Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

Eccentric or Cute?

It Might Amaze You Half to Death

March 4, 2008
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Mr. Magorium's Wonder EmporiumRecommendation: Rent/Put it on your queue
Release: 03/04/08

The movie is whimsical and at times funny, but I was a little distracted that they portrayed Natalie Portman’s character Molly Mahoney as boyish. It didn’t quite work for me, but maybe that’s a personal thing. There is a great theme with Mahoney, who is doing something great with her life, managing the store, but she doesn’t know it. That is so true for most of us isn’t it? My 7-year-old son said, “This movie amazes me half to death.” So apparently there is something about it that interested him as well, thus the recommendation I have for it.

Further I just love Jason Bateman playing the straight Accountant, or Mutant as he is called by the Emporiumites, and Zach Mills playing Eric “the loner and hat collector” Applebaum. My favorite scene is Bateman, as Henry Weston, and Zach, as Eric, conversing on writing pads through a window. Eric is trying to make a friend and reaches out to Henry, who thinks he doesn’t need any. All the while Cat Stevens’ (aka Yusuf Islam) “Don’t Be Shy” is playing in the background. The scene haunts me and I don’t know why yet, even after watching it a few times.

All in all worth the rental.

Extra Features
Along with the usual, subtitles and language features, the following are the Featurettes that come with the DVD. Most of them are just like the movie: a bit whimsical and sometimes funny. I especially like to see what’s going on in Writer/Director Zach Helm’s head as he is making the film with his colleagues. If you are anything like me and don’t “get” how the toy store was laid out, check the last featurette below.

  • Strangely Weird and Weirdly Strange: The Magical World Of A Wonder Emporium Featurette
  • Zach Helm Pod
  • Sock Monkey Pod
  • Mortimer The Zebra Pod
  • Lincoln Man Pod
  • An Eccentric Boss And An Awkward Apprentice Featurette
  • To Meet Eric Applebaum, Start By Saying Hi Featurette
  • The Magical Toy Store Featurette

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