Powder is an albino Christ like figure played by Sean Patrick Flanery. A bolt of lightning kills his mother in the midst of her pregnancy. The lightning denotes a divine touch and visitation, similar to the divine visitation to Virgin Mary.
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(1995) By David Bruce
Roger Ebert says: "Powder comes across as a cross between Cliff Robertson's "Charly," the Elephant Man, Mr. Spock, E.T. and Jesus.

Film.Com's Tom Keogh says: "An interesting new take on the old allegory about despised prophets."

Starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Mary Steenburgen, Lance Henrickson and Jeff Goldblum.
Directed and written by Victor Salva.
Produced by Roger Birnbaum and Daniel Grodnik.
A Buena Vista release. SF/drama.
Rated PG-13 for intense, sometimes frightening elements of theme, and for language.
Running time: 111 min.
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Powder is an albino Christ like figure played by Sean Patrick Flanery. A bolt of lightning kills his mother in the midst of her pregnancy. The lightning denotes a divine touch and visitation, similar to the divine visitation to Virgin Mary. The abandonment by his father is similar to Joseph's disappearance in the Bible. Powder is taken in by his grandparents and then lives in their cellar. He self-educates himself at an accelerated and supernatural rate by reading and memorizing hundreds of books. The film begins with the grandparents' death. Powder, who has been sheltered from the outside world, is then found by science teacher Mr. Ripley (Jeff Goldblum) and psychologist Jessie Caldwell (Mary Steenbergen). Jessie takes him to the state boys' home that she runs. Powder, being different, is taunted by classmates as a phantom from outer space. Powder remains unassuming, gentle and compassionate displaying miraculous abilities. He also attracts pure energy into himself.
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   Powder's ability to draw on any form of energy in an immediate radius is discovered by science teacher Mr. Ripley (Jeff Goldblum) who suggests, on the basis of Einstein's theories, that Powder is reaching the level of pure energy because he is able to use a significantly larger portion of his brain. Powder's super abilities are messianic. He can heal, restore, and magically move objects. He even confounds educational professionals.
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     Toward the end of the film Powder is despised and rejected by his peers. He is stripped and "crucified." There are some significant brief moments such as the scene in which the cross around the neck of one of his persecutors levitates. I was surprised by how few critics, other than Roger Ebert, picked up on this connection between Powder and the story of Jesus Christ.
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    There is a resurrection scene, a Pieta (Mary holding Jesus) scene, and a closing ascension scene in which Powder is at last turned into pure energy and released into the universe.


Subject: Powder
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002
From: Jim Karmann

Hi my name is Jeremy. I felt very kindred to the problems and dilemmas faced by the other Jeremy in the movie Powder. What I see reflected in this movie is the acceptance of the future Christ in his evolutionary form. In the Age of the Son Jesus had discovered how to use the power of the creator to manifest psychical powers. Since the ascension of the Christ on the cross that whole psychic energy moved out of the body of the ascended Christ and into the earth itself in the Age of the Holy Spirit. I believe that this movie reflects the appearance of the New Age Christ as a matter of evolution rather than incarnation. We are to accept the Age of the Holy Spirit in the form of the collective Messiah not as a manifestation of all that is not human but all that embodies the best qualities of humanity itself. I also think we should understand Powders situation as a higher evolutionary intelligence who only wanted to be alone in his basement reading books and creating architectural models of higher dimensional forms. I realized that Jeremy had a world of architectural creations which shows his powers of creativity in the structure he built from the forks and spoons in the cafeteria. I myself have this connection to the heavenly dimensions. I build models and draw blueprints of creational architectures from higher dimensions. I relate to Powders desire to be alone in his basement buisy with design. But I do think that the Messiah of our age is not about incarnation as it was in the age of Jesus but instead is about the evolution of human intelligence and the evolution of the human creative condition. I see sept. 11th as the final transition of the Christ consciousness from an historical human condition to the condition establishing the New Age. It was about the past, about terrorists who want their Christ to be an image of the historic Christ and not accepting the evolution of human intelligence in the Age of the Holy Spirit.
Thank You

Subject: Powder
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002
From: Weed

Greetings. . .from one who stumbled onto this site in my search for the (presumably) beautiful lyrics by David Zippel to the Jerry Goldsmith tune used in the movie "Powder". I have Sarah Brightman's CD; unfortunately neither I nor any of my listening friends can discern all of the lyrics (either the male spoken monologue at the beginning or Ms. Brightman's). CAN ANYONE HELP, PLEASE? -- I LOVED the movie and from what I can gleen from the lyrics, it's a beautiful song which ties into the movie's theme. As all comments on any movie come from the unique perspective of one's own existence, we can probably all learn something about the greater human spirit by reading others' opinions. I am a gay man and also an agnostic who places all his hopes and faith in the boundless possibility of the human spirit to ultimately do good. I blame the incredible natural universe for the magnificent biology and evolution which have placed us on this amazing Earth. We have the power within our species to learn, develop, love and achieve "heaven" during each of our lives--and obviously, we have the capacity--through greed, selfishness, and fear--to create "hell" for ourselves and those around us. But enough about me. . .back to the movie--it reinforces MY philosophy that we are all connected through an incredible energy field which can result in both good and bad--and we have some say in the matter. Powder has achieved a level of genius/consciousness which puts him in the awkward position of seeing and knowing more than the average homo sapien. The beautifully written film portrays so much of the pain which any of us can experience during those episodes when we have an insight into life which is different from those who may view us with scorn (OK--there's the allusion to my being gay)

My take on the sherrif's son is that HE is gay and the family is fractured since he came out and left home. His return during his mother's illness and subsequent death is a beautiful opportunity to show the power of love, compassion and understanding which Powder encouraged in the sherrif. So, to sum this up, the movie "Powder" validates my belief that we each (if we're lucky) have between 50 and 100 years or so to be amazed and fulfilled by the earth and all its inhabitants and we can revel in that by generously sharing love and joy and consciously choosing to love the environment, clean up our trash, and reject materialism. If we acknowledge our common humanity and dwell on the wonderful connections we have through a natural energy field, Einstein's dream of a peaceful world abiding by the laws of physics and nature may still be a possibility. My friends tell me I'm amazingly spiritual for an agnostic--I guess we're each full of mystery and surprise! Thanks for this opportunity to reflect on. . .LIFE--and thanks for helping me find those lyrics!

Subject: Powder
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002
From: "~ lily ~"

Although, I don't agree with your meaning behind the movie, I can understand why you chose to see it that way. Just to let you know, I did a little research & Powder was not immaculately conceived.

Your site & input made for much to think about, which I appreciate & respect. Thank you.

My view on the meaning behind the movie lies more on the Gaia theory - that we were made from the Earth & we give back to it from birth through death. We are energy. Although, I am not a follower of Gaia, the idea offers me true wonderment. Powder is one of many movies which make me think of the Gaia Theory, Matrix & Final Fantasy included.

I had more to say, but as it is 12:25 a.m., I'm quite exhausted.

Good luck to you & finding another Hollywood Jesus.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Never settle for anything less than extraordinary...

Subject: The Movie Powder
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002
From: Abelt

I have just finished watching the movie again. I watch it everytime it comes on tv. It has such a powerful meaning that it seems that no else around me can grasp what the movie really means. for me it means many things. One is that everything and everyone is part of everything else and that nothing every really dies and goes away but will continue to live forever, maybe in other forms of energy but still live. Maybe that is what your soul is really all about. No end ever. We know so little about what life really is and it is really sad that many people go through their entire life and never really stop to think who they are or where they came from and where they are going. This movie is the most powerful movie I have ever seen. It has beena major influence in my life. I wonder if the creator of this film realizes just what they have done. I hope so.

Subject: Powder
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001
From: "stian eriksen"

THE HIDDEN MEANING OF EXISTENCE i belive to know the hidden meaning of the film, even if i havent seen the whole movie only a bit over an hour.the movie is about a person who by some freak accident suddenly got to be a thought human of the future.this is because we are all "gods" and the abillities resambles those of a god and therefore that of an human. the future beings will have all of powders abbilities in this universe of time and space or (just to tell you ,i havent eaten any shrooms:)=)i know i am correct and you all will soon know i am correct as future 2012 will be a turning point in human history.just read my letter once and whatch the movie please:))
by by take care then

Subject: Powder
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001
From: Guy Mariner Tucker

This reply is more than a year after the question, but maybe I have an answer. POWDER didn't have a theme song as such, only a score by the superlative Jerry Goldsmith. However, his theme was later turned into a song, "No One Like You," with lyrics by his MULAN collaborator David Zippel, and was performed by Sarah Brightman on her CD "Timeless." I hope that is helpful.
best, Guy Mariner Tucker

Subject: Powder
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001
From: "Kwun Jassica"

hi i am looking for the song about "powder", would you please tell me the name of the song about "powder". thank you every much!
best wishes jasica

Subject: Powder
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001
From: Glamor Girl

i think that is retarded that you should make Jesus an albino, Jesus is Jesus, and nobody should ever try to change that. you should never ever, try to make Jesus like a star or something that he never was, I'm sure you will not be going to Heaven when you die.

Response: Well, so be it. I trust you will have a better day than you wish on others. I'd like to say, ahh, go ta heaven. -David

Subject: Is Powder a Symbolic Narcoleptic?
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001
From: "Omegan"

Hi, I wondered if you know whether the writer of "Powder" was Narcoleptic. The reason I ask is that in the film there are many subtle references to it, which only someone who is aware of narcolepsy symtoms would notice (for example the watches spinning forward, which could be refering to 'missing time'). Even the latest research is investigating the opportunity that Narcolepsy might be caused by hypersensitivity to artificial magnetic fields.

I look forward to your reply, & you are welcome to see info about narcolepsy on my own page at:

There are many other subtle keys in the film, which could be refering to narcolepsy. Am I correct? Was the writer Narcoleptic?
Best regards, John D. Lyle (Novatus) E-mail:

Response: I will open this one to anyone out there. -David

Subject: Powder
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001
From: Laura.

I truly enjoy this movie every time that I watch it. I have no idea what it "means", but only what it means to me, or how I perceive it's meaning. I didn't see anyone as a Christ figure, Buddha, or any type of God. I saw what man is, versus what man is could be. I saw the cruelty and uncompassionate nature of people. I saw the insecurity we feel, and the fear that we have of anything different than the "norm". I saw someone's belief that we can overcome these things, and that we eventually will. I saw hope for us yet. I found comfort in this, even though it is only a film. The bottom line is, I saw myself in almost every character. I hope others did too.

Subject: To post
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001

I have been reading all your ideas on the film, and though I don't disagree with any of your postings, I believe the whole thing behind 'Powder' lies in the excerpt from 'Moby Dick' Jeremy read in the beginning of the film. "Where lies the final harbor, whence we unmoor no more? In what rapt ether sails the world, of which the weariest will never weary? Where is the foundling's father hidden? Our souls are like those orphans whose unwedded mothers die in bearing them: the secret of our paternity lies in their grave, and we must there to learn it." The last sentence refers in total to Powder, whose mother died in bearing him; the secret of his origin and life has been buried with her. Look forward to hearing your comments on this.

Subject: hello
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001
From: trink Fairy

hello i liked the movie but it was freaky. i noticed that when powder went to the hospital the actress Geri grainer was there. i wanna see more of her on your web page. ties a cool actress!! thanks

Subject: Powder
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001
From: SUE

Hello to you out there in cyberspace. How nice to have a place to share.... Here are my thoughts... I don't like many movies nor go to see many. (I think most of them our authored by the prince of the power of the air, don't mean it to sound self righteous but I go with my conscience on this one) Powder is one of the few that I have seen more than once. I liked it for many reasons. It did make me think of Christ in many ways: (the feeling , thinking part of it because of the following reason)

-Powder makes me cry because it makes me feel what it must have felt like for Christ. Jesus, being full of compassion must have felt such pain and agony not so much in the way He was wounded physically (as bad as that was) but more so in the way he saw us and our wounded hearts. How intense was His love for us that He could put us first and die for us. He did this because He did feel our pain.

(the next reason regarding the brain , energy stuff)
-I do believe we still try to create God in our image and that God is so much more that we can even begin to comprehend. Sometimes I have had a very limited glimpse of our future capabilities and potential, like when the Holy Spirit gives me a connection to someone without consciously thinking about it. (like that phone ringing the moment I was thinking of that person and they are on the other end) I can't make this happen on my own and many times I let the urgings of the Holy Spirit just pass right on by until I realize too late that I couldn't grasp the prompting again and I let another God given opportunity go by. How limited we are, which brings me to another point...

I think of the scripture about how the creation groans as we eagerly await for the fullness to be revealed (sorry I didn't look it up but the basic wording is there). I cry after watching the movie because I think of where I could be and would like to be with my relationship to God. It is really is hard in these fleshy selves. I feel so restricted because of the battles I fight and I stop and think how petty they are. I know in my heart where I want to be with God. I want to walk on water with Him. I want to be blinded by faith. Euphoric with faith. Yet sometimes I feel so trapped and I wonder if it is just the limitations and the 'groanings' I am feeling are because there is a limit while we are in these bodies.

Another good point about the movie is that it made me think about God and in writing this I decided to open my bible and go ahead and look up the scripture...Read it ..what do you think? Wow, the neat thing is, (I know those of you who are Christ followers will know what I am talking about) is that this scripture has just spoken to me , right now and in this revelations, new perspective, this one is going up on my scripture wall ...God is good....

I know it is long but it is worth it...
Romans 8:18-27
I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.

For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will.
Good night,
From Sue

Subject: Saw The movie For The First Time Since It Came Out
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001

I just saw the movie again. I remember seeing it in the theater and loving it. The scene with the deer, I've thought of it since '96. I stumbled upon this website, started reading people's comments on whether or not Powder was a "God" like figure in the movie. And now, after seeing it again, I somewhat agree. I have always thought of Jesus as a person who had an ability that was far ahead of his time. I would usually explain my opinion saying that perhaps he was clairvoyent. I just wanted to write and say how great it is that people are still talking about this wonderful movie; and also that as long as you have an open mind........"Powder" can be whatever you want him to be. He could be a "God" like creature, Einstein's vision of what man could be in the future, or just a miracle all in itself.
Kira Maxwell

Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001
From: MRST

I do understand how you may think that "POWDER" is similar to JESUS, but the differences are to profound. No where in the movie did Powder refer to himself as GOD or did anything even remotely hint at him being GOD. So my point is, that if you have ever read the BIBLE you'd understand that Christ is the human form of the LORD our GOD. It says that the LORD humbled himself to human form and became JESUS. Powder on the other hand can move things, heal, jump start people back to life, and do other little odds and ins, but he is limited. Jesus had no limitations he is everything at all times. Jesus could do anything and be anywhere at any time, but that wasn't his plan. His plan was to do exactly as he did no questions asked. So I guess what I am trying to say is if you are going to try to compare Powder to GOD (JESUS) that is like trying to compare a Craftsman fishing boat to THE TITANIC.

Response: You are being concrete in your thinking. No one is saying that Powder is Jesus, merely that Powder is a Christ figure. -David

Subject: Movie Review
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001
From: Meow

I really liked the movie the first time i saw it. It represented the character that he was portraying. The movie was very moving and powerful in the sense of how a person who is miraculously gifted and yet tormented. In the movie nobody understood what he was going through and i feel a sense of connection. I don't really know why some people comparing Powder the character to Jesus. A movie can touch people, but pls don't compare reality to movies, coz it's two different things. Probably u have a different representation of the movie - i guess. Sean Patrick Flannery portrayed this movie intelligently well and the rest of the cast. Powder is a special individual who can broaden people's thoughts and spirituality. This movie is memorable and has a lot of life lessons.

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000
From: Joanie Healey

When I saw Powder I looked at things differently. It changed the way I thought of people. I wasn't cruel to people like the guys were to Powder. But I would judge behind their backs. But when I saw that movie it changed. I mean the movie seemed so real and I felt how he felt. Even though it wasn't true it felt real to me. The movie wouldn't have felt real with out the good actors and actresses that the movie had. My opinion is that the movie wouldn't have been so good and real if Sean Flanery didn't play Powder. He fit so well into the character he was playing that he fooled everyone. When ever I watch a movie I can always spot flaws or mistakes things like that. But with this movie I didn't have too. This movie had a lot of feelings and was filled with spirituality. I wish that I was reconized so I could have been invloved with this movie. This is one movie I would love ot be invloved with. This movie was on my list to buy. I have already bought it. I think that reason I bought it was because of the cast. I mean I have more of Sean Flanery's movies. I think he created this movie. I think he made this movie come together. Not just because he is hot or the main character but because of his acting ability. I give this movie ten tumbs up.
thank you Joanie Healey

Response: The power of film is awesome. Thank you for your story. I was touched -David

Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000
From: Jesse

i have loved the movie Powder ever since i saw the trailer. my first impression was to go see it and i did and i fell in love with it. i too cried all the way through and still today every time i see it, i cry. in some way i felt a connection with the movie. perhaps i invyed him or/and i wanted to stand with him in his momments of loneliness. it is a powerful movie and it makes people/me look at the things people do to others and their planet. I DO NOT think that powder is gay. i saw it as he was a far enlightened human being and that he saw beauty in everything. also in that part when he was with the salimanders. HE SAW BEAUTY! i think people forget that and look at the movie and say "he's gay" . i don't think that is so. i have never noticed the Jesus condotations and i admit that they are similar. but i have have seen it tons of times without making the connection and i am a active Christian. but now i enjoy the movie a lil more with the similarities pointed out. it was done very sutile without making it a total ripoff from the jesus story. but it had a wide range of religions in the movie which made it more appealing to a wider mass. over all my favorite film.

Subject: It's just a movie, folks
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000
From: Yobri

I saw most of powder. it seems interesting. I'd like to see the rest. I didn't know who the director was until i checked out the sight to see what's up w/ the flick. Most of the sites are lousy. I just wanted to see if powder meets his dad. all the gay connotations could be possible, but i doubt it. I do like the Christ hypothesis. as it seems very good analysis. One last thought. the movie is a movie. watch it for what it is.

Subject: powder not gay, just wants to fit in
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000
From: john

labeling the powder character as a gay christ might be premature. the chapter in which powder (Sean Patrick Flanery) is distracted from once and for all leaving the institution in which he has been placed, does not portray the character in that light. in fact, the film goes to quite some lengths to make sure that the sequence of scenes around the basketball game in the gym should not interpreted by the viewer as to see powder a blossoming gay. On the contrary, story writer extraordinaire Victor Salva, intends that the viewer should see past powder's super human inteligence/power/insight/etc to his isolation and need to be accepted as seen by the character's search and desire for a common social identity. the whole point of powder following the noise, of the other boys playing basketball, into the gym was to show that no matter how intellegent powder was and how much more developed an intelect he had, he was still human. he still needed the social connection with his like peers, to be similar, to be accepted; and he, in this sequence of scenes was seeking this out. (this is also similar for the lunch room encounter in which compassion is shared between powder and his science instructor (Jeff Goldblum)) first, the camera's slow pan down from the hands above the head (as the camera/movie viewer is the first person -powder) which then focusses on sky's head with long, brown hair, shows something powder does not have but evidently wishes he did. the camera does not take sky's body in, but his skin tone, color, something powder wishes he also had. finally, the camera ends it's focus on sky's axillary hair. not that i would know, but these limited views do not suggest homosexual desire but powder's need for social identity and belonging. powder thinks that he could fit in if he only had hair and skin color, then the others would accept him. the movie is trying to show that no matter how much one is intellegent or above everyone else, that the leveling field is that every human is a social animal who has human needs which not even super human conditions can replace. furthermore, the main antagonist, john, blatantly calls powder a "peeping tom faggot". this is too obvious for the subtlety of the director who has been slowly developing powder's character in the film; but it is perfect for the in-your-face personality portrayed by john. throughout the whole film, john had incorrectly summed powder up. staying true to his bully-type profile, john takes pleasure in assassinating powder's character by calling him a gay (common character defamation tactict); once again, john is wrong. the story shows that john is wrong by having john do a 180 degree turn around; john is about to understand why powder was looking at the player, sky. thirdly, outside the gym, john baptizes powder in the muddy water. this confirms what powder was looking at, sky's skin color. john was mockingly giving powder what he thought powder wanted, skin color. but, in line with the comparison to Christ, in the end powder did not want skin color (earthly power and throne), he wanted to be accepted. pushing powder in the color-giving muddy water only confirms that powder was looking at sky's skin and not checking out his body by some homosexual drive. finally, and most importantly, john with his in-your-face attitude just inches away from powder (not something a gotta be seen as straight, leader of the pack would do) says, "you really think you can be like us, is that what you think freak show". again, this is the story writer's way of showing that the viewer should not confuse powder's desire of being accepted with homosexual tendencies. john's line is very inconsistent (180 degree turn) with his prior accusation that powder is a "peeping tom faggot". and that is exactly what the story writer/director (Victor Salva) intended. think of the movie always putting the boys together, and powder -desiring to be let in- on the outside looking in: playing football and basketball, eating in the lunch room, on the campout. rather than portraying powder as homosexual, the gym/bathroom scene in which powder is looking at sky's skin tone and body hair acknowledges that the i.q. and intelect-supperior powder as still a human being an equal part of the race, one who contrary to his own opinon does "need friends" (scene with Jeff Goldblum in empty lunch room) and just as everyone else, enjoys the need to feel accepted through the desire for common identity. on the side, good acting by Sean Flanery. not bad for the young indiana jones.

Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2000
From: Chan

Hi; I'm vyee from Malaysia. Being a Chinese; staying in a country where Islam is the official religion; studied in a Convent school for most of my life and being a Buddist myself; I have the chance of appreciating different religion than most people.

I cried during most part of the show because it strike a chord deep down. I've found the show has more Buddhism than christianity connection in it. As Buddhism emphasis a lot on compassions not only to human being but to all kind of living creature as well. Buddism also emphasis energy transform (reincarnation, reciprocation), and how an enlightened one can understand everything in the world (ability to use 100% of the brain). I cried also because i see how most ignorant mortal behaves. Rejecting, humiliating or killing others that is greater or better than them; only to proof that they are more superior and in control. I see the show as how an unknown/unfamous Great Being will be treated in an unhumble society; whether that Great Being a Jesus, a messenger or a Buddha.

My response: I agree. There is something very profound about the Christ story. It truly transcends all religious and cultural boundaries. I am curious to know what you think of Christ. I understand there are many connections between the Buddha and the Christ. Have you found this to be true? I invite your response, after all, its not everyday I have the wonderful opportunity to correspond with a Buddhist in a Islamic country that knows about Jesus. This is a rare treat for me. May the Great Being's richest blessings be on you.

Subject: Hello and Namaste
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999
From: Namaste, Jon Skoglund

I happen to agree with you observation about the genuine spiritual evolution of the man called powder. It hold many classic aspects of many mythic hero and Christ figure symbologies. Although I see a more Buddhist connection than a Christian one. But that difference is really unimportant. Love was the core message. Love above all conditions and limitations and yet still being human. Perhaps it is our own hang-ups, fears and judgments on parts of the story and characters that gets in the way of seeing this. As far as the universal spiritual principles are concerned, they are not new. But, we humans have a habit of killing or defaming our greatest teachers and out of guilt build religions to honor them. Bad habit. We just meed to learn to let go and love. The message is more important then the messenger. Someone once said to me that you don't have to be perfect to see and speak of perfection. Besides perfection is relative. Thanks for putting up this site.

Namaste, Jon Skoglund

October 27, 1999
Powder is a wonderful movie. I do not find the movie to have anything to do with organized religion as is suggested by some of the the commentors. Of course anything metaphysical will have a Christ correlation, but Christ was a metaphysician, or if you choose to believe, the Son of God. Powder, in this movie, represented the potential of human beings if they achieve their earthly potential. That is what Jesus taught, but I do not believe this film was meant to depict Powder as God. Anyone who has studied metaphysics should agree that what Powder depicts is the God-like quality that we all, as human beings, are capable of achieving if we become one with the Universe. The channeling of Universal Energy coupled with the practice of the Spiritual principles set forth by Jesus, as well as other metaphysicians, in its perfect form, would allow us to achieve the level of awareness that Powder possesses. We are all One, beings of the Universe, and the movie quite simply portrays one individual having experienced an accident, which allowed him to achieve a Divine state. As for the comment that the movie depicts a "Gay Jesus," I can only feel sorry for the homophobe who cannot grasp the deep beauty of the movie, which tells us that we are capable of so much more humanity than we presently do.

     It is interesting to see how much we transform God into our own image. In certain pieces of Mexican religious art, for instance, Jesus is draped in the  red white and green of the Mexican flag. The western version of Jesus--the long haired bearded hippie Jesus--is markedly Anglo, while the true Christ was middle eastern. Etceteras. We would all feel much more comfortable if God were more like ourselves, so we adjust him to fit ourselves. Instead of the other way around. This is so in the film Powder. The protagonist is obviously a meld of writer/director Victor Salva and Christ. The biggest indicator of this is the not so latent homosexuality found in Powder. Watching the scene where Jeff Goldblum first touches Powder I couldn't help but imagine the scene to be similar to another incident in Salva's life, perhaps in his childhood, or more aptly in his adult life as well. It is said that every character a writer creates is just a fraction of his/herself, and in this scene Salva was both the student and the teacher. The other, more out of place, incident of homosexuality was in the long look at a boy showering. Where did that come from? I was all ready to write off the scene between Goldblum and Powder as a little sensitive, but after the shower scene...G. A. Y.
     Not only did Salva create a gay Christ, but he also twisted the concept  of salvation--which is another symptom of this tendency to mold God into our own image: we like our own plan for how the universe works, thank you very much. Unlike Christ who talked of a real spiritual death for those who denied him, Powder preached a gospel of vague transcendental nirvana for all, and it tickles too!. Ultimately I think the movie was flawed by its attempt to push  transcendentalism via the guise of a Christ like figure.
-josh forbes
     p.s. This is my first time on the site, and I really like it. Keep up the good work.

July 23, 1999.
I found your comparisons of Jeremy and Jesus to be interesting, but I dont feel that they really hold water. I think if you try hard enough, you could find references to Christ in over 50% of the movies coming out of hollywood. I think Powder is a special movie, though not epic or overly though provoking. I do wish that I could meet someone like Jeremy. His unconditional love is sweet, though could be compared to a dogs love more than Christ's. Thanks for the colorful site.

My response: Even movie critic Roger Ebert saw the similarity to the Jesus story in Powder. A dog's love you say? Hmmm, let me think... ah yes! Do you know what you get if you spell dog backwards?

June 28, 1999.
I thought the film was pretty good. I watched it again straight after because I thought that there was something I must have missed. In the end it wasn't as profound as I wanted it to be, but I really loved Powder's character, who had this spirit that really moved me. Forget about all the holes in a film that some people look for - it's more worthwhile looking at what's good about it. I found myself wishing that he'd find something about the world to be impressed with and I really wanted to be his Pal and stand up for him. It was so sad...
Dick M.

June 17, 1999.
No doubt about it this movie has been my favorite for four years now, however I do not see a connection with Christ it may contain Christ like similarities, but that’s about all, any critical comments to this film for reasons such as this one do not comprehend the power this film contains. Powder was a representation of the level of humanity that we should be striving for, it also relayed the message that human beings are very cruel and most are not ready for that level of humanity. --Thank you, Paladin

Powder: A Cross between E.T and Mr. Spock
May 20, 1999.
Powder is attempt at something great, quite possibly to great. Salva aims at the stars yet it is painfully obvious that he did not get very far past his own strange views on life. This only leads to the end result of Powder, which is inevitably failure. Powder fails as a literature because it lacks the essential elements of good literature. It stays with static charters, an insipid dialogue and terrible plot progression while leaving behind its original intriguing concept. Unfortunately the film also fails on a cinematic level because of the second rate acting, revolting musical sore and directing with ridiculous special effects that result in defeat for the film as a whole.
Kat's note: I apologize to the person who sent this response; I wasn't able to put the whole comment up because of its length. It is a very well thought out, provoking comment which I want to thank him/her for.

March 30, 1999. 
I don't know where all the bad reviews are coming from. I think that if you don't like it, then you don't get it. Great job on your review, Mr. Bruce. Very thought-provoking.

I have #1 Powder site
Feb 15 1999, 
Hi, I'm Darcy. I maintain the only real fan site for Powder on the 'net - lovated at
and I must say I adore this movie. I'm not sure what the point of this page is, but it's wierd. Ok, that's all. Go visit my site please!
My responsePoint of page is pop culture from a spiritual  point a view.  Were you not aware of the connections between Powder and Jesus Christ?

Jan 19 1999,
Powder is definately my favorite movie. While I agree with some of the people that have posted responses to it, I think many people are missing the point. I'm not sure that powder was supposed to be a christlike figure at all. He represented humanity and the level of consciousness that we are trying to obtain. I'm not christian, but according to my understanding, Jesus was more a representation of God. This movie touched me so deeply because it related the connection that all humans have and that's something that I believe in strongly, and it's important that powder was able to see that even in his isolation. Also, he focused much more on his spirituality than his intellect, aspects of life that most people, including me until very recently, tend to see the other way around. I saw this movie about three years ago when it first came out, and it touched me even though I didn't realize why at the time. I just saw it for the fourth time a few minutes ago, and i think i finally understand it.

Jan 15 1999,
My name is Lynnette, personally I think the persons responsible for this movie has absolutely no imagination, why does the movie honestly have to parrallel with Christ. I think the movie which was played by sean Penn, I think it was called last man standing (im not sure) had more a Christ like "impact". I am a Christian and I dont mean your Oh! so Holy Christian, who goes to church Christmas's and Easter's. Christ is a part of who I am. I dont appreciate God being compared, because their is no man alive or dead for that matter that can even come close to Jesus, He was without sin and he died without sin. Please dont tell me Powder was without sin. Anyway the main difference is, Christ was a reality He bled and died for you. Powder is a story made up by somebody who obviously read the bible but didnt look for christ. TRY AGAIN......

My name is Evan. I enjoyed this movie, but I saw the Buddha in Powder much more than Jesus. As a matter of fact, I think that the parallells with Jesus actually only reduce Jesus to another Buddha. Jesus was much more than just a purely spiritual being who was too naive to handle the real world, and whose uniqueness and abilities brought hostility on him. Jesus' claims for himself were very radical, and he made them knowing that it would bring crucifixion on him. It is interesting to compare the gospels to this movie, but the distinctions must be clear.

David, (My favorite film is) Powder by Victor Salva.

Thank you Mary. I appreciate your response. Why do you like Powder? Do you like a few others?  God bless you, David Bruce.

Thank you for your acknowledgement. This movie touched me with it's message and  it's artfull direction. Normally, I am not that moved by a movie, however, the basic philosophical message coincided so much with my beliefs in the interconnection of all via energy that I looked for the writer and noticed that the writer and director were the same. This heightened my interest. I wanted to know more about Victor Salva and so I searched his name on the net and that's how I found you. I also found several negative comments about Mr. Salva, which were concerning. I had to ask myself how could someone so insightful to the universal principles have written this sensitive story with such talented direction and have such a black mark himself as a child molester. When I found your sight and your comments on the movie your visions added further support to my original impressions. I am an avid reader of spiritual materials and in a metaphysical way the movie theme reinforced my beliefs concerning energy and the unity of all.  I am not a big movie buff, but regardless of Salva's personal worldly issues his portrayal of logical spiritual/scientific principles sends an informative message. It is sad that his social dark mark has served to blacken the important message that this movie represents. I compliment you on your insightful review and agree with your observance that spiritual messages are surfacing at a much needed time. There are only two other movies that have touched me and I am not sure of the titles. I think one was "Far and Away" were in the end ( Tom Crews??) dies and the camera pans to the sky showing the spirit rising, and the camera pans back down showing the spirit choosing to return to the body. I also thought the "Preacher's Wife" had value.
Thanks! GBY

It is sad about Salva. Sometimes in darkness light can shine. Saint Paul was the spiritual genius who said "the evil I don't want to do, I do, and the good I would do, I don't." He, too, was perplexed over his own personal evil and called himself "the chiefest of sinners." But he also knew that no one is beyond the grace and redemptive power of God. This is the message of Powder. The film is the cry of Salva from the depths of his soul for all the world to see and hear. There is light even in the darkest night of soul.

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