Several people told me about this film. "It's about the book of Revelation," I was told. But, in truth, there is not much of Revelation in it. Instead, it's about the life giving nature of hope.
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By David Bruce
David Bruce
The year is 2013. 
One man walked off the horizon
and hope came with him.

Roger Ebert says:
"Costner frankly sees the Postman as a messiah."

The Postman: Kevin Costner,
Bethlehem: Will Patton,
Ford Lincoln Mercury: Larenz Tate,
Abby: Olivia Williams,
Idaho: James Russo,
Mayor: Tom Petty.
Directed by Kevin Costner.
Written by Eric Roth and Brian Helgeland.
Running time: 177 minutes.
Rated R (for violence, nudity and some sexuality).
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The movie is set in the year 2013, after a war has
devastated America. Costner plays the title character, who becomes the reluctant leader of the fight against the forces of destruction. This is the same basic story that Costner did in "Dances With Wolves'' (1990) and the futuristic fantasy "Waterworld'' (1995). The Postman combines them, in the post-Apocalyptic future. It's like "Waterworld,'' but looks and feels like a Western. He even dresses like Clint Eastwood in the famous dustcoat.

The Postman (the Christ figure) is a teller of stories who brings hope. And, Bethlehem is the Antichrist figure who brings death and destruction.

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Bethlehem even brands his captives with his mark. In the Bible the mark of the Antichrist is 666. In this film it is 888. He wants to take over his area of the world through domination and terror. He wears red -the color of communism. In one scene he has his forced slaves making red cloth. Echoes of Communist China here. The Postman, conversely, is often pictured with the American flag of the "Restored United States," the symbol of democracy.
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The film promotes the positive aspects of the human community. An idea is more powerful than guns.  Hope is more motivating than terror. Good News is more welcomed than bad news. People tend to be a part of constructive feel-good causes not destructive causes.
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The film is also an excellent retelling of how Christianity, in its best form, continues to spread so quickly throughout the world. There are always martyrs, but killing good guys who bring good news only fuels the fires of righteousness. This film is also about the triumph of democracy thought out the world and the fall of dictatorships like Hitler's.
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It is also a statement about war. Why don't the leaders duke it out instead of sending millions of soldiers to die? And that is what the Postman and Bethlehem do at the end of the film. Guess who wins? Right is always right. Hope restored is life restored.

From Collier Ward: I was looking for reviews of "the Postman" and found your site. I immediately bookmarked it! As a Christian who is also an architect, (some time) artist and (would be) writer, I'm pleased to find a site that looks at movies/art/culture from a Christian perspective. Keep up the good work!

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