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July 5, 2009
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Would you like to know the instant new movie or videogame reviews are posted? Would you like updates on what games we’re currently playing here at the HJ Playbox? Would you like to be among the first to be informed any time something happens in the world of videogames and movies? Well, my friends, you can be when you follow us on Twitter. We have links in all of our articles, but if you’d like to keep up with all of the latest to come out of the HJ Playbox, just follow us at www.twitter.com/GamerYo. You’ll get all the updates I’ve mentioned, plus you can send instant feedback on what’s being posted. So check us out on Twitter today.

This month we’re particularly excited at the HJ Playbox because the football season is about to get under way. NCAA Football 10 releases this month, and if the demo is any indication, EA Sports is building on the solid foundation of last year’s game while including some new improvements. The new tackling technology being used in both Madden and NCAA is a particular standout in the improvements, as is the ability in this year’s game to set your gameplan (aggressive defense, pass-focused offense, and so forth) any time during the game. Online franchise mode is also back this year, so be sure to keep it locked to the Playbox for info on how to join this year’s online league, or better yet, just follow us on Twitter.

Also releasing this month on the Nintendo Wii is Little Kings Story. This new game combines the elements of the Animal Crossing, Pikmin, and Real Time Strategy games in a charming and yet challenging game. Don’t let the kiddie exterior fool you; this is a game for anyone who enjoys solid strategy games or life-sim games. It may take us a while to get through everything we can do, but we’ll keep you posted on our adventures.

Currently in the pipe-line we’re working on a review for The Conduit, which if it isn’t already posted, soon will be. I can tell you this much, it certainly sets the bar for first-person shooter controls on the Wii (I knew those games could have awesome controls on the Wii). We’re also finishing up our review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the Wii. Still sitting in our queue is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. We haven’t gotten around to that one yet, but a stellar first-person shooter set in the Old West is a game we just have to play, so look for that review some time this month as well.

Like I said at the start, the best way to keep up with all the activity is to follow us on Twitter. We have updates and announcements posted there just about every day, so keep up with the latest as this one-man operation continues to bring you a Biblical perspective on the world of gaming and movies here at the HJ Playbox.

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