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David BruceLaughter is the best medicine. You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee, you will win no matter what the outcome.
--Review by David Bruce
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Laughter is the best medicine.
Robin Williams, Monica Potter, Daniel London, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bob Gunton.
Director: Tom Shadyac. Producers: Mike Farrell, Barry Kemp, Marvin Minoff, Charles Newirth. Screenplay: Steve Oedekerk based on the book "Gesundheit: Good Health Is a Laughing Matter" by Hunter Doherty Adams & Maureen Mylander. Cinematography: Phedon Papamichael. Music: Marc Shaiman.
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Patch Adams © 1998 Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

Subject: Gesundheit is still in operation
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000
From: "caz repton"

I was just reading what some people asked about whether the Gesundheit was still in operation. IT IS!!!! If you go to you'll find all the info on the hospital and how you can help. From Tom (Please post this mail)

Subject: The Gesundheit is still in operation
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000
From: Tom

I was reading some of the comments and noticed that some people wanted to know if the hospital was still in operation and whether they could get involved. IT IS still in operation - you go to you can find out about it and how to get involved.
From Tom

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000

I can still watch this movie and still enjoy it

Subject: comments
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000
From: Nena

I just watched Patch Adams on Primestar and I cried with joy, laughter and wishing we had more Patch's in our world of MEDICINE!!! No one ever seems happy in medicine and are so gloomy. If I want to get sicker or die, I would go to the hospital. When my sons who are in their twenties tell me this is a great film, I know it truly is. Hooray for Patch and Gesundheit!! thanks for the film,


Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999
From: Margaret

I have watched the movie dozens of times, and it has transformed my life!! I am a Christian, and I completely disagree with the comments made that it is about "reincarnation." The butterfly simply represents Monica telling Patch that it is ok for him to continue with his dream to help the sick. Anyone who has known a close friend who has died, knows that God DOES allow the person to send us signs during life's critical moments. Patch was going to kill himself and God sent a sign, that's all.
I would like to know if the Gesundheit Hospital is in operation now, and if it is possible for someone like me to become involved. Every time I watch that movie, I feel like THAT is where I want to be, to be able to help people.
Thankyou... Margaret

My response: I don't know. Perhaps someone reading this may have some info.

I don't get it. How can any bible believing christian want to show this movie as witnessing tool. I don't care what language was used! According to the movie, Patch's desire to help people is lost when his girlfriend is killed by a lunatic. His desire is rejuvenated when he sees a butterfly land on his shirt then fly away. As a little girl, it was Connie's desire to become a butterfly so she could get away from the abuse she was experiencing, as she shared with us on the steps of the make-shift hospital. The movie clearly portrays re-incarnation. Biblical? I don't think so!!! If christians are giving this movie good reports with the knowledge of the message of reincarnation within the movie, God help us who want to witness to the lost for Jesus Christ! I can only hope that the real Dr. Hunter Adams does not believe in re-incarnation, but believes in the one and only Jesus Christ who died as Jesus Christ and resurrected from the dead as the same Jesus Christ.
God Bless
My response: So what if it were about reincarnation. Does that end conversation and dialogue? Rob, the butterfly was not Connie reincarnated. It was a reminder of Connie. The film is not about people becoming literal butterflies in the next life. My goodness no. The butterfly was also a symbol of the metaprophosis the good doctor was going through. Don't throw the baby out with the dirty bath water. Do you understand? No story will ever totally match your idea of truth. It's about dialogue, and conversation. Not about throwing stones.

Feb 1 1999, This film makes me feel like another person when I loked at it.... I was feeling like I wanna change world opinion an acting... Sorry for my english I speak french... I'm at the University at Montreal and I have a big project to do and I chose the subject traditional medecine vs Patch Adams theory... So I hope everybody feels like me... Excellent movie.... --Kathleen

Jan. 31 1999, Today my daughter and I went and viewed Patch Adams. We enjoyed the movie immensly. I am in the medical field and feel that the world would benifit greatly from the philosophy of Adams. The only other movie I can recall being as astutely accurate in picking out the need for more humanism in the medical field is the movie "The Doctor" in which John Hurt? I believe played the doctor in a busy practice who had his lifestyle jarred by the presence of a lesion on his vocal chords. Elizabeth Perkins also in the movie played a wonderful role in the dying patient, and in teaching the cocky Dr. about how life and patients, should and need to be treated.... as individuals, with "names." --Donna

Jan 30 1999, I felt it was a true loving, caring and about putting laughter into everyones lives. People need to know the people they are working with, for or on, to help the stress of the job and be able to relate to the subjects

Jan 30 1999-A great movie that everyone should watch.Wonderful storyline with great messages to every human.We really need more Patch Adams on this earth. -Thini

Jan 24 1999, I went to see Patch Adams last night with my husband, daughter, and son. We laughed and we cried. It is an excellent movie. A must see for everyone. Look beyond the little bit of language and you may learn something. This movie is a lesson for all of us. Will buy it when it comes out on video, so we can watch it over and over again. My daughter and I are Christians. I will read the book

Jan 24 1999, Hi - I just saw the movie with my husband and another couple. I was the one in the crowd who said "lets not see Patch Adams, I heard it got terrible reviews". Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised at this wonderful adaptation of a surprising man. Surprising my views of him changed throughout the movie. I must read the book now and see how much of the movie was truly experienced by this man. If the love of his life was taken away as Carin was in the movie - it can only be described as devastating. YOU GO PATCH!!! We need more people on this earth like you. - SUE A.

Jan 19 1999, Went to Patch Adams last night. This was a great movie that makes you think about how you should treat your fellow man. Anyone who would complain about the sexual inuendos and the language sure must not get out much or isn't living in the real world! These same people probably complained about the sex in TITANIC and missed the movie! You go to some of the action movies, that's all there is! Get over it! Learn from what the movie is actually all about. I would recommend that all doctors and Health Boards, (especially the Administrators) should see this movie. --Peter/Saskatchewan/Canada

Jan 18 1999, The movie was original in that it addressed ideas and issues in life that most all of us overlook. It takes only one person to see what is overlooked and bring those things to our attention. Patch Adams is such a person, and the cast/crew of the movie did a marvelous job of conveying the compassion and power held within the story. For those of you who complain about the language/nudity, it's all a part of being appealing to the realities of the world we all live in so that the audience can better relate to the movie. In short, don't be so naive.

Jan 18 1999, I truly was touched by this movie. I felt it opens our eyes to see that there are flowers to be smelled and that even though you can not get rid of your problems we can put them aside for just a moment to expeirence LIFE.

I have spent 29 years in the medical field as a paramedic dealing with lifes tragedies.Humour has helped us to do this job. Well done on this movie, a must see for all medical staff.

Jan 10 1999, Here is a sad reality...Life is not G-rated.

Jan 10 1999, As a child, 12, I have been really touched by this movie and I want to become my generation's Patch.

Jan 10 1999, This movie was wonderful. Last year, I spent most of my time caring for my terminally ill mother (she had cancer). Four months before she died, we switched doctors. Her original doctor basically treated the disease (with heavy doses of chemo). She was miserable. Her new doctor's first question was "of all your symptoms, what would you want taken away?" (Underlying question: How can we improve your quality of life?). Her answer prompted him to stop the chemo. We knew the alternative. This doctor had compassion; he helped us to realize she was terminally ill; and allowed my mother to die with dignity and grace. The last five days of her life were spent with her immediate family...talking, sometimes laughing, reminiscing, LOVING. I hardly left her bedside; I have no regrets. She lived a wonderful life and at the end, she passed peacefully onto heaven. It was very difficult to let her go, but I truly believe she's with the angels and saints. Her compassionate doctors, not the "research hungry" doctors, gave my mother and her family a wonderful gift that I will never forget. This movie reinforces the importance of a dying PERSON's desire for QUALITY OF LIFE.

Jan 09 1999, Wonderful Story,Wonderful cast,wonderful comedy and drama. Terrible language and nudity. Why,why,why...Hollywood ,Why do you want to influence our youth to be vulgar and see the human sex organs as a useful way to make funny clips and money? Why not to keep it as sacred and respected the way God want it to be ? Why tempting God in disrespecting his plan? --Susan

Jan 09 1999, I took my Wife and two daughters to this movie. We laughed and cried together as a family. The language and nasty jokes were a bit much but could be overlooked because of the great job done on the acting and script. My daughters are 23 and 28--Terry

Jan 09 1999, Just took my family to see "Patch Adams" and I feel it was a wonderful movie. My son whom has always marched to a different drummer loved it especially. You see he has a learning disability and uses laughter to get past all the hard times in school and the comments from fellow students and teachers. I could see him working for Dr. Patch at his new hospital. I loved the part in the movie about him talking to God and God answering with the butterfly.--EVELYN

Jan 08 1999, This was by far the best movie I have seen in a very long time. We need more movies like this to inspire our youth to better themselves and help their fellow man at the same time. We need to learn more of what Doctor Adams has to teach......Money is not the answer...service is.

Jan 07, 1999, The best movie about medicine I have seen. I wish all of us could learn to deal with people rather than problems. See past the question, past the answer, See the solution. Vivas las 'eight fingers'!!

Jan 7, 1999. I felt this was the most moving, heartfelt, and best movie I've seen in a long long time. I want my doctors to see it. I want my pastor to see it. I am very involved with my church, (Sunday school teacher, Deacon, board member) I am a webelos leader in cub scout pack and three and a half years ago I was involved in an auto accident that left me with some real medical problems. This moving impacted me in numerous ways. It is a must see for everyone. Thanks, Michael

Jan. 6,1999. I thought this movie was excellent, I myself am a youth minister and I didn't like the language but I would show my mature youth this movie for the message that is behind it all. The part when Patch is questioning God can be such a powerful witness tool but sadly many people can't get over the fact that GOD was questioned. Look around it's happening everywhere, and the language too. We Christians miss too may opportunities to share the love of Christ because we are too busy judging and criticizing. 2 Timothy 4:2 says correct with great patience and careful instruction. The movie was great and I might have even grown spiritually by pondering the mysteries behind this movie...Thanks

Jan 4 1999. Here are my comments. I think as a nurse that I can relate to the stress of the hospital setting as well as the awsomes effect of laughter in the healing process. The movie was a wonderful example of how a heart to heart contact can heal.

Jan 1 1999. Powerful! I wish we Christians would be even half as passionate, half as loving as Patch Adams! Many Christians may be offended by some of the language and events and would miss the whole impact and thrust of the movie. I thought it was inspiring in every way and am anxious to read the book on which it is based.

Dec 31, 1998. This was the most inspiring movie I've seen in a long time. Why, I guess it touched me so, is the fact that four years ago I was in an automobile accident and the doctors I've seen during this time has been many. (Still under several doctors care.) Often I've come out of their office feeling as if I was just "a disease" rather than a human being. I think every doctor should see this movie.

The only reason I didn't rate this movie GREAT-- I am a youth minister, and I can't show it to my group because of the small amount of language. This picture would have been every bit as popular and effective by altering the language and earning a "G" rating. I just don't get it.