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Jenn and Greg Wright
Hosted by Jenn and Greg Wright.


HJ FLASH VIDEO REVIEW by david bruce


Release Date: December 9, 2005
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Director: Andrew Adamson
Ann Peacock, Andrew Adamson, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeeley
Starring: Tilda Swinton, James McAvoy, Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Anna Popplewell, William Moseley, Rupert Everett, Ray Winstone, Dawn French, Liam Neeson, Jim Broadbent
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
MPAA Rating: PG (for battle sequences and frightening moments)
Official Website: Narnia.com

MPAA Rating: PG (for battle sequences and frightening moments)
For rating reasons, go to FILMRATINGS.COM, and MPAA.ORG.
Parents, please refer to PARENTALGUIDE.ORG

The Chronicles of NarniaMaureen McKittrick StewartCLEANING OUR WINDOWS
Guest feature by Maureen Stewart.

Maureen McKittrick Stewart is a voracious reader, a perpetual student, and a gardener-of-weeds. Her cockeyed view of the world sometimes enables her to see things that others don't, and aging has exacerbated her insights.

The Chronicles of NarniaSAY WHAT YOU WILL, I LOVED IT!
The real kicker for me was the little epilogue at the end, and the dialogue between the Professor and Lucy. The final image of the light peeking out and Aslan roaring made me literally weep for joy, and left me with the sense of awe I needed.
—Review by

Click to go to Mark's BlogTwo giant beasts ruled the box office this holiday season:

King Kong and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Though many see a rivalry between the mighty lion and the colossal gorilla, I see this as an opportunity to watch two well-made and enjoyable films.
—Article by

The Chronicles of NarniaAn unbelievably beautiful and moving film

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical before attending. Well, I can tell it not only lived up to my expectations – it exceeded them.
Review by PETER "PapaBear" CRUIKSHANK

The Chronicles of NarniaMore enjoyable

I found The Chronicles of Narnia by Walden Media to be much more enjoyable as an adult than I found the BBC series—it’s amazing what millions can do! The acting is better, the sets are better, the special effects are better. But the truth is, it’s still the story that makes it work, and we owe our thanks to C.S. Lewis.
Review by Jacob Sahms

The Chronicles of NarniaNo way preachy or blatantly Christian

This actually fits well with Lewis, who though exposed to religion from birth, took a long road through atheism and agnosticism before he became a Christian and made his peace with God.
Review by
Kathy Bledsoe

Fills us with a sense of hope

While we all sense there’s more to life than meets the eye, the characters in these stories actually get to witness this deeper reality firsthand, and that fills us with a sense of hope and excitement that we can make the same sort of discovery one day. And I definitely believe that we can.
Review by Kevin Miller

The Chronicles of NarniaI was truly moved as I saw my own imagination laid bare before me.

Andrew Adamson had me. I was enthralled, enchanted, and excited to see Lewis’ work faithfully reproduced (well... mostly) on the giant screen.
Review by Jenn Wright

The Chronicles of NarniaI felt let down

This rapturously-awaited release from Walden Media doesn’t quite deliver, though the story is followed fairly faithfully and there are some clever lines. This film is plodding.

Review by Mike Smith

The Chronicles of NarniaBest suited for the same age group of children for which the books were intended.

The violence is not too graphic and the peril may be enough to hold their interest. Also, as in the book, the fight for and triumph of good over evil is easily grasped.
Review by George Rosok

The Chronicles of NarniaThe public will likely react to Director Andrew Adamson’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in much the same way they reacted to C. S. Lewis’ short novel.
Some will be deeply moved, some will enjoy it but remain fairly indifferent, and some will hate it.
Review by Greg Wright

The Chronicles of NarniaThe human cost of war
is illustrated in the opening sequence of the long-anticipated film adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ beloved,

Review by Tom Price

The Chronicles of NarniaTHIS IS A "LITE" EPIC

It has all the necessary elements to be the next epic, except it’s missing the epic feel. In fact, “lite” is the word that I think best describes this movie.

Review by YO

Norman StoneNorman Stone: Beyond Shadowlands

Early press about this BBC production promised that it would blow the lid off of long-surpressed facts about the meltdown of the friendship between Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.

Feature by Greg Wright

Michael FlahertyLions, Witches and Tug-of-war —Oh My!
An Interview with Michael Flaherty
President of a movie studio that manages budgets over $100 million. He’s also a Christian. If you think that this might make him the target of a lot of suspicion, you’d be right.
Feature by Greg Wright

C.S. Lewis' timeless adventure "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" follows the exploits of the four Pevensie siblings -- Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter -- in World War II England who enter the world of Narnia through a magical wardrobe while playing a game of 'hide-and-seek' in the rural country home of an elderly professor. Once there, the children discover a charming, peaceful land inhabited by talking beasts, dwarfs, fauns, centaurs and giants that has become a world cursed to eternal winter by the evil White Witch, Jadis. Under the guidance of a noble and mystical ruler, the lion Aslan, the children fight to overcome the White Witch's powerful hold over Narnia in a spectacular, climactic battle that will free Narnia from Jadis' icy spell forever.

The film marks the first live-action directorial effort for New Zealander Andrew Adamson (the Oscar®-winning "Shrek," "Shrek 2"), who also co-wrote the screenplay adaptation with Emmy Award-winner Ann Peacock (HBO's "A Lesson Before Dying") and scribes Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely. The film is produced by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Mark Johnson and Philip Steuer.

To bring his dazzling vision to the screen, Adamson has secured the talents of Oscar®-nominated cinematographer Donald M. McAlpine, ASC, ACS, Oscar®-nominated production designer Roger Ford, seasoned costume designer Isis Mussenden, film editors Sim Evan-Jones and Jim May and composer Harry Gregson-Williams.

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Hosted by Jenn and Greg Wright.



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