creepy fallen didn't seem to match. Also, there were many times where his hand/head movements and speech seemed to overdramatize and look a little artificial, but other than that he gave a great performence. My only negative point is that in some shots early on, and at the end, the use of lighting was not particularly impressive. But oh well....

 My one big question, which I have not managed to work out at all....WHO is the ugly monster thing that seems to follow Lucifer about? I can't think what it is, apart from some demonic helper, that has no name...just one of many fallen angels. That reminds me - there are a lot of scenes in which Lucifer growls/roars like a lion...and there is a passage in the bible (I forget where) where it talks about Satan wandering the earth as a roaring lion, looking for prey to devour.

Anyway, enough is enough! Enjoy these films!

Subject: Just some comments
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001
From: James

First off, as always the best reviews. A lot of critics concerning The Prophecy 3, but I actually enjoyed it. The entire trilogy got me thinking and looking for info about Angels. Gabriel in general and I couldn't believe how very little there actually was, (unless I'm looking in the wrong places) but I happened upon this. I FIRMLY believe this is the best I've ever found anywhere for Gabriel so if anyone wants to check this out. it out:

Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
From: DAN

I have been searching the internet quite a bit for information regarding symbols of Angels. There are many different levels to this I am afraid. Angels were apparently given their symbols from Adam...(and I am not quoting here) and God gave everything unto Adam and he was to give names to these creations. Again...there are symbols for Angels themselves, then there is an alphabet so to speak. I may be wrong but I know this is consists of almost a square if you will...49x49 characters. So in all 2401. However, no one understands it completely. There is one man...(cant remember where I saw this) that determined that all of these symbols actually (when mathematically calculated) gave Angels names and also numbers relating to them. Interesting stuff...said to all come from "Old" Hebrew. If you are getting into this have fun...there is a great deal of information on it but none of it seems really solid.
Gotta see Prohecy 3, DAN

Subject: "Prophecy 3 - The Ascent" will be out on video this month!
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000
From: Lilian Vaz.

Dear brothers and sisters of The Holywood Jesus Website, Once again Christopher Walken plays the role of Gabriel, who once was an archangel,but now became a human being in the third sequence of this classical movie in its style. He still has some of his spiritual gifts intact but now as a man he learns to do human things,as well,like driving a car,for instance. Oh,I won't say more for now,but do watch Prophecy 3! People who already had the opportunity to see it said it's a great movie and Christopher Walken's performance is once again wonderful! The actor is a real blessing! In case you want to see some exclusive pictures of Prophecy 3, please visit my page on the movie: Lilian Vaz. Also check out my sites dedicated to the actor:
Thanks! Lilian Vaz.
P.S.: You can include my name and e-mail on this site.

Response:Het Lillian! Glad to hear from you again. I plan to do a review of this film in the near future. -David.

Subject: The movie was Great!!!
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999
From: Mickie

I thought that Prophecy 2 was great I own both of the Prophecy movies and watch them as often as I can. Christopher Walken play the part of Gabriel well and If there is a part 3 I think he should still play that part. the only thing I didn't like was that Steve Hynter played another part and not the part of Thomas as he did in the first Prophecy.why do they do that have one person play one part in a movie but in the second part they are someone else? Did they think people wouldn't notice? I did. and Glenn Danzig was great the angel he played but it was unexpected to have him in there and as an angel of all things. But all and all the movie was great.

June 29, 1999. I've always been impressed with movies that dealt with religious text such as the prophecy movies and others like The Seventh Sign. Being raised Catholic and having over 16 years in Christian institutions, I enjoy books and movies that involve bits of knowledge I know and are creatively produced. When I saw Christopher Walken playing the trumpet at the end of Prophecy II, I was sure there would have to be a third movie. And thanks to your site I now know that it is true. Thanks. Just to mention it, there's a book I read about 13 years ago called Angel Fire, I really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who likes stories about angels.
--Rob from Kentucky

May 1 1999. The third sequence of this movie is in production and it will be titled "Prophecy 3 - The Ascent" But, nobody knows about the film plot.So can you imagine what they will invent this time?
Prophecy 3 - The Ascent. This is the official title for this movie third sequence. I also would like to invite all to visit WALKEN IN MY SHOES

This is a very interesting Brazilian website dedicated to Christopher Walken. It contains over thirty interviews and articles,a photo gallery plus other cool links on this amazing "Methodist Christian(!)" actor.

March 12, 1999. This excerpt was taken from Parade Magazine interview (September 21,1997): Christopher Walken, 54, attributes his acting success to his religious beliefs (he was raised a Methodist) and his lifelong resilience. "God is very mysterious to me", he confided, "but I know the power of belief. It's my source of strength." He said he prays for harmony and humility.

This movie, like the previous film, was a mental feast of knowledge..weither it is fact or fiction is irrelavent, it's still interesting to think about. Does anyone know if there is further angelic text symbols? Do you know where to find them? I think that they would be an interesting type of it off and then tell the people about the message and story behind it. Lord Diemos

Feb 14, 1998. I really liked this site and I would like to keep contact with you all. My name is Lilian Vaz, I'm Brazilian, a protestant Christian,a musician and I like very much cinema and many actors and actresses (Christopher Walken is in one of my favourites). Here in Brazil, the art of acting is considered evil by our brother and sisters, they say it's something that comes from the devil. I dIsagree, and I get misinterpreted sometimes by my Christian Family. When I discovered this site, I thought "Oh, no! There comes the radicals", but I got surprised when I noticed it was totally different of everything I saw until that moment. You usually try to take something positive from every movie, intead of taking the bad side, which is not usual. When I meet open-minded Christians it's something that increases my hope and faith in Jesus.
     On links to Hollywood Jesus... I've just finished the construction of two sites, which I'd like you to visit.
     Walken In My Shoes - The First Brazilian Christopher Walken Page. Featuring several interviews,a photo gallery and other links on this actor (including Hollywood Jesus):

     And another site on my band and previous works: UNIGLORY - Brazilian Heavenly Techno

(this one is still under construction, but there are some discography, photos, info and links, too). So, I think that's all for now. Please, pray for me and thanks for your attention. Don't hesitate to e-mail me back, as soon as possible, ok?!  God bless you all!
Lilian Vaz.

Feb 6 1999, I doubted there would be a Prophecy 2, but then... Still very creative, but you must watch the first one to get the whole idea. Christopher Walken? Oh, he is a great actor.A blessing. --Lilian Vaz.

Jan 27 1999, I like the movie because, it causes you to think  about the angels