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January 7, 2002


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Subject: Newsletter_30 Harry Potter
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001
From: "J. Hill"

Potter Wizardry Real. According To British Experts

Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling has repeatedly denied incorporating real witchcraft in her book series. That's something she will probably never admit.

However, experts in fields as diverse as history, archaeology and botany may be about to expose Rowling's extensive knowledge of witchcraft and the occult with a television documentary being released soon.

As one point, they mention when Potter went to Hogwarts, he was asked to bring a pewter cauldron. A stunning example has been found in a bog in Denmark, called the Gundestrup Cauldron. The cauldron is said to be a tremendous symbol of rebirth, "just as food can be transformed in it, so a human soul can be transformed. It's a symbol of death and drowning, a symbol of fire, because a blaze is beneath it."

This among many, many other things verify that J.K.Rowling paints a perfectly correct picture in her books of aspects of witchcraft. She gets the spells right, she gets the ingredients right, she gets the colors right, she gets the 'magical beasts' right, she fully understands the importance of drugs, and so on and so forth. To chalk all this up as mere coincidence or speculation would be insane.

It's very apparent that she has considerably studied at least one very old, and very obscure Luciferian book entitled, The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosendreutz , written originally in 1459 and translated into English in 1690. The bigger question is how she obtained a copy and what drove her to posses it.

As you don't strike me as the type of individual that would admit he was wrong. Even though it is plainly obvious. I have posted a collection of heavily researched articles concerning Harry Potter and Witchcraft. I doubt you are brave enough to read them in entirety never mind post links. Now. How does that go again? "Use your words to knock the common sense back into these holy-rolling hyper-religious dumbells!" you are so avidly working on.

Witchcraft 101 - The Very Satanic Harry Potter

J.K.Rowling's knowledge of witchcraft and the occult is so vast and accurate it sends chills down our spine. Not only does the Harry potter series condition children to accept a mark on their forehead, but it also encourages revenge, murder, cheating, drinking, gambling, placing hexes and even hints at bestiality. The worst is yet to come. New Harry Potter "schoolbooks" are just now being released and the author promises each new book will get "Darker" as they go along.

Major Discovery In Harry Potter Books. Colors Used Originate From Satanic Druid Religion

Cutting Edge Ministries has learned that Author Rowling uses the most vivid colors imaginable in her Harry Potter novels for a reason. These colors are discovered to originate from the old Satanic Druid religion, and play a significant role in Ritual Magic. This discovery is proof positive of the Satanism of Harry Potter novels, but its effect on your child will shock you!

Harry Potter Author Uses Imagery From The Most Important Alchemy Book Ever Written... One That Dates Back To 1459!

We have stated repeatedly that the author of the Harry Potter books knows her Satanism quite well. We have repeatedly pointed out where the events and the scenes in her books are pure Satanism; in fact, they are correct Satanism. She paints a perfectly correct picture in her books of aspects of Satanism, she gets the spells right, she gets the ingredients right, she understands the importance of drugs, and so on and so forth.

Harry Potter Conditioning Kids To Love Magick, Witches, And To Adopt The Values And Attitudes Of The Coming Antichrist

New Age authors have repeatedly stated that The New Age Christ could not appear until and unless a "significant proportion" of the population were pre-conditioned to accept him and his values. Harry Potter is certainly fulfilling that role for preparing youngster's minds.

Response: Sensational. That's how I view your email. Or, perhaps, Sinsational. You exploit sin and evil. You entice with half truths and out right lies. Remember who the father of the lie is. I have few good words for your slander and sensationalism. However, I know God loves you and has a plan for your life. Sensationalism, however, is not that plan. -David

Subject: Newsletter_30 Harry_Potter_Can_Be_Used_Positively
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001
From: edward

"Hearing God's Call Through Harry Potter"
Religion in Daily Life (c) By the Rev. Edward Chinn, D.Min.
Rector, All Saints' Church 9601 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19114 (215) 637-5225
Written 13 November 2001
EdwardChinn@earthlink.net www.allsaintstorresdale.org

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone is a new motion picture. It is based on Joanne Kathleen (J.K.) Rowling's best-selling novel of the same name. Rowling plans seven books in the series. Harry Potter is an eleven-year old orphan. He lives in England with a cruel aunt, uncle, and bullying son. Harry has to sleep in a cramped cupboard under the stairs. On his eleventh birthday, a giant named Hagrid appeared with the news that Harry is really a wizard. He is revered in a magical world that coexists with this one. Harry enrolls at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His best friends are Ron and Hermoine. Harry learns to battle the evil forces that threaten the world.

Reactions to the Harry Potter books range from rejection to praise. "In Minnesota, Michigan, New York, California, and South Carolina, parents who feel the books promote interest in the occult have called for their removal from classrooms and school libraries" (Christianity Today, December 3, 1999). However, columnist Charles Coulson pointed out that Harry and his friends "develop courage, loyalty, and a willingness to sacrifice for one another-even at the risk of their own lives." Thomas Hibbs (National Review Online, October 27, 2001) says: "I would argue that Rowling's series . . . is part of the solution to what ails our popular culture, especially our youth culture. In the aftermath of September 11, the books are remarkably timely, offering precisely the sort of lessons and examples young persons need to prepare them for life in a nation at war with the evil of terrorism."

God can use the Harry Potter story to call young people to increase the circle of friendship with others and to join with Him in the fight against evil. When Jesus of Nazareth bestowed a title on his followers, it wasn't "servants," but "friends" (John 15:15). Likewise, Jesus empowered his friends to join him in his fight against evil, saying, "Bring health to the sick. Raise the dead. Touch the untouchables. Kick out the demons" (Matthew 10:8, The Message).

God calls persons of all ages. God called Samuel when he was a boy who served as an acolyte to an elderly priest named Eli (1 Samuel 3:1-10). In Samuel's case, the call came in his mind. God called a young man named Timothy through other people (his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice). It was a call to fight as a spiritual soldier (2 Timothy 2:3).God called Moses when he was 40 (Acts 7:23). Life began at 40 for Moses when he got into a fight against evil and for human rights.

Response: Thank you for your terrific thoughts. I really enjoyed this -David

Subject:Newsletter_30 Harry Potter Hysteria
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001
From: Brett Brown

David, thank you so much for all your work on this wonderful site. I am disturbed by all the negativity surrounding Harry Potter. Once again, it seems that a close-minded Christian community is shooting itself in the foot. I am disappointed in my Christian brothers and sisters who desire to hypocritically bash quality art work simply because they are uninformed and want to feel they are taking a stand on something. Oddly, these same people would probably highly praise CS Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia" as great Christian childrens literature. Isn't it interesting that Lewis wrote about magic, witches, talking animals and more in his great stories? George MacDonald, who Lewis considered to be his mentor, wrote some of the best fantasy that I (and Lewis, for that matter) have ever read. Yet, nobody seems to mention that.

I have not read any of the Harry Potter books, but after seeing the movie I was impressed with the story and the world that Rowling has created. I was particularly touched by the way that Harry and his friends are misfits and outcasts and yet they are the heroes. This movie (and the books) are not about the magic and wizardry, those are merely the tools for the story. Children resonate with Harry Potter and his friends not because they can do magic, and certainly not because HP and his friends are in the popular crowd. Instead, Harry is an unloved orphan with no place in the world. This is why kids connect with Harry Potter, because they feel like HP and long for a place like Hogwarts where they can be accepted and loved. Wait a minute.... that's what I long for too! Curiously, that is what Jesus offers us. Salvation and acceptance into the family of the God of the universe.

Not only that, but this film encorporates such Christian themes as self-sacrifice as well as the classic battle of good vs. evil. I enjoyed the film a great deal and will, at some point, use it in one or more of my upcoming youth talks to my junior high group (and maybe even my senior high group) as I am a youth pastor in the San Francisco Bay Area. What the heck.... I may even show it when it comes out on video! Thanks again David.
Keep up the good work!
Brett Brown

Response: Thank you for your kind words and your thoughtful approach. -David

Subject: Newsletter_30 Harry Potter
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001
From: Carrie

I think all the hysteria is ridiculous regarding Harry Potter. My 11 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed all the books in the series and looks forward to reading the coming editions. She is fearful to even bring up the name around any of her friends at church for fear of being shut out by people who think it's 'unChristian' to read such books. I told her that I believe that God gave her the ability to ascertain right from wrong as well as good from bad. She's a very imaginative young lady and hopes to be a writer herself on day. I think it's a shame that so many parents try to shelter their children to the extent of not allowing their children to read a book.
Blessings, Carrie

Response: Thank you Carrie. It kind of makes you wonder what the the real evil is. HP or Christians who slam little girls for reading HP. Wow! Imagine. -David

Subject: Newsletter_30 HarryPotterCanBeUsedPositively
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001
From: Randal

When Lily Potter gave her life to save Harry, she gave him a power that protects him from Voldemort. The idea that love and sacrifice creates protective power has a deep resonance with the Gospel.

Rowling's creation of that element of the story paralells the work of Lewis with Aslan's self sacrifice, and resurrection. The idea of a 'deep magic' or 'old magic' runs through Tolkein, Lewis and now in the work of Rowling. I believe that her work is as overtly Chrisian as her Inkling forerunners.

The notion that involvement with Harry Potter leads to witchcraft is the province of people who have very little else to do. I cannot for the life of me understand why some Christians don't see that the really tough issues in the Gospel involve letting go of spiritual pride, and the ability to help the least among us-- not finding behaviors to quit.

Response: I really agree with you. Thanks for your comments. -David

Subject: Newsletter_30 Harry Potter
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001
From: Patrick

Dear Mr.Bruce
First let me say how much I really enjoy your website. The content is great and overall it's really well done. I enjoy the way you engage today's culture by using what people see every day. Movies. The way I try to engage people is the same way Paul engaged the people in Athens. Just use what they know and take that as a springboard to talk about Christ. You're doing a great job with this website!

I just have one problem with your review of Harry Potter. It's true that there are some positive values and lessons in the movie but will some kids, teenagers, etc. really see those values at first glance of the movie? We live in a very spiritually hungry time. People are always looking for something spiritual to fill that void in their lives whether they realize there's a void or not. You stress the positive values of the movie and that's great but you also can't overlook that some kids or teenagers, even adults, are incredibly impressionable. They won't see the values of the movie. They may just see a flying broomstick, a three headed dog, gnomes, chocolate frogs, and the other cool special effects. I don't think that this can necessarily increase the ranks of witches, warlocks, or satanists across the country but it can definitely start them on that path if they're looking for something and they don't know what to look for. True, most parents will tell their kids that this is just a story and that this stuff doesn't actually happen, but what about the kids whose parents don't say anything to them? A few years ago a movie called "The Program" with James Caan came out. One part of the movie showed the guys on the school's football team laying in the middle of a busy road and cars whizzing by them while they're laying there. What reasonable person would try that? A few weeks later in New Jersey some kids, teenagers I believe, were killed trying that exact same thing. A movie called "The Craft" with Neve Campbell and Robin Tunney was about 4 high school girls who use witchcraft to get back at the other kids who oppressed them in school. Are you telling me that wouldn't sound really interesting to a kid who's having a hard time because he/she is constantly picked on in school? Not every parent, Christian or otherwise, is going to be so concerned about making sure that their kids know the diference between fact and fiction. They'll assume that their kids know better. It's a fact that some parents wi ll definitely be there and talking to their kids about the movie. For every kid (i'm including teens with that also) who has a parent there, there will be kids who don't have that stabilizing, reality factor there with them. Or have the moral background or maturity to know. "Harry Potter" may be a good movie but it definitely isn't for everyone. I think maybe a good disclaimer with any review on any movie is a good idea for everyone who reviews movies.

I hope you don't see what I wrote as a slam against you or what you're doing. I just think we all need to remember that, "All things are permissible, but not everything is beneficial. All things are permissible, but not everything is constructive."
Thanks for your time Patrick

Response: Well at least you saw the film before commenting. I can appreciate that. -David

Subject: Newsletter_30
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001
From: Paige

Thank you for your very enlightened view of Harry Potter. I've read all of the books...some twice and have gone to see the movie twice since opening day...two days ago :) I'm a huge fan. I work at a christian school where several of our young children....4th and 5th grade have read Harry Potter books and are just as exciting as I am. They love to imagine they are the Good people of Gryffindor. They have no desire to go out shouting incantations and boiling potions. It's just fantasy...just like "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" or "King Arthur". But no one cares about those things. People are down on Harry Potter because it's popular. We aren't allowed to talk to our kids about Harry Potter or even read in the book club for them that I, myself started. It's kind of backwards if you ask me. You'd think that whatever got these kids to read, educators would be behind it, but not Christian schools. Well, I love the points you've made. I just wanted to thank you for your views.
Sincerely, Paige

Response: Thank you for your kind words and you are welcome. -David

Subject: Newsletter_30
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001
From: Marcia Montenegro

Unfortunately, defenders of HP present a false dichotomy between those who like HP and those who don't, assuming those of us who have concerns want to burn or ban HP. There are many of us out here who recognize the problems in HP and think their influence is negative without wanting toburn or ban any books, and who know HP is not about Satanism.

I am a former astrologer and have practiced some occult arts. It is undeniable that HP promotes these as tools for doing "good." HP refers to and endorses astrology, numerology, the runes, scrying, and casting spells -- things that are not fantasy at all. Additionally, there is endorsement of deceptions and lying since Harry is rarely punished and rarely feels remorse.

I have carefully read all 4 HP books and documented references to real occult practices and to deceptions. My conclusion is that HP presents an amoral worldview, which is actually the occult worldview -- no absolute good or evil. These books are not about good vs. evil; they are about the training of a sorcerer and mastery of self.

These two links go to my articles on HP:

Sincerely, Marcia Montenegro

Response: You bring up curious points. Are you promoting yourself here? Are talking hats, giants and flying broomsticks really real and dangerous? Did we see the same film? Hmm. I do not agree with you. However, thanks for sharing. I know many will agree with you. -David

Subject: Newsletter_30 Satanic_Hysteria
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001
From: Jeanne Brunell

It seems to me that a great number of Christians protesting Harry Potter must also believe that Satan carries a pitchfork and has horns and a pointed tail. They view the threat of Satanism as coming in the forms of spells, potions, wizards, and so on. But how often is anyone alarmed and panic-stricken when he appears as an angel of light? Not very often. It is possible to have really "nice" books and movies that show an ideal existence, where everyone in the family is doing great, and God does not appear to be needed at all.

Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote that "The world is charged with the grandeur of God." Seeing God in lots of places and in lots of ways depends upon how open the hearts and eyes of Christians are. A few years ago, a good friend of mine complained bitterly about what the shopping mall was like at Christmas time--declaring that it was nothing but a pagan, materialistic mecca. Another friend, concerning the same mall, said that he and his wife had lunch there and that while they were eating they looked around and listed all the ways they were experiencing God there--mothers and children, happy faces, acts of kindness.

My daughters both read Harry Potter; yesterday we saw the movie as well. They did not ask me to buy them wands afterwards. They talked about the courage of the friends who helped Harry Potter, the battle between good and evil and how good triumphed, and how Harry, who had been downcast, was chosen and lifted up to do great deeds (very similar to many people in the Bible, including King David).

I believe that when we look at movies and books with fear that it actually gives power, on some level, to Satan. If Jesus watched Harry Potter in a theater, what would his response be? Exactly. He would leave with a whole throng of kids wanting to know about the REAL battle between good and evil.
Sincerely, Jeanne Brunell

Response: Thanbks Jeanne, I appreciate your words. -David

Subject: To: Newsletter_30
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001
From: Pinnocchio

Just a few things.
Every since Harry Potter has burst on the scene I wanted to tell my Potter bashing family/friends that it is doing more good than harm. Have they noticed all of the children forming cult circles proclaiming satan in Harry Potter's name? No, they are enjoying a good read.

They aren't going to begin any broomstick classes, because its fun fantasy. And I can't imagine a teenager drinking Unicorn blood, while taming serberus their three headed dog. My friend, I had to ride through Disney boycott's, Y2K, the the almighty great exorcist scandal fear for too long. I think God is probably more concerned with us wasting our time boycotting Disney, rather than going to Gay day and try to witness to someone. Also, it is too bad that churches have become so dependant on ritualistic behaviors. "We will hate disney when they do this... We will pass the offering plate exactly between the third hymn and fourth... Heaven forbid our children watch Cops, x-files, and Ally... Heck Let's boycott Fox!"

I say all of that to say, my head hurts and my heart ache's at the one's who tear down something that could be so useful. Before I moved I was a Youth Pastor, and I would use clip's from movies to present God's message in a way that would keep my class member's awake. Show Powder kissing his girlfriend in the most gentle way to show the meaning of God's pure love for us. Show William Wallace's death as a representation of how much we should be willing to sacrifice. My friend, we must not jump on the bandwagon, but take hold of the reign's and direct the content for our advantage. I am pretty much just agreeing with what you have said all along, but with my two cent's.
Thank you for your time.
Best, Adam

Response: I like the way you think. -David

Subject: Newsletter_30 _Harry_Potter
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001
From: Mtn chick

A few things I would have to say to anyone who is on a "witch hunt" concerning Harry Potter:

#1...Notice that they celebrate Christmas at Hogwart's School of Magic (GASP....they even said CHRISTmas, not X mas!! : ) (And did I see a nativity scene being unboxed on a table in the tree decorating/chess game scene?)

#2...Notice how Harry's magic that defeats "you-know-who" turned out to be the power of his mother's self-sacrificial love? Also, Ron showed willingness to lay down his life for his friend....exactly what Jesus taught.

#3...Harry's mom and dad were a positive influence on his life...he knew they loved him and each other (good family values)

#4...Many kids may feel like they are living "under the stairs" and being mistreated by family, friends, teachers, etc., but can see through this story that you can overcome your past, and that there are people out there who will care about your well-being and growth, whether it be spiritual or emotional.

I, too, was a little unsure of the whole Harry Potter craze, but tried not to form an opinion or judge until I had either read the books or saw the movie. Now that I've seen it, I understand what it's purpose is. I do not feel that it is compromising to my faith. My faith is strong enough to know the difference between fantasy (Harry) and Truth (Jesus).

Response: Thanks for those useful insights. -David

Subject: Newsletter_30 Satanic_Hysteria_
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 20:01:10 -0500
From: Joe Admire

...comes straight from the Prince of Darkness. I feel that Satan _wants_ to get people hysterical because it diverts and distracts them from the Christian life and witness they should be living (much as, in my personal opinion, the recent anthrax attacks have actually been an attempt at diversion to distract the US and the international coalition from being able to detect the _real_ next wave of terror attacks, wherever and whenever that may be coming). Satan _wants_ people to live in fear and hysteria because when they're in a state of terror about what Satan might do, they're not putting their trust in God.

Furthermore, I think that people who buy into "Satanic hysteria" are actually, in some cases, coming dangerously close to or actually slipping into the ancient Manichaean heresy, which holds, if I may oversimplify terribly, that Satan is as strong as God. The plain fact of the matter is that Satan was doomed to failure from the very beginning. The only reason he has any power at all is that people _let_ him have that power rather than putting their faith in God. Those people who are howling about Harry Potter would do better to put their energy into imitating Christ.

Response: Thanks Joe, it is always good to hear from you! -David


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