David BruceThe kids love Pokemon. There were long lines when it opened. There are lots of connections to biblical themes, too. Including the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Parents can use this film to discuss spiritual truth with their children.
-Review by David Bruce
Mewtwo Strikes Back (1999)

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Son Jonathan (10) says, "I liked it, but it could have been better." Pokemon is all the rage with his friends -at least for now (Nov. 1999)

Directed by Michael Haigney
Kunohiko Yuyama
Writing credits: Norman J. Grossfeld(English version)
Takeshi Shul

Veronica Taylor as Ash Ketchum
Racheal Lillis as Misty/Jessie of Team Rocket
Eric Stuart as Brock Harrison/James of Team Rocket
Ikue Ootani as Pikachu
Philip Bartlett
Addie Blaustein
MPAA: Rated G.

Pokémon, the worldwide phenomenon which began as a hand-held video game and virtually exploded across the globe in every form from trading cards to the number one rated television kids' show on the Kids' WB!, hits the big screen with an exciting adventure about the greatest Pokémon battle yet.     

"Pokémon: The First Movie" follows Ash and Pikachu and their pals to a remote island where they are lured into a massive Pokémon battle which will take all their courage and skill. In the ultimate showdown on New Island, the rare and legendary Pokémon Mew must do battle with the bio-engineered Mewtwo, a master trainer and the world's most powerful Pokémon.

Bulletin Board:

I have been receiving e-mail from several people who believe that Pokemon is a satanic plot to subvert children.
What do think?

Subject: Pokemon
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002
From: Marilyn

David Bruce try to be guided by the Holy Spirit. You know the bible says" My people perish for lack of knowledge". Don't be infiltrating the minds of christians with trash. Watch out, for we live under the grace. God has his Holy Spirit ruling right now and it is because of that, that his wrath has not fallen on earth. Be very careful of what your saying and doing. DON'T PLAY WITH GOD YOU"LL REGRET IT. The only thing Disney promotes is PORNOGRAPHY, LESBIANISM. HOMOSEXUALITY AND WITHCRAFT. THAT FACT WILL NEVER CHANGE. IF YOU WOULD TRULY ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT HE WOULD GUIDE YOU AND OPEN YOUR BLIND EYES.

Response: Nonsense. But, thanks for caring enough to write. -David

Subject: Pokemon
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002
From: The Bucket Mouse

I have seen both the English and Japanese versions of this movie, and the Japanese version goes much deeper. At one point, Mewtwo is upset and confused at not being created by either a mother or father, or even God. a translation is this: "Who did this? My mother? My father?" and the scientist told him no, and so he asks, "Then was it God? Did God create me?". When the scientist replies "Only two things exist that can create another life form: Man and God", Mewtwo is enraged and destroys the lab. There is, believe it or not, a 'prequel', released only on video in Japan, where Mewtwo is a kitten in a labratory with a human clone as his friend. I'd go into that, but it's too long. Anyway, at one point, baby Mewtwo and Aitwo (The girl clone) are gazing at the stars and Mewtwo asks "Ai, who made you, and me, if we have no Mother and Father?" And Aitwo responds, "I am not sure...can it be...God?" So basically, though they were afraid to raise contraversy like they have so often in the past and say it here, PokéMon does try to make good points, like the fact that playing God should not be attempted by scientists...don'tcha just love my precious Nintendo? ^- ~
~Nyaasu, cutest PokéMon trainer around!

/_\ /_\

In a realm beyond sight,
The sky shines gold, not blue,
There the Triforce's might
Makes mortal dreams come true.

Subject: Pokemon
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001
From: Rose

I am from Bermuda and my grandson loves to watch Pokemon movies. His mother and I just rededicated our lives and one of our neighbours said she did not allow her children to watch Pokemon because it was satanic. However she has not been able to satisfy us by backing this statement up spiritually. Could you please provide some insight for me. Thank you

Response: I do not know what to tell you. Pokemon is not satanic. It will do no harm. Pokemon is like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. No difference.-David

Subject: Pokemon
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001
From: Pokemon Fan

( okay this is for people who think pokemon is evil oh and feel free to put my e-mail on your site "")
For you people who think pokemon is bad have no clue what pokemon is about! It's about Friendship, trust, winning, and losing! In the episode "A Friend In Deed" ash had lost a battle in the pokemon league and so did his friend "Richie" and when they lost they really weren't all that sad cause hey learned from losing and that teaches kids that you can always learn from losing and another thing is I herd that people are getting really mad about the whole "Evolving" thing what the big deal? We evolved! it's not like we came out like we are today! We didn't look so perfect back then, now did we? So we evolved into what we are today! Oh and the battling is what is getting peoples attention now ah days. Okay the thing with battling on pokemon is it's just a little sport, like wrestling and baseball! Pokemon also teaches you to believe in your self and care for others! In the pokemon 200 movie! TeamRocket ( bad guys ) cared about the ash and the earth! even though hey were enemies hey cared! I hope from what you read here changed your image about pokemon, even if you herd stories like "hey kill each other" ( yes pokemon can die, but no these no blood or dieting in pokemon) and in the pokemon movie "Mewtwo strikes back" Pikachu the little yellow mouse says "NO" to fighting and when that clone pikachu kept on hitting and pushing pikachu didnt do a thing! When that clone pikachu started to cry and and fell over Pikachu caught it! and cared about it! It teaches you to not fight! I hope you will all watch pokemon and see what I mean!
From, Pokemon Fan

Subject: Pokemon
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001
From: Raichu

Hiya im a TRUE pokemon fan, NOT a kiddy kid thingy who says pokemon is cool hehehehe..................uh no. I love your style ^_~ and how you talk about pokemon. Why talk bad about pokemon when there is digimon ( Digital monsters ) ewwwwwwwww just sayin the name freaks me out >_<. Anyhoo This is a cool web page site thingy ^_^. Buh Bye o^.^o ( pikachu, raichu, pichu) who ever u want it to be i perfere
Raichu. ( sorry for my typos ~_~ )

Date: Sat, 26 May 2001
From: "Jose"

I hope this comment is not annoyed all of you. Pokemon like everyone has been talking about or if it has anything to do with evil. And know Teletubbies are also get bad comments like Pokemon. I don't think Pokemon is from evil is true because if children like to collect pokemon's stuff and even have to fight to get what they want its natural. I know that because I've been like that too. It also need parents attention with a good attention from parents they won't be like that. A good relationship between family is really important to build the children. I think the most important thing is from the family especially parents to teach their kids what's the good things or the bad things means what they can do or can't do that.

Date: Mon, 07 May 2001
From: Becki

Hi, my name is Becki, a 12 year old UK Pokémon fan. (Yes, a true fan, not just one of those kiddy-fad followers.) =D I've got to say, that you really are a true Christian. Most every Christian website with articles about Pokémon on them proclaim is as satanic and evil. But, then I find your article, and I see that you see the true good in Pokémon!

I really love your kind, mature and spiritual approach to Pokémon, and the movie. (Could you do reviews for the others? I'd love that!) Anyway, all the best wishes for your future(and the success of your website)!!!
~ Love, Becki

By the way, could you email Lisa, who sent the email under the topic 'POKEMON SAVED MY LIFE' and ask her if I may have her email address / AIM / MSN username??? I would love to get in touch with her! Thank you so much!

Response: I do not have her e-mail any more. But I will save yours. It she reads this and emails me her email I will put the two of you in touch.

Subject: Pokemon
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001
From: Kenny

everyone , calm down. God isn't real.

Subject: Pokemon
Date: 21 Mar 2001
From: "Tracy Sprouse"

I discovered this site just today doing browsing on another movie and I happened to stumble across this lively, if dated debate on the first Pokemon movie.

What I've noticed is that throughout the debate, a key ingredient seems to be missing in the formula of Pokemon: Good or Evil. That key is the fact that Pokemon, like any other mass media production, is an artistic work built to convey the idea of its creator to its audiences. Some movies to this very well, and we get the point immediately. Others are blurred in to what their intent is. Even if we get the message the first time around, our own experiences as physical human beings and as spiritual beings also imply their own meanings in to the artistic work: Not only do we not know the intent of the maker of the production, but we are creators of our own meanings regarding the images we see and the sounds that we hear. Throw in a nest of critics? You have others telling you what to believe about the production as well and it becomes a rather confused mess.

From the perspective as an artist that has had work critiqued in formal settings, unless I explicitly state what my intent was, I will get many interpretations of some object I have created, even incorrect ones.

That is a serious problem when determining whether a film is good or evil. It can also be a tool for Christian parents, sometimes isolation is not the key, but interpretation. Sit with your kids and watch the movie, associate the images on the screen with moral truths, reinforce those truths and ingrain them in the mind of your child. As a parent also be responsible enough to not let your children see something that is surely intended as sacreligious or evil. While images can be a powerful conveyor of images and ideas, to a child, having the full and undivided attention of their parents is perhaps far far more valuable...with enough of that perhaps television and the movies would become something less of a concern in the battle of good versus evil, the priority being keeping the family on a Christly road.

My mother is a minister. I will sit with her in the theaters and watch movies that would normally be called "sinfests" and then discuss them logically from the Christian standpoint, much like Mr. Bruce tries to do here (My hat is off to you fine gentleman.) We've found that while Hollywood does have a very long way to go and the mass media has a lot to answer for, sometimes God will work through the S--- and give you a piece of gold. That is the beauty of God's love, he can teach his children no matter the circumstances, provided they are seeking his divine will.

Of course, that is no excuse to go see every rated R movie that comes out on the shelves, discretion is still advised (don't get in to something you know for certain is wrong) but remembering that God created parents to raise the kids, not television or the cinema, will allow much more freedom from the everyday worries of life. I'd rather worry about more imporant things and have the faith that God is powerful enough to make your message as parents to your children far more meaningful than that of some artisian on the other side of the world that you have personally never spoken to. After all, God is the master artisian, we all interpret his work differently, but his intent has always been the same.

Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001
From: addido

your free to post this ^_^ ;)

I just wanna say that pokemon is like god is like having having a friend that has awsome powers like when Jesus made a storm stop when he was on a ship then every one on bord was afraid of drowning then one of the crew members called to Jesus saying to do something to stop the storm and jesus then made the storm dissapear just like in the movie when mewtwo made a thunderstorm appear out of nowhere and how like when Jesus came back on the 3 day from being dead or i think being resurackted (sorry for the spelling) then in pokemon i think geodude helped brock and misty with squirtle and pikachu to get ash and team rocket out of the cave that aourodactile was slepping in and im just saying that pokemon teaches us to make friendship with others but i guess many people don't think that pokemon is good well thanks for your time
your website is cool too.^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001
From: Jerint

Heh...yep, I'm a Mewtwo Fanatic. After reading your review of MSB (Mewtwo Strikes Back), I was glad to find ONE christian site that didn't totally trash the movie. I'm so happy. ^___^ BUT - and I'm not really blaming you, because Kids WB are satanic (in MY eyes) - Mewtwo is not supposed to be evil.

I'll try to explain it as best as I can. About a month before MSB came to Japanese theaters, a small, one hour Radio Broadcast was aired; called "The Birth of Mewtwo". It told the story of baby Mewtwo, and how the Scientist (Dr. Fuigi, though his name's not given in the American version) really was creating clones so that he could bring his daughter back to life. She was hit by a car at age 8, and scince then Fuigi has been trying desperatly to recreate her. Sakaki (Giovanni, head of Team Rocket) agreed to help, but only if they took Mew DNA (an ancient and powerful Pokemon) and made another, better Mew.

Anyway, AiTwo (Dr. Fuigi's Daughter) and Mewtwo contact eachother through their tubes, and Ai teaches him about the outside world; how to count, how to speak human, etc. But, AiTwo dies. Now, this part is really sad, 'cause Mewtwo starts crying, and he doesn't know what Tears are, and just the way he says it is heartbreaking. ^__^;; Anyway, up to when Mewtwo is born.... Fuigi tells Mewtwo that he's from Mew, etc. But then Mewtwo asks if Mew is his father or mother. Fuigi says that's mew's neither. So then Mewtwo says (and I'm so MAD that they didn't include this), "If it's not Mother, and it's not Father, then is it God? Am I here because of the will of God??" But Fuigi just says that this is the greatest achievment in human history. "I'm not here because of God... only because of humans... then what is my worth?"

And THAT, ladies and Gentlemen, is the TRUE story of Mewtwo. Not the mamby-pamby Americanized one (no offense). Mewtwo was angry that he had no worth, and that's what drove him to prove his own worth. "This is not a decleration of war; rather, it is revenge against those who created me!!!" You should see the Japanese version sometime, because it has alot more moral, and they don't conflict at all (unlike the American Version).

Mewtwo rules! Muwahaahaaa

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001
From: "David"

As a result of recent concerns about . I am brought to the conclusion that satan certainly is at work and exerting great influence in provoking some Christians to take on a vendetta which makes them, and by association all Christians, appear ridiculous and stupidly fanatical.
God bless, David

Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001
From: "Bill

I've seen a lot of sick things. I've seen people blame great fun games like Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire the Masquerade for sick murder cases. Those murders were commited by players of these games, but those people were demented. 98% of players are resposible and sane enough to know that it is just a game with the goal of having fun. I've seen people call these games Occult starting. They're not. But now, these people have moved the PokeMon???? What is this world coming to? Pokemon is a marketing scam to suck parents dry of their money so little kids can have six version of the same game. IT DOES NOT LEAD TO SATANISM! I laugh at the thought! It's Pokemon! It's creators did NOT aim to put Occultism or Satanism in SEVEN YEAR OLDS! Seven year olds don't even know what it is! It is rediculous to accuse Pokemon!

Please post my email address ( If you disagree with me, please email me and we can talk about it, because this is a more generic issue than it seems and has been bothering me for a long time. I want to step in and help settle it.

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