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Directed by Chan-wook Park
Story by Garon Tsuchiya

Screenplay by
Jo-yun Hwang
Chun-hyeong Lim
Joon-hyung Lim
Chan-wook Park
Garon Tsuchiya

Cast (in credits order)
Min-sik Choi .... Dae-su Oh
Ji-tae Yu .... Woo-jin Lee
Hye-jeong Kang .... Mi-do
Dae-han Ji .... No Joo-hwan
Dal-su Oh .... Park Cheol-woong
Byeong-ok Kim .... Mr. Han
Seung-Shin Lee .... Yoo Hyung-ja
Jin-seo Yun .... Lee Soo-ah
Dae-yeon Lee .... Beggar
Kwang-rok Oh .... Suicidal Man
Tae-kyung Oh .... Young Dae-su

Produced by
Dong-ju Kim .... executive producer
Seung-yong Lim .... producer

Original Music by Yeong-wook Jo
Non-Original Music by Antonio Vivaldi (from "Winter" from "The Four Seasons")
Cinematography by Jeong-hun Jeong
Film Editing by Sang-Beom Kim

MPAA: Rated R for strong violence including scenes of torture, sexuality and pervasive language.
Runtime: 120 min

For rating reasons, go to FILMRATINGS.COM, and MPAA.ORG.
Parents, please refer to PARENTALGUIDE.ORG

QuickTime, Various

Japanese Trailer:
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10 Clips:
QuickTime/Windows Media Player/Real Player, Various 

1. Look Who's Talking
2. Somewhere In The Night
3. Count Of Monte Cristo
4. Jailhouse Rock
5. In A Lonely Place
6. It's Alive!
7. Searchers
8. Look Back In Anger
9. Vivaldi " Four Seasons"
10. Room At The Top
11. Cries And Whispers
12. Out Of Sight
13. For Whom The Bell Tolls
14. Out Of The Past
15. Breathless
16. Old Boy
17. Dressed To Kill
18. Frantic
19. Cul-De-Sac
20. Kiss Me Deadly
21. Point Blank
22. Farewell, My Lovely
23. Big Sleep
24. Last Waltz

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Click to enlargeA man is inexplicably kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years and his wife is brutally murdered. On his release, he is given a wallet full of money and a mobile phone. A stranger calls and asks him to try and figure out why he was imprisoned. A girl appears and promises to help him solve the enigma and seek vengeance for his cruel fate.

As the search progresses, the man finally comes face to face with his kidnapper, who proposes a game: if the man discovers the reason for his imprisonment, his kidnapper will kill himself. If not, then the girl will be killed. He has only five days to unravel the mystery.

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Click to enlargeA Seoul businessman, after a night of drinking, disappears. Oh Dae-su finds himself in a room very similar to a motel room – a bed, a TV – but with a hole in the door through which his food is slid in, much like a jail cell. Periodically he’s gassed. The TV serves as his only contact with the world. He learns that he is wanted for the murder of his wife. He stays in this room, with no human contact for a year, then two, then three…. Finally, fifteen years later he is released, without any explanation of who had done this to him or why. He wants revenge.

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