Mel Gibson says, "I want to show the humanity of Christ as well as the divine aspect. It's a rendering that for me is very realistic and as close as possible to what I perceive the truth to be."


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The Passion of the Christ is a film about the last twelve hours of Jesus of Nazareth's life. The film opens in the Garden of Olives (Gethsemane) where Jesus has gone to pray after the Last Supper. Jesus resists Satan's temptations. Betrayed by Judas Iscariot, Jesus is arrested and taken back to within the city walls of Jerusalem where the leaders of the Pharisees confront him with accusations of blasphemy and his trial results in a condemnation to death.

Jesus is brought before Pilate, the Roman Governor of Palestine, who listens to the accusations leveled at him by the Pharisees. Realizing he is confronting a politicial conflict, Pilate defers to King Herod in the matter. Herod returns Jesus to Pilate who gives the crowd a choice between Jesus and the criminal Barrabas. The crowd chooses to have Barabbas set free and to condemn Jesus.

Jesus is handed over to the Roman soldiers and flagellated. Unrecognizable now, he is brought back before Pilate, who presents him to the crowd as if to say "is this not enough?" It is not. Pilates washes his hands of the entire dilemma, ordering his men to do as the crowd wishes.

Jesus is presented with the cross and is ordered to carry it through the streets of Jerusalem all the way up to Golgotha. On Golgotha, Jesus is nailed to the cross and undergoes his last temptation - the fear that he has been abandoned by his Father. He overcomes his fear, looks at Mary, his Holy Mother, and makes the pronouncement which only she can fully understand, "it is accomplished." He then dies: "into Thy hands I commend my Spirit."

At the moment of his death, nature itself overturns.

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Fan Website for Mel Gibson's Icon Production Film: "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST" in English, Latine, Deutsch, Italiano, Francais, Espanol, Russian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Chinese, Greek and Croatian

Passion outreach site

Passion resource materials

More Passion promotional resources

Free materials to publicize the movie, such as posters and flyers

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Discussion and news

The Book
We're making cases (108 copies) of this book available for a suggested donation of $130.00 or more (per case) on the condition that you, your church, or your organization give them away to others free of charge and not resell them. If you can afford more it will help! If you can't afford $130.00, tell us what you can afford and we'll work with you. This donation premium offer is only good through March 5, 2004 or while our supply lasts, whichever comes first. Call us at 1-888-346-4700.

IBS Bibles with Passion Photos
To help churches reach individuals who have seen the film, IBS has created a special edition New Testament ($0.99) and Gospel of Luke ($0.40)with scenes from the movie, The Passion of the Christ. Each piece contains imagery from the movie, as well as helps to assist first-time Bible readers.

Humorous piece by Jim Watkins syndicated in newspapers
Top Ten Signs that the Star of Lethal Weapon directed The Passion of the Christ? It's a humorous piece with a very serious point to make about Mel's dramatic life change: - an unofficial movie site with a Gospel presentation by Greg Laurie. This site is being utilized by the American Tract Society for the "The Passion of the Christ" tracts. We are encouraging Christians and churches to point people to this movie site for viewing the trailer, reading about the movie, and receiving a presentation of the Gospel.

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David Bruce wrote "Who Crucified Jesus?"

Faith Highway is offering unique 30 second television Passion commercials as an outreach tool for local churches. The Standard version contains a 3 line graphic tag, and is priced at $795 for the usage license. The national average price for cable air time is $15-35 per spot because the average cable market coverage is between 30,000 and 70,000 homes! Call 1-888-OUTREACH for more information or visit their web site at
. - Resource center for Christians and churches wanting to promote The Passion of the Christ, with links to the major resources and materials available.

Discuss the Passion forums on - launching on February 25th with the movie release, will feature discussion forums for Christians and seekers to share their thoughts on the movie. Christians with experience in sharing the Gospel are encouraged to participate in the forums to answer questions from visitors curious about Jesus and Christianity.

An African-American viewpoint Charity Dell has written her reactions to the film from an African American viewpoint. She is a librarian at Plainfield Public Library in Plainfield, New Jersey.

Jewish seekers and skeptics, and everyone else, are welcome to join the discussion at Jews for Jesus. Includes an Open Letter to Mel Gibson by Susan Perlman of the Jews for Jesus staff; a section on responses from other Jewish writers and leaders; interactive poll and message board; and thoguht-provoking articles you can read and respond to.

An Australian discussion site for 'The Passion of the Christ'.

Greater Indianapolis centralized site for local opportunities to discuss these controversial 12 hrs that some call the... 'pivot point of history'.

The Passion of the Christ Movie Survey
"We’re interested in finding out what people thought about the movie, The Passion of the Christ. The survey takes most people less than 10 minutes to complete. The information collected here is for academic research purposes only. Participation is voluntary and all responses are treated as confidential and in no case will participants be identified."

Passion of the
Site supports the freedom of artistic expression and freedom of speech. Dedicated to promote and garner support for Mel Gibson's film, "The Passion". The website provides news, information on the film, the actors, and the crew, and many more of everything and the latest more than any other PASSION website.

The Major Speaks -I blog therefore I am
Review with hundreds of interactions

Good News for Israel

This site reviews and analyzes the main issues and controversies surrounding Mel Gibson's new movie, 'The Passion of the Christ.' Articles and links representing differing perspectives are presented.

Making the film
There are now a number of online reviews of the PASSION by people who have actually seen the film. Their reaction is uniform - a mind-blowing narrative of enormous power. J R Whitby (Director of is typical: "It was the most gut-wrenching, emotional and life-changing two hours of my life..."

Eric Reed, Leadership Journal managing editor (a part of CT):
"Certainly, The Passion of the Christ is our greatest opportunity this year to share our faith, if we can get past the hype,"

THE NEED HIM organization write, "Our normal evangelism phone line is 888-NEED HIM, however, we have designated the 800-NEED HIM phoneline for the Passion film. We are sponsoring a ten-day market advertising campaign on Westwood One and Fox Radio to begin on February 25th. It will reach 28 million with the Gospel message and offer the 800-NEED HIM as a response."

Mission America Coalition will mobilize Christians "for prayer and invitational evangelism efforts" connected with the release of the film.

The Passion Tool Box:
A large and growing database offering multi-lingual, multi-format Christian resources to share faith in Christ as it relates to the Mel Gibson movie "The Passion." These resources are provided by top evangelical organizations worldwide.

The is produced and published by The Truthmedia Network
Christian Club passion materials.

WorldLINC Who is Jesus?
Discover the Passion of Christ, what people were saying before he was born, why he died, what he said about himself, what people say today, miracles he performed, how he's influenced the world, and what this has to do with your life

Leadership U have brought together a range of scholarly articles
The Passion of The Christ: Who Is This Suffering Jewish Man?
"It is our prayer that this film will spark a deeper love in the heart of every Christian who sees it and move many others to make a personal commitment to the one who died to save them."

Youth Specialties:

Rob Williams:
Good Collection of links

Good Jesus links here:

About the Bogus Paul Harvey quote:

Radio commentator Paul Harvey composed a review of the upcoming film about the last
hours of Jesus, The Passion. Pure Urban legend.


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Article by Roy Anker overview of the ways that Hollywood has traditionally portrayed the character of Jesus Christ in film.
Art and imagery An Art Historian's View of "The Passion"
Online map
of the U.S. showing the different levels of interest in the film around the country.

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New Book: The story behind the controversy over Gibson’s film
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James Caviezel portrays Jesus Christ (Fan News site)
Photos of Monica Bellucci -Mary Magdalene (Bio)
Short Bio of Maia Morgenstern -plays Virgin Mary (photo)
Maia Morgenstern "Sunt timida, dar ma tratez" -plays Virgin Mary
New York Times Nov 12, 2002 article Requires free regitration
About the Aramaic Language that Jesus spoke -Christianiy Today
The Internet Monk comments by Michael Spencer
Cinema em Cena Italian languge movie site
Photos from the production -excellent collection of 17 photos
Le artilce "La Passion" selon Mel Gibson (French)
Matera -the location of filming photos by Donato Mola of Matera

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