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You Can't Go Back, And Maybe You Shouldn't Want To

December 2, 2008
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I don’t get to the theater very often, which is why I mostly write for the DVD section of Hollywood Jesus. I was able to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian in the theater and wrote an article here . 

I obviously love this second edition of The Chronicles of Narnia movies. As I watched it again, on DVD, I focused more on the idea of the children wanting so badly to go back to Narnia. When they do, they realize it’s not the same place they remember; but they have learned a great deal, especially the older ones. It is all the more touching, at the end, when the elder Pevensies, Peter and Susan, have learned everything they can in Narnia and will never be able to come back.

This is a common theme, especially around the holidays. This Thanksgiving, our post-turkey feast activities consisted of an impromptu paper airplane fight. It was magical in so many ways and I just wanted to bottle it… do it again next year. I finally let it go and just had a good time, in the moment, loved each of the people there and learned a little bit about them. I love that moment for what it is, instead of trying to go back to it. I’ll remember it always, even treasure it, but I won’t try to re-create it… I’ll let it go.

That seems to be what Peter and Susan have to do throughout this movie: learn from their time in Narnia and then let it go; sadly for sure, but still let it go.

Extra Features

The Second Disc is chock full of features. My favorites are:

  • “Inside Narnia: the Adventure Returns” – In this featurette the director, Andrew Adamson, reveals that he directed this film with his own personal experiences of leaving his hometown and feeling like he can never go back.
  • Bloopers – I don’t know why but this franchise just seems to have the best Bloopers (and I’m somewhat of a blooper aficionado)
  • Deleted Scenes – these always get me, because you can see how hard it is for the director to let some scenes go; but they must because we as customers have such short attention spans

The Third Disc is something new called Disney File: Digital Copy. Apparently you can load that bad boy up on your computer and watch it via iTunes or MS Media Player. After that you can upload the movie to your PlayForSure compatible portable device (which in English I think means your iPod or MP4 player). I haven’t tried this yet, but I will.

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