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content pic Hunger Games, The: Mockingjay Part 1 (20...
Two Parts, Smart Move
I'm generally pretty cynical about the whole concept of splitting books into multiple movies, but with Mockingjay, not only was it absolutely the right move, but it may help the weakest book become the best movie.

content pic The Invisible Front (2014)
Fighting for Freedom
Darrel Manson
What makes the story important for Lithuanians today is not that the fighters succeeded in their efforts to establish freedom, but that when the Soviet Union finally disintegrated and Lithuania did become independent, they looked back at those who made sacrifices in pursuit of freedom as examples to build their identity as Lithuanians.

content pic Little Hope Was Arson (2014)
What Does Forgiveness Look Lik...
Jacob Sahms, Editor
This is an intense film, whether you're a Christian or not, because it challenges us to consider how love and forgiveness are manifested, what causes us to lose our way from what we know is right, and ultimately, how we can change when our lives have sunk that low. Watch and consider your own life: Do you forgive? Can you?

content pic A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
Iranian Vampire Western?
Darrel Manson
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night bills itself as the "first Iranian vampire western". In the words of director Ana Lily Amirpour, "It's like Sergio Leone and David Lynch had an Iranian rock 'n' roll baby, and then Nosferatu came and babysat [for] them." That alone will convince some that it absolutely has to be seen and others that it must be avoided like the plague.

content pic Interstellar (2014)
Exploring The Possibilities
Jacob Sahms, Editor
The next great blockbuster? Christopher Nolan sets out to top himself (again) with an eye-popping, mind bending spectacle of magnificent proportions.

content pic Unbroken (2014)
Live With Cynthia Zamperini-Ga...
Jacob Sahms, Editor
What would you do if you were lost at sea? Imprisoned and beaten in an enemy war prison? Losing the love of your life because of your own addiction and anger? In 1949, Louie Zamperini heard Billy Graham preach, and it put all of those experiences in a different perspective.

content pic Happy Valley (2014)
Sorrow and Anger in Happy Vall...
Darrel Manson
A similar set of scenes involves a statue of Joe Paterno on campus. Some want the statue removed. Others want to pose by it. Then there is one man who makes a silent, mostly passive protest, holding a sign. The vehemence with which people respond to him is an indicator of how deeply the controversy is suffused by emotions.

content pic Tolkien's Road (2014)
Imaginative Story about JRR To...
Mark Sommer
Tolkien's Road is an imaginative look at JRR Tolkien's life around the time when he began to think about The Hobbit. He is haunted by experiences from World War I, especially the loss of one of his closest friends, Geoffrey B. Smith. He interacts with ghosts of the past and characters from his imagination, to the point his friend CS "Jack" Lewis is concerned he is losing touch with reality.

content pic Dumb and Dumber To (2014)
Some Things Never Change
It's easy to say that good sequel should really just be more of the same, and yet, that never really seems to satisfy, does it? After watching Dumb and Dumber To, I realized that there are some things that never change, even though it would probably be better if they did; even a little.

content pic Big Hero 6 (2014)
Big Heart, Big Fun
Big Hero 6 may not be The Incredibles, but it has such a big heart that despite its flaws, it's hard not to be enchanted with its endearing characters.

content pic John Wick (2014)
Angel Of Death
Jacob Sahms
Think Keanu is done? Think again.

content pic Overnighters, The (2014)
Live With Director Jesse Moss
Jacob Sahms, Editor
The director of the award-winning documentary on one pastor's crusade against homelessness dishes on what he saw, how filmmaking works, and what it means to tell a real story.

content pic Foxcatcher (2014)
Tragic Relationships
Darrel Manson
Foxcatcher could almost be considered a Greek tragedy. The story comes from a sensational news story that is now nearly twenty years old. It involves a scion from one of the richest families in America and two brothers, both Olympic gold medal wrestlers, whose lives intersect in ways that will inevitably end in misery and sorrow.

content pic Beside Still Waters (2014)
Chris Lowell's Love Letter To ...
Jacob Sahms, Editor
Chris Lowell's Kickstarter-funded film explores growing up, friendship, loss, and finding the courage to be yourself.

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