Music Review: The Little Giant Musical, Kathie Lee Gifford

January 10, 2018
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The Little Giant is a big adventure awaiting your family. Its story reflects the journey of young David which eventually lands him in a fight with a mighty giant.

Based on a musical theme, the story is narrated by a family of sheep and its leader, Sheeba. (Kathie Lee).  The scene is set in the first song in Bethlehem, and Sheeba is singing a song called “What is Your Stone?”  The other sheep are all talking about David and Sheeba.

David enters the scene with a song called “Here I am Lord”, and soon Samuel enters, offering himself to the Lord as well. The story takes off and keeps you entertained with details mingled into song and music. The sheep take over in telling parts of the story and trying to figure out how to help David.

As the story progresses, other pertinent Bible characters join in as the story unfolds. Jesse (Regis Philbin) and even the voice of God enter the scene. The choosing and anointing of David occur. Through a few songs and some retelling by a group of ambitious sheep, the story unfolds.  It wraps up with “What is Your Stone?”, the feature song.

The entire CD keeps moving forward as the story is told. Beyond pure entertainment value, this musical is educational as well. Kathi Lee Gifford has written a wonderful retelling of this epic Bible story which is sure to appeal to adults and children alike.

The song “What is Your Stone?” challenges families and children to find their strength given to them by God. It issues a realization for purpose with the talents an individual already has. During the wrap up of this musical cd, the entire cast comes together to sing, tying the package together like every good musical does.


Voices on the cd are done by Kathie Lee Gifford, Regis Philbin, David Pomeranz and many others.  This record was created then dedicated to Frank Gifford, Kathie Lee Gifford’s late husband, in honor of his trip to Israel and the things he learned about himself and his “stone”.

You can visit Kathie Lee’s website for more information about her trip to Israel and the production of this musical.

You can also purchase it from Amazon or  i-tunes.


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