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Subject: Megadeth_The_World_Needs_A_Hero
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001
From: "James Pond"

I think it would be interesting to note that Dave Mustaine, the lead singer and guitarist, is a Christian or is trying to find out what that means. He grew up in a Christian home, but failed to see the significance of Christianity. He struggles with it in his song "Looking up the Cross". He has been attending church in Arizona with his family and is pursuing God in his own way. It's funny to me that so many people have it so wrapped up tight with all of the answers. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and yet, they shun their brother and cast the first stone.

Holy in your opinion or not, it is not what Jesus exampled. If you have it all together, you really don't. I am a father of three and I struggle daily with what is worth pursuing and what is chaff. I am also an actor and I have a deep respect for the power of media. Let's not jump into the judgment seat and deal in invective. Let's focus more on loving others and dredging this culture for the better together.
Peace. James Pond

Subject: Creed
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001
From: Kim

I just thought I'd pitch in my thoughts of this "argument" over the review of Creed.

I'm gonna start by humbling myself and saying I have been a hypocrite in the past, and sometimes I'm hypocritical without realising it today, but I try not to.

The whole G-D issue reminds me of an account of a new believer giving testimony. He was so passionate he blurted out an expletive to accentuate his joy and overwhelm-ment (if that's a word!). He was escorted out of the church because of this outburst, but the people only identified what accidently surfaced instead of looking into what the believer's heart was saying. I'm not saying we should tolerate swearing, but as ambassadors of Christ (a reflection of Christ) I believe we should learn to have patience. Jesus Christ was sworn out while he was hanging on the cross, but showed forgiveness for his oppressors, not criticism. Look at what these musicians hearts are saying rather then the words.

Also, I have looked into the history of singer song writer Scott Stapp of Creed. He grew up as the son of a severe and strict southern baptist who believe "Rock and Roll is the work of Satan". So harsh was the environment, Scott ran away from home and was pushed away from Christ because of religion; a man made endeavour. This information is in Creed's official web site. Plus they address the GD issue themselves there.

I'd also like to address comments of staying away from secular music, and secular environments. I believe we can not isolate and privatise our spiritual lives. If Jesus Christ stayed away from secular (sinful) people, where would we be now? One could argue "Bad company corrupts good character", but this is only true if you become distant from the body of Christ. Some people criticise musicians such as Payable On Death for hanging out with secular musicians such as Korn and The Deftones, but miss the point of friendship evangelism. In a study most people that became Christians did so because of people they knew well who were Christians. Not because of someone pointing out the rights and wrongs of their life, or from a new faith initiative... from friendship. They got to know eachother as people, not as a suit & tie.

Any, there's my 0.02
Peace be within you,

Subject: creed/ U2 reviews
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001
From: "benjamin hunter"

hey,. wuzzup, David?
I'm a thirty three year old believer, and an industry professional. I've been both a believer and in the music industry, on one side of the mic or the other, since I was 8. Having said that, I'll say that I did not "grow up in the church". In fact, the "church" *crapped* on my family quite severely when I was a child and my parents never got over it. I prefer an arms-length and infrequent relationship to my mainstream family, however nice most of them may be. I have, really, more respect for Scott, Ed, Bono, and the other guys in Creed, Live, U2, and Staind, in pretty much every way, than I have for most of the mainstream church "Christians" I have met. At my age, that's a lot of people. Real is what we must be, and seriously most of us miss the boat everytime. The difference is the maturity to see it and admit that it's there. Thank Dad for grace! I am part of a small family of believers we call "the Gathering", a very post-modern group, and employed by a national sound/stage gear supplier, both based in Edmonton, Canada. I say this to give some background for my letter.

About Creed and U2.
So what?
If the boys are believers, let 'em be, pray for 'em.
If not, then pray harder, already!

I would put Creed, Live, U2, and Staind in the same musical/lyrical catagory, myself. Beliefs aside, all four write and perform music which seeks to ask questions in a way that will get listeners thinking, and asking questions themselves. Case in point, "Peace on Earth (U2). "Jesus, could you take the time, to throw a drowning man a line, Peace on Earth". I could take about two and a half hours typing, to SKIM over the different and interconnected possibilities of meaning and the issues raised in just the chorus of this song!

CIP#2 "Epiphany", (Staind) "It's always raining in my head. Forget all the things I should have said." This song gives accurate voice to my view of my own relationship with the Father. Depth galore, here...

#3 Overcome, (Live) I pray this song. "Drive me out to that open field. Turn the ignition off, and spin around. Your help is here, but I'm parked in this open space, blocking the gates of love." nuf said.

CIP#4 "What if" (Creed) "What if your words could be judged like a crime?" Do I need to spell this one out?

I worked on the U2 POP tour a few years back and happened to meet Bono in the elevator. He reminded me of me, only different on the outside. Very decent guy. Each of these guys swears on almost every CD they make. I swear every day. None of us has it together the way we "should". Funny, none of you out there in Listenerland have it together either. Why? Because we're human and we are broken and incomplete.

Reading the reviews on your website and the petty little debates your readers get into about this kind of stuff, I was struck by the lack of depth that almost everyone displayed. Dude, we are the childen of THE embodiment of love, we need/must/HAVE GOT TO write/review/respond like we are. (the band says this, God says this, I think...) Lining everything up to Christ and His ideals is the only way to be.

Keep it up, man! It's good to see a website that professes Christ and doesn't suck.

Check out our site at for an upcoming review of Scott Stapp by George Hardy, my roommate and a 51 year old ordained minister and doctor of mathemetics! He's speaking on Oct 27.

Y'all at hollywood Jesus will be prayed for, you can count on it.
ben hunter

ps: please post this (with my email address) if you can spare the space on your site, I'd be interested to see if it sparks any new discussions...
conciousness: that annoying time between naps...

Subject: Creed
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001
From: Kevin

After reading a few of the comments posted here about Creed and their use of profanity in the end of "What's this life for", I thought I would throw in my two cents worth. I'm curious if any of these people have visited the FAQ section of Creed's website to find out what the circumstances surrounding that song are. If they had, they would have discovered that the theme for that song came from two of Scott's friends who committed suicide because "they could never find... what's this life for". While I don't excuse Scott's use of profanity, because it does bother me too, I can see that he is venting his anger at the loss of his friends. I look at it this way, we all have done something in the past because we were caught up in the heat of the moment and said things that we wish we could take back. Unfortunately for him, his mistake was recorded and preserved. I'm just glad that God looks past those moments (when we ask for forgiveness) and concentrates on trying to see the good in us. I chalk up Scott's verbal slip up to youthful indiscretion, and try to focus on all the other good songs that they have put out and the positive effects those songs have had on today's generation. If God were to judge me every time I've screwed up, like everyone that is ripping this one song, I'd be in big trouble. Anyway, those are my thoughts.
Thanks for listening.

Subject: Incubus_Make_Yourself
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001
From: j.e.w.

I came to this site on a complete fluke. I stayed because I noticed the Incubus review. I am 30, I am not traditionally religious, but do nurture my spiritual side. For all purposes - that's all I will comment on that.

I was glad to find your review confirming some of the uplifting sentiment I get from their songs - and I'm not even a big fan - I just like when I hear them on the radio. What urges me to write is to respond to Shane's comments on avoiding secular music. A huge portion of the population is very interested in popular culture - and they practice many diverse religions. Some people glean their faith piecemeal from many various sources. I think it's great that someone would spend the time to find the effective, yet subtle guiding posts that exist within pop culture. They are there.

It also provides an opportunity for someone lacking in faith - who would otherwise not be exposed to it - to find it - in where they are - and nurture it further from there.

Subject: Creed
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001
From: marc

I'd like to address the "GD" reference in the last tune on Creed's album- it is indeed a problem, if these guys are are alluding at all to be Christian "in background", or even "leaning in that direction". Sounds like a weak justification, in defense of it's being on the site at all, actually. Biblically, you are either on the train or off, hot or cold, but never lukewarm. The Lord say's He does'nt want us halfway- we are either for Him or against Him (NIV). I see the positive outlook reference in the album, and I certainly realize the lyrics come across as uplifting, but where do we draw the line, and call a spade a spade? The guys are'nt espousing their Christian beliefs, and we as listeners, reviewers, etc, are going off track by handing the benefit of the doubt to them so easily. How can you sing of God's influence in a person's life, (crown of thorns), heaven (?), etc., and finish it up with taking the name of the Lord in vain? Blasphemy come to mind, here? It's one thing to want to get into the world, move among the unsaved, and tell them of God's grace, forgiveness, and willingness to forgive us our sins- it's another to compromise the lines Christ drew, blurring the demarcations of the righteous and the unrighteous. There is a black and white delineation in effect- you're either for Him, or you're against Him. The hope of all Christians would be to see all of the world glorifying Him, and singing prise to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ- it's our responsibility as Christians to use our own God-given gifts and talents to try and achieve this end; tell the world of the Lord and spread His Gospel, in a loving, kind, and righteous way. The problem seems to be the allowance of the culture at large to influence Christians into believing it's OK to partake of the world's delights - not what God has given us, but what we as humans have produced for our own consumption-, and leave what we don't think is right, behind. This is really not a decision for us to be making, as we are not able to righteously make this decision on our own, without the help of the Holy Spirit. Not to say we need to seek the Holy Spirit each time we walk into Tower Records, or Blockbuster Video, but to seek the Holy Spirit to guide us in ALL our decisions, to convict us in our unrighteous (non Christ-like) attitudes, and to seek the Lord's will, not our own. If we are left to make the decisions, we lose. If we seek The Lord's Will over ours, we are in the right with Him, doing as He wants us to do, and being who He wants us to be. It's impossible to straddle the line and expect to be in favor with God. Iniquity and righteousness are polar opposites. The Lord wants us to be happy, content and satisfied; hence, all the wonderful things He has given us. Compromising His Will, and forsaking it in desire for the world's attractions, will surely be the beginning of a downfall for any believing Christian. The Amplified Bible refers to "Uncompromisingly Righteous" many times. There is not to be a compromise when it comes to doing the Lord's Will- we can't have it both ways. Some of the world, and some of the Lord- giving satan a foothold is not a place any one of us can stand to be for very long. Be careful as to what you let in to the Lord's temple- your body; He created you, made you who you are, and also gave us free will; the tremendous responsiblity of making our own decisions, for right or wrong. That is freedom, and it can be turned into a curse, if abused. Seek the Lord's Will - ask for guidance, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you where iniquity lies in your heart. Feeding it music, film, etc., that taints, deceives, and lures you away from Jesus is panting bad seeds. Weds from these seeds will overtake the field, and spoil the harvest. Be careful what you allow in. Remember, satan can "appear as an angel of light", and knows every single word of the Bible, quite well. If he can try to tempt Christ, what sort of chance do you think you might have? Jesus did not have a vacation there- he was human, like the rest of us, for a time. Pain and suffering was the order for the day, for 40 days- we just plop our dough on the counter, and walk out with the stuff. Be careful, and seek the Lord's guidance. Thanks, if you read this far, and God Bless You.

Response: marc So what does reviewing a secular album have to do with being lukewarm. So what if Creed says "g-d" -what of it? HJ is a Christian site that reviews secular stuff. Strange though... Why are you even on the internet? Why are you even aware of Creed? Your email itself is a review of Creed. Oh my gosh you listened to a secular group! And reviewed it. Like oh my gosh. Your email is a self reflect of you! I hope God is less judgemental of you, than you are of others. You email is certainly g-ding of us -isn't it. You hypocrite. You can g-d us But Creed can not say the actual words You can review Creed But we can't. Hmm. All I can say to you is: May God bless you May God give you peace May God love you beyond measure. Acts 17:16-34
Warmly yours, David Bruce

Marc's response:

So what does reviewing a secular album have to do with being lukewarm.
Mr. Bruce, this is not a personal attack. It's an observation, with my views expressed as a caring, fellow Christian.
David's Response: Nice words, but you were being judgemental.

So what if Creed says "g-d" -what of it?
Not to be judgemental here, but isn't this profanity, in most Christian circles? I was under the impression that Christ has set a standard for ALL of us to follow, clearly laid out in the Bible (correct me here, if I'm wrong).
David's Response: Creed is a secular group. So, your words do not apply. Also, where does Jesus address the issue of "profanity'?

HJ is a Christian site that reviews secular stuff.
True, as far as I can see-

Strange though... Why are you even on the internet?
Communication- Like many other Christians. Education. Sharing of information. I'd like to pose to you the same question. I'm sincerely interested in your answer.
David's Response: Communication.

Why are you even aware of Creed?
I do shop for music, like most folks. I really don't live in a hole in the ground. I listen to the radio. I read newspapers. I work in the entertainment industry. Walking down the street I, like everyone else with eyes and ears on the planet, am bombarded by advertising, courtesy of the music industry.
David's Response: You are saying that you know about Creed through unintentional means? I do not buy your explanation.

Your email itself is a review of Creed
Actually, I think your take on my commentary may be just a bit broad to be accurate, and lends itself to be more than a little defensive. I don't recall having reviewed the album, if I'm to see your reviews as as an example.
David's Response: You did review it, giving it a thumbs down for the use of G-D.

Oh my gosh you listened to a secular group!
Sure! the problem is not with listening to "secular" groups. The issue I posed is with mixing messages/ blurring the lines of the Word with the words of non-christian attitudes, as a message in itself. I'm a big fan of U2- not a "Cristian" group per se, but three of the four guys are professed Christians. Is this unusual for a Christian?
David's Response: You know so much about the secular world you dismiss. Very curious.

And reviewed it. Like oh my gosh.
Again, I think it might behoove you to read the letter again. I would'nt use the term reviewed so loosly, myself. Again, I take the stand I am not a reviewer- you are. I responded to a review on your site. I don't see much of what might be discerned as a review in my letter (using your reviews as a standard, here).
David's Response: Again, you did review it, giving it a thumbs down for the use of G-D.

Your email is a self reflect of you!
Could you be a bit more detailed here? I'm not sure I understand what exactly you might be alluding to. I would certainly appreciate some clarification of your statement, if you don't mind.
David's Response: It seems you are involved with the very thing you condemn. And then you are quick to point at those that do the same as you.

I hope God is less judgemental of you Than you are of others.
Geez, I am sorry you feel this is being judgemental- certainly not my intention, as I do feel I am not in the position to be judging anyone. I do feel, as a Christiaan Brother, that I am in the position to say what I see as a discrepancy, in the hope of opening a postive dialogue concerning the isssue at hand.
David's Response: What issue? That secular groups use language? We all agree that this is true. So what dialogue do we need to have?

You email is certainly a g-ding of us -isn't it.
Actually, I don't see it as an attack, tho you seem to feel it is. I apologize for your taking this in such a way, but I do think your response here is a bit reactionary. I have no desire to "damn" anyone. Only to open a dialogue. Again, if you were to read the bottom of my letter, I do wish God's Blessings on any one who care to read the letter.
David's Response: Nice closing on your letter. But, it was a finger pointing letter.

You hypocrite.
I don't agree, tho I would appreciate your clarifying this point of view for me, if you would.
David's Response: You are involved with the very thing you condemn. And then you are quick to point at those who are as involved as you.

You can g-d us But Creed can not say the actual words
I don't recall "damning" anyone in the Lord's name in my letter. If you would, could you point this out? I am certainly open to correction, if I'm wrong.
David's Response: You are finger pointing.

You can review Creed But we can't. Hmm
You can do whatever it is you would like to! It's God's gift, this freedom to make our own decisions, and I did mention that in the letter as well. I personally don't feel I did anything resembling a "review" of Creed's album- I'm only responding to a post I had read on your site. Where it had been been reviewed.
David's Response: Again, you are involved with the very thing you condemn. And then you are quick to point at those who are as involved as you.

It is an amazing example of self righteousness.
Could you explain your view here? I don't feel I am being self-righteous, rather sharing what is common knowledge, biblically. Again, I would appreciate your comments, if I am incorrect here.

David's Response: As above.

Subject: I'm curious-
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001
From: marc

Who is Bob Messer? Is he a practicing Christian? Thanks-

Response: Yes he is -David

Subject: Chop Suey
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001
From: Joel Stjernholm

I know this is more of your music department's thing, but since you are the one who's name came up, you get the e-mail. I have been listening to System of a Down's "Chop Suey!", and I am getting a serious good friday vibe off of it. Are they a Christian band, and what is the song really getting at? If you could post a review or simply email me back, i would be very grateful.
Joel Stjernholm

Subject: music
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001
From: Craig

I'm blown-away by EmmyLou Harris' Red Dirt Girl:
"we were always headed toward eternity
hoping for a glimpse of galilee
like falling stars from the universe, we are hurled
down through the loneliness of the world
until we behold the pain become the pearl
crying allelujah, allelujah"

"me and my best friend Lillian and her blue tick hound dog Gideon"

Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001
From: Mini gal (Christchurch)

I totally agree with Rex about his article regarding Creed. An awesome band and alright lyrics it would be great if you are seen in the areas where Jesus walked don't be shy Jesus wasn't how about it go into all the world and preach the gospel brothers.
Mini gal(Christchurch)

Subject: Creed
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001
From: Rex

I just thought i'd share my view that bands like POD and MxPx, and possibly Creed that are a bunch of Christian are doing an awesome job. It's how they share their personal life, to real people, not just christians. Its like i don't see the point in telling people in a church that they need Jesus, you should be in a pub, or on the Street telling people who don't know. I myself are in a band, and would love to do secular gigs where I may be a "mirror of the Son" for them

Response: Amen!

Subject: Music
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001
From: Sandy

Hello, this is my first time to your site. I would like to know what you think about the Music Group...Matchbox20 I really like there music..but as a christian, I am having some concern whether I should purchase it or not.
Thank You Sandy
God Bless