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Lamborghini's Rule

March 3, 2011
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The folks over at Criterion are busy busting out all kinds of DLC for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. They’ve already released the Armed and Dangerous pack, which is in and of itself a lot of fun, but there are still two more packs coming this month.

The first is already available: Lamborghini Untamed. For just 560 Microsoft points (about seven bucks) you can get some sweet cars, new events and new achievements. The pack features the Diablo SV, the classic Countach, and the recently unveiled Sesto Elemento. All of these cars are fast and beautiful. They also have some unique sounds, with the Countach having more of a throaty growl while the Diable and Elemento both have beautiful, high-pitched purrs. The events are the usual mix of races and pursuits, although among the races are some pretty long ones. One race took me just over nine minutes to complete and took me across a huge chunk of Seacrest County. Good times and a lot of fun.

Coming next week is the Porsche Unleashed pack for the same price. You’ll get the ’82 911 Turbo, the 911 Speedster, and the 959. Again you’ll have new events and new achievements.

Criterion did a fantastic job with DLC support for Burnout Paradise, and it looks as though they’re doing the same with NFS: Hot Pursuit.

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