This production about the coming Antichrist is hard to follow. I was hoping that it would be a better film. The subject of the AntiChrist is important, however!
David Bruce


Directed by Robert Marcarelli
Writing credits; Hollis Barton, Stephan Blinn

Casper Van Dienm as Dr. Gillen Lane
Michael York as Stone Alexander
Michael Ironside as Dominic
Catherine Oxenberg as Cassandra Barris
Gregory Wagrowski as Prophet
Michael Sean Duffy as the Evil Technician
Alec Murdockas the News Anchor

(Comments in red are mine)
     A prophetic code hidden within the Torah. A sinister plot sealed until the end of the Age. Two men caught up in an ancient supernatural struggle to determine the fate of the next millennium...
     For thousands of years, mystics and scholars alike have searched for a key to unlock the mysteries of our future. The key has been found. The end is here.
     Never before has our distant past so collided with our coming future. Never before has modern technology uncovered such profound mathematical complexities as revealed within the Bible Code
(the so-called "Bible Codes" has been proven untrue, In one study Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer was decoded with similar results). Never before has the world seen so many ancient prophecies falling into place. These deciphered "Bible Codes" could be alternative chapter titles for Hal Lindsey's book 'The Late Great Planet Earth.'
     The Omega Code grabs hold of these elements, combining recent discoveries of the Bible Code phenomenon with the edge of your seat suspense and psychological horror to weave a millennial tale of international intrigue.
     Shot on location all over the globe, and filled with cutting edge special effects, the film paints a world reshaped by the Code's treacherous web. It is a world on the brink of supernatural terror, where ancient forces of light and dark wage battle over men's souls. It is a world where the difference between truth and myth grows ever more so thin...
    Dr. Gillen Lane is a world famous motivational speaker and mythology expert who joins European Union Chairman Stone Alexander in a quest to unite the world in an era of global peace. But when a revolutionary Bible Code program falls into the wrong hands
(because nobody thinks of making a backup copy), unseen forces begin scouring the code for an even darker secret --the key to the ancient city Jerusalem. For it has been foretold in the apocalyptic books of Daniel and Revelation that he who controls Jerusalem in the last days will control the world (A view not necessarily shared by all Bibles scholars).
     As Lane becomes entrapped in the Omega Code's treacherous web of terror and deceit, he finds his world and everything he believes turned upside down and himself on the run to save all he loves from a power-crazed madman who may just be the "Beast" from the book of Revelation ...The incarnation of Satan himself.

A review (and confession) by David Bruce

I will admit it. I wanted this movie to be good. I wanted to see it as soon as it opened. But, it opened only in limited areas. And wouldn't you know it did NOT open in our area. So, I had to be satisfied by turning my television on and watching all the hype about it on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which produced the film. I will admit that I was taken in. I was led to believe that it was a well done low budget independent film. I actually got excited and I posted the studio synopsis in Hollywood Jesus and invited those who saw it to send their impressions to me, via e-mail. I was shocked by the number of negative responses that came in. It was on November 8th that I was finally able to see it during a four day visit to Los Angeles. I was with my adult son Frank and teenage daughter Kat. All three of us expected an "okay film." Instead we came out of there shaking our heads.

Kat told me it was boring and hard to understand. She was right.

Frank was disappointed. "How could it have been so bad?"

I was upset with myself for having been taken in by all the TBN hype. Nothing worked in this film. The script was bad. --It seemed to be a rewrite of Hal Lindsey's book "The Late Great Planet Earth". The movie was structured as though it were a book, with the Omega Code giving the name of each new chapter (part) of the film.

This is a film for Christians who have studied Hal Lindsey's book, "The Late Great Planet Earth." Lindsey served as Bible prophecy consultant to the film. I do not believe the average person will be able to follow the story. It is filled with complex prophetic doctrine, structure and language.

I was wondering. Why did Hal Lindsey permit the bogus Bible Code of the Torah to be used in this film? There simply is no truth to a mystical code that unlocks new understanding within the Bible! Also, as my son Frank points out, there were only Catholic and Greek Orthodox Christians in the film. There were no Protestant Christians. The film takes place after the so-called Rapture of the true church out of this world and into heaven. The film seems to exclude both the Catholic and Orthodox churches from heaven.

I wanted this film to be better than it was.

As of Jan 24 2000, after 4 months since its release, it has done just 12 million in ticket sales. Not terrific. Toy Story 2 did 80 million in its first weekend! Omega Code seems to have sold tickets mostly to church folks.


Casper Van Dien plays DR. GILLEN LANE.
wpe6A.jpg (5432 bytes)Brimming with charisma and fantastic energy, Gillen Lane is the most popular motivational speaker in the world. He has a Ph.D. in world religion and mythology from Cambridge University. His ideas about the power of myth and the collective consciousness have impacted millions of people.
     Yet, haunted by his mother's death, he has turned his back on anything resembling traditional faith. He has built a wall around his heart that no one, not even his wife or daughter can get past.

wpe6B.jpg (4836 bytes)Catherine Oxenburg plays CASSANDRA BARRIS.
Cassandra Barris has risen from the dregs of working class England to the top of her field as an international news correspondent. She also hosts her own talk show on the Alexander Satellite Network.
     Bright, no nonsense, her dry sense of humor is the jaded result of climbing up through the rungs of a cruel world she knows all too well. Always on the hunt for a great story, she possesses a natural affinity for those who are susceptible to exploitation. But deep down she too wants to be inspired to know why she's here and to make sense of misery, suffering, and the meaning of life.
wpe6C.jpg (5675 bytes)Michael Ironside plays DOMINIC.
Dominic is the type of man who makes one feel a cold draft whenever he steps into a room. Driven by a strong obsessive-compulsive psychosis, he is a former priest who has become a ruthless, power-hungry killer. Though his past is dark and hidden in mystery, his acquaintance with Stone Alexander began as a young man at a time when he felt intimidated by his divine responsibilities as a priest.
     Wanting a way out, he signed on as one of Stone's top aides. He saw in Stone someone on whom he could piggy back his way to power until the time was right to take action and seize it for himself
wpe69.jpg (6243 bytes)Michael York plays European Union Chairman STONE ALEXANDER. Stone is a natural born leader who has parlayed a small inheritance into one of the world's largest media empires, the Alexander Satellite Network.
      Recently appointed Chairman of the European Union, he has risen to power on the global political scene by letting his considerable humanitarian actions speak for themselves.
     His passion and vision for a peaceful, united world have made him beloved
by people of all nations. An aficionado of fine wine and classical music, he seems the ultimate "Renaissance Man". Yet, if one were able to withstand his considerable charms they might begin to sense a more calculated air lurking beneath the benevolent exterior.
In the early 1950's, evangelist Herbert W. Armstrong asked artist Basil Wolverton to create a series of horrifying scenes of the end of the world as we know it. Wolverton's work in horror and science fiction comics had prepared him well to execute this assignment in a unique and frightening way. These sixteen pieces represent some of Basil Wolverton's best work, done at the peak of his skill--contemporary with his finest horror/science fiction comic book work, and his early work for MAD magazine.
03famine.jpg (35346 bytes)
Wolverton's Apocalypse
Part one
07waterspout.jpg (40362 bytes)
Wolverton's Apocalypse
Part two
12fire.jpg (40273 bytes)
Wolverton's Apocalypse
Part three
Bulletin Board:

Subject: The Omega Code
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001
From: Smiley

Mr. Bruce,
I just read your review of "The Omega Code" and totally agreed with it. I was very interested in the mention you made of the Bible Code being debunked. I haven't heard anything about that but have felt that it was a matter of time before this happened. Could you give me some sources of information on this development, such as, some magazine articles or news websites. Thanks for your time and help. Susan Smiley

Response: There is no truth to the Bible Codes. Christianity Today and Biblical Review have done good articles on it. -David

Subject: The_Omega_Code
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000
From: Adele

Can't Christians write well-developed and interesting scripts with well-developed characters? Can't Christians tell a well- told story? In my opinion, not when a Christian ministry is involved. Ralph Winter, who is a Christian, has produced "Inspector Gadget", "Mighty Joe Young", and two "Star Trek" films. He also produced "X-Men", Tim Burton's upcoming "Planet of the Apes", and "Left Behind". He is working in Hollywood and has not compromised his faith or his ability to have wisdom to not get involved with lame Christianese film projects. Granted, the Lord can use anything to draw people to him as evidenced in some of the comments from people here. God can even use tracts, which I don't feel comfortable using.

The Mark IV Productions of "AThief in The Night" series in the 1970's was horrible and scared the living daylights out of me as a new believer. Besides, those production values were horrible and cheesey. I will give "The Omega Code" this, it was better than those 1970 films. But, Christians say they want to reach lost souls, use films for evangelistic purposes, but they must relate to non-believers without compromising. Here lies the necessity to pray and seek God for creativity and creative ways to do this and not our own agendas. Also, if they want to make uplifting films to entertain Christians, then they must learn to tell a good story, like "Tom Sawyer" or any of Shakespeare's plays. It does not always have to be hyper spiritual mambo jambo Christianese story. Remember, Jesus taught in parables!!! Thanks for allowing me to express my views here. I hope I don't sound too harsh and negative. This is not my heart. I am a Christian trying to make it in Hollywood. God Bless.

Subject: Late comments but I had to say something.
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000
From: "Larry Rudd"

I wandered into the movie thinking that it was the Arnold Swartzniger flick "End of Days", however, to my astonishment I found out it wasn't. The house was packed and we had to sit in the front row, I had nothing better to do (I probably should have thought harder) so I stayed. Boy was I surprised with what I saw. The movie has good instructional value for theology students on picking out the heresies. The first and biggest is the use of "secret codes" in scripture to find unknown or hidden information. This is a pure Gnostic heresy! On this count alone all those affiliated with making or remotely promoting this flick should seriously inspect themselves and hopefully repent.

As for the other Pre-millennial eschatological aspects of the movie, it seems to be assumed by everybody that this is the way things are or will be. This is not necessarily the case. I cannot promote a movie that claims to be a Christian story (even if fictionalized) that promotes a proven heresy. Therefore, I would never recommend this movie.
Thanks, Larry Rudd

Subject: Thoughts on "The Omega Code"
Date: Tue, 02 May 2000
From: Sherrie

Having been a Christian for about 18 years, I have seen many movies about the tribulation period. I thought that this movie was really good. No, you can't cram seven years of tribulation into one movie without making it roughly six hours long. However, I thought that the producers did a good job of following these main characters through the series of events that they went through. As for whether the salvation message was clear or not, I think it was very clear. The main character asked Jesus to save him! You can't get much clearer than that. Even my brother (who hates end-of-the-world-stuff) watched the entire movie!
God Bless You All, Sherrie

Subject: A Typical B-Grade Movie, No More, No Less.
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000
From: "Bob_Mozark"

If it wasn't for the Late Great Planet Earth plot this was a typical B-grade movie, no more and no less. It certainly did not rise up above the mass in any way. No. the main problem with this movie, IMO, is that it panders to those people who believe in Hal Lindsey and the others of his ilk. Millennialists make the same mistake that the majority of Jesus' followers did while he was here on Earth. Those who will not learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. Jesus repeatedly stressed that His kingdom was not of this world, but the Zealots and others wanted to see pagan Rome brought down to its knees and a renewed physical kingdom re-established in the Holy Land. Likewise with today Millennialists. They want to see the blood of Communists, Socialists, Atheists, Muslims, Cubans, the Chinese, the French -- whoever is the enemy du jour -- spilled on the sands of Megiddo. You have to be willing to give up the flesh in order to gain your spiritual inheritance. Wanting to hang on to the flesh & the world for a final and glorious 1,000 years -- no matter how spiritual your intentions-- is not in accordance with the message that Jesus preached. Bob Mozark

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000
From: Hitchplate

The rapture is nowhere found in the Bible! Rather a resurrection of the dead and the meeting of the saints, in the air with Christ at His one and only return. A side note to this is the resurrection is needed because no one is in heaven, but Jesus, Jo. 3:13, not even the patriarchs of the Bible, Heb. 11:39-40. Please read the Bible before you set yourself up as teachers.

My response: Respecting others you disagree with is a quality you should aquire. Insults are hurtful and not Christ-like. You are a beautiful human being designed by a loving God, making you someone worthy of respect. And so is everyone else, including us so called "teachers." The word "rapture" is not in the Bible -you are right. Most use the word to refer to a future Biblical event refered to as "meeting the Lord in the air." Some call the resurrection that you refer to as the rapture. Others believe in a secret rapture before the Second Coming -which you disagree with. And it is very okay to disagree. That's cool. But this does not make others less than you. In regard to heaven: You mention Hebrews 11: 39-40 which speaks of a future promise, but does not identify that as heaven. John 3:13, the other passage you refer to, is before the death on the cross when the curtain in the temple was torn in two (Mat 27:51). Because of the resurrection all believers have been "raised with up him and seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus" (Eph 2:6),. In fact, to quote the book of Hebrews, as you did, it says, "you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to innumerable angels in festal gathering..." (Heb 12:22). I believe in a spiritual sense, I am in heaven now. I am curious, would you by chance be a Jehovah's Witness or a Seventh Day Adventist? Your idea of soul-sleeping is advocated by both those truth-seeking groups. For me "to be away from the body and to at home with the Lord" (2 Cor 5:8) means that a heavenly home is promised at death, as in Rev 5:11, 7:14, Acts 7:55-56. Thank you for the challenge. I always enjoy that.

Subject: More "Secret Rapture" disputes.
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000
From: Jon Zuck

Hi, Dave!

I enjoyed browsing the comments on The Omega Code, and thank you for keeping me from wasting my time there. I've got to say I'm really with Violet (see below) on her objection to the wholesale adoption of "dispensational premillennialism" by so much of Anglo-American Christianity. For those who are interested, I've posted a significant amount of information on the subject on my own site at: .
I don't claim to have all the answers, but I've come to believe that the Bible Codes fallacy is only the tip of the iceberg of errors in prophecy-land. (Forgive the mixed metaphor!) Once again, thanks for your brilliant reviews!

---Shalom v'Tovah

Jon Zuck

Secret Rapture????
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000
From: S V

Don't give my email please. Ok, I'm not typing this letter right now to review the movie, but i'm here to question something that disturbed me while I was reading your visitor comments for this movie(good job by the way, you don't viciously judge movies like some other sites I go to). what is this woman (SECRET RAPTURE CAN DISTRACT PEOPLE FROM TRUTH by violet) talking about?? The Bible (King James Version) clearly states in Thessalonians 4:16 (15-18 state more) "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first". That perfectly states the rapture, in the Bible, proof that the supposed made-up secret rapture is not false. Also, Thessalonians 4:17 clearly states, "Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall be ever with the Lord". By the way, I'm just wondering, Bruce, ever heard of salvation, if so, are you saved? If not, what are your thoughts on salvation? God Bless and Keep the Faith.
My response. Yes I do love Jesus. Thanks for asking. It's not the rapture that is in question. It is whether or not it is secret. Will every eye see it, or not.

Subject: Hello
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000

hello David,
I enjoy your website very much because, unlike some other Christian sites I've been to, your's doesn't horribly judge and put down all movies that don't agree with Christianity. Beside all this, there is something which is strange and puzzling to me. On your Omega Code Review, on the Visitor Comments section, the second comment made by a woman named Violet entitled SECRET RAPTURE CAN DISTRACT PEOPLE FROM TRUTH is a very bizarre and confusing comment. I'm not talking about the review itself but her view on the rapture and its non-existance. I've been taught, by the Bible, that the Rapture is a very real event which will happen soon. And I have seen a mention of this in the Bible, although I do not remember where. Please explain to me what she meant by Secret Rapture and it's basic non-existance. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
My response: Violet doesn't question the rapture. Afterall, the Bible does speak of a rapture as you say. The question is: is it secret or open?

Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999
From: John
Have you reviewed this film yet? My wife and I were visiting family in Phoenix in October, watched the producer on TV hype the film, and then went to see it. We were disappointed at the "Hollywood" stretch the makers of this movie went to with Book of Revelation. Your comments would be appreciated as it hasn't come to Ontario yet, and maybe we missed something.
Great site, first time visited. Got site name from Christianity Today magazine.
God Bless.
My response: Yes, I will. Soon.

Subject: Help!
Date:Sat, 18 Dec 1999
From: Violet
New England, 1840s. A preacher named John Nelson Darby creates a theory called "dispensational premillenialism." Isn't that a great name? I love it. This is the start of the whole idea of the Rapture and Tribulation. As a possible scenario for the End Times and Jesus's return to Earth, it's fascinating to see how Darby peices everything together and interprets Biblical history. As an actual working theology, though, it's not so good. All theologies start with a story; a theology which requires a chart is bad news from the start. But for a baby theology it sure does get around. The Rapture, and so forth, are now major parts of many evangelical and fundamentalist churches. My fear is that the idea of the Rapture (believers are brought up to Heaven, non-believers, no matter how loving and gentle-hearted, don't) will distract people from the true message of the Gospels and teaching of Christ: "This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. Greater love hath no one than this, that one lay down one's life for one's friend. You are My friends, if you do what I command you." (John15:12-14); "This I command you, that you love one another." (John 15:17). Sadly enough, this seems to be true. I rarely see fundamentalists or evangelicals quote from the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John); instead, they rely on the espistles such as Corinthians or Ephesians, and especially Titus and Timothy; also, they like Revelation despite the fact that nobody really knows what it means. Well, The Omega Code reminds me of this phenomenon. Where was the story of Jesus and His teachings and His rising from the dead? Huh? Also, the film apparently ended with the Rapture. Well, the Rapture, to the best of my knowledge, is based on part of Revelation 1:7, that is, "BEHOLD, HE IS COMING
THROUGH THE CLOUDS . . ." (sorry, I'm not shouting, that's how my Bible printed it). The idea of the believers being lifted up to meet Him comes from another book completely. Where in the Bible does it say, "And those who believe in dispensational premillenialism will be lifted up into Heaven, while everybody else stays below for the Tribulation?" Nowhere really. (If you disagree with me on this, have the decency to at least make an argument for it instead of telling me I'm going to hell. Pride is a great sorrow as well as a dreadful sin.) Whereas those quotes from John are right there, I mean, they're RIGHT THERE (yes, now I'm shouting). Not only that, but they're the words of Jesus, our Lord and Savior himself. And what could possibly be more important than that? I get the feeling that for a lot of people who focus on the whole Rapture-Tribulation-etc. bit, they sort of feel like, "Okay, Jesus, thank You for dying for our sins and all, but we really don't care about anything else You say or do ever." please forgive me if I seem harsh; I'm really ranting here. But I was very surprised to think that someone would come to the Church because of The Omega Code. When did it say anything about the story of Christ at all? That's what Christianity is about, isn't it? Isn't it?
My response: I am, again, impressed by your knowledge. Few know about the history and theology of the secret rapture as you do.

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999
From: Gordon
The best spiritual films, Wings of Desire, Babette's Feast, Jesus of Montreal etc seem to have to be done by non-christians. I think the makers of "christian" anything; books, movies, and film know that no matter how crappy the product if they slap a fish on it christians, mostly well meaning and hopeful, will lap it up. Makes one wonder if the god of the christian entertainment industry isn't Mammon? It sure isn't the Muses. So unless I'm soon proven wrong I will avoid the christian arts industry like the Plague. Great website by the way!

Date: Thu, 02 Dec
From:"David Yeubanks"

Before I offer this brief, yet technical, detailed analysis of the movie The Omega Code, I will say that I have no beef with TBN, Christian Television or the idea of Christians being involved in the movie business... In fact, I think it's great that there are Christians who are willing to take some financial risks and bring Christ into an otherwise Christless industry. I just wish some Christians could actually make a good movie for once. :) I always think that if someone wants to complain about all the junk in Hollywood, then HEY do it better and give the world something to take notice of. So, let me sum up my most intimate and deep thoughts about this film... Hmmmm... Ah yes... SUCKS, LAME, BORING, A SLEEPER, WASTE OF MONEY!!!
Thank you! God bless!

Subject: A good movie and a soul winning tool.
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999
From: Bruce

I have seen this movie and it was great. It did have action in it and considering the relatively low budget the special effects were pretty good too. On top of that I got talking to somebody after the movie. She started asking me about the Bible Code. I then got around to how the Bible is inspired by Jesus and was talking to her about Him. She accepted Jesus into her heart that night and I gave her a card from the church that I go to. She has been coming since then.

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999
From: Brian Teegardin
This movie gives evangelical Christianity a bad image simply because the movie itself is so poorly done. You just can't squeeze 7 years of tribulation in a story line into a few hours without giving the audience a severe case of whiplash, which this movie did. The plot needed to be much tighter; the acting was bad to terrible, (Michael York was alright, but his character was flat), and the writing was worse yet. Now I personally do believe in the 7 year tribulation thing, and that we may be headed there sometime in the future, possibly even next century. But the Omega Code has made me the laughing stock, and it's lack of depth, coupled with fringe-extremists who say that the world will end on January 1st 2000 or whenever have given faith a bad name and a good setup job for a great big 'I told 'ya so' from atheists everywhere next year.
Brian Teegardin alias 'RayfordSteele'

Sorry, I meant that Michael Ironside's acting was good. Everything else was flat. Of course, I do already know something of the storyline...

People writing rapture stories have this overwhelming problem, how to make the bad guy interesting, and still keep him as the anti-Christ. Do you give him some 'good qualities?' How do you not keep from demonizing a demon?

Brian Teegardin
alias RayfordSteele

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999
It is interesting that you attack "The Omega Code" but use secular films
to teach Jesus...
My response: I know. It's sad. Why did I do it?

Sat, 6 Nov 1999.
From Mary Ann:
I went to see the movie today. Took my son and his girlfriend. The movie is great! I believe it had them thinking when we left. They were engrossed in it. I prayed God would use this to bring them to him. I highly recommend it........
MaryAnn in Illinois. Please do not use my email ID.

November 1, 1999. My husband and I saw this movie (Omega Code) and were shocked to think it had been billed as either Christian or "soul winning". At no time did this movie make a difference between Christians and non Christians with regard to their final destination (heaven or hell) if they followed the Antichrist. There was no mark, no clear message of salvation, and indeed the name of Jesus was used only once in this film when the star, being attacked by demons, cried out "Jesus save me". This was a cry made for deliverance from "trouble" not an actual cry to the Lord for salvation from sin. I can see no purpose for this film other than to make TBN,or whoever produced the film, money. What little scripture that was quoted was quoted out of context and applied to the wrong persons. Even someone knowing their bible would have a problem following this film and finding Jesus in it. To bill it as a tool for salvation is a joke. I would not recommend it to Christians or the unsaved.
Let us not forget that there is no CODE in the bible anyway. The bible is plainly written so that all may know and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. I am attaching a review I did of The Omega Code that I sent to various Christians and Christian Lists.
Sincerely, Dorene E

October 30, 1999 Hate to be one of the typical over-critical Christian crowd, but this movie was lame. Trinity Broadcasting just spent a ton of money making a movie about a controversial, at best, idea about a code in the Bible while failing to capitalize on the real and known truths of the Bible. A big waste of money and a huge waste of time. I told my Grandma to stop sending TBN money after watching this escapade. --MOLLY

October 28, 1999. My husband and I saw the Omega Code last weekend and enjoyed it very much. The acting and special effects were topnotch and the premise of the story was very real. I would recommend to both Christian and Secular audiences. --Joel and Karen

October 24, 1999 I found this story to be intriguing, with lots of twists turns. Michael York, Michael Ironside were excellent. I loved the message and would like to see more Christian movies made. The Omega Code is well worth watching.
I give it credit for being a good decent movie.
Thanks to all involved,

October 13,1999. I heard there is another "spiritual" movie coming out. It's called the Omega Code. Could you check it out and see if it is worth going to. Or is it just another "Jesus" film.
My responses: It is a well made independent film made on a shoestring budget.

October 20, 1999 I am sick and tired of this kind of junk we keep throwing out there. Honestly, I am embarrassed. Why do we keep making this stuff? And then, instead of rejecting it like we should for being ill-conceived and horribly acted, directed, etc, we support it simply because it has a "positive" life-affirming message. I can't believe anyone watching this film could sit through the contrived characters, schlocky fx, and anemic storyline. It is another fine example of Christianity's view of the arts: It is merely a tool to promote whatever we think should be promoted so people get saved. No attention is paid to QUALITY, and instead every bit of effort is paid to the same message that anyone, anywhere can read by picking up a Bible. And if they read the Biblical version, not only are they reading something that is true, they are reading something that is artistically superior. Whatever happened to Christians being at the forefront of the arts? And it doesn't help when Christian critics, instead of lambasting this film, rush to its support. Omega Code is nothing more than a pile of trash with a Jesus fish slapped on the side. And that's supposed to make it great? This is a B grade movie, through and through. I am never embarassed to say that I follow and love Christ with all my heart, but I find it more difficult everyday to say that I am affiliated with the kind of people that produce this drivel.

October 17, 1999 I haven't gone to The Omega Code yet, but will this week. Despite all the hype from TBN, I would encourage all Christians to see this film. The only way we can get more GOOD Christian entertainment is to support it with our dollars!
Michael in NC

October 16, 1999 I saw the Omega Code last night. The theater was packed. I have read the book by M. Dresden, so I have some knowledge of what the Bible Code is about. I also have some understanding of the book of Daniel and Revelation. I loved the movie. I do wonder a little for those who have no understanding of what the Bible Code is and what the Bible says about end-time events if they will come away questioning or just a bit confused about the "Code". But, for me, I absolutely loved the film. The special effects towards the end of the movie were great!! Hooray for TBN and Matt Crouch!
Beavercreek, Ohio

Oct. 14, 1999.  What do you know about the movie "The Omega Code"? By Trinity Broadcasting.
My response: Thanks for asking.

OCT. 13, 1999. I heard there is another "spiritual" movie coming out. It's called the Omega Code. Could you check it out and see if it is worth going to. Or is it just another "Jesus" film.  Thanks
My response: No it is not another Jesus film.  The Jesus film will outlast this one..

Oct. 11, 1999. Please do a review of the Omega Code. It comes out Friday, Oct.. 15. I would   be interested in your opinion. I just found your webb site today and will be   returning. I have been waiting for this movie to come out for almost a year.   It's a novel based on the hidden codes of the Bible and how the anti-Christ   uses them to take over world domination. Fascinating.
My response: It is a fascinating idea. I agree with you.

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