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November 1, 2009
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One of the great film distribution models I’ve come across in connection with my editorial work at Hollywood Jesus is that of Official Best of Fest.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I do web design work for them, too, and write reviews for their Widgets program.)  Like Film Movement, with which you may be familiar (and of which I am also a fan), OBOF scours the film festivals for overlooked gems that you’ll never find at the local multiplex.

OBOF work a little differently, though.  Unlike Film Movement, there’s no membership fee… and OBOF’s offerings are not single-movie discs with a short feature, they’re one- and two-disc sets that offer a number of different short and feature film titles.

Here’s a video trailer from the Official Best of Fest site about what they do, and a listing of the Gift Collections they currently offer.  See their Gift Sets pages for their “Personal Packs,” too.

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Greg is Managing Editor of the movie review site Past the Popcorn, and has written and contributed to a number of books. He is also a curator for Official Best of Fest.

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