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content pic Mood Indigo (2014)
Surreal Love Story
Darrel Manson
The very threat of losing someone we love as dearly as Colin loves Chloè changes the way we see the world (just as Gondry changes the way we see the world in the film). That may be why I'm beginning to see it is worthwhile to work on acquiring a taste for Gondry—for all the strangeness and surrealism, there is a foundation of reality that has significance.

content pic Boyhood (2014)
Becoming an Adult
Darrel Manson
What makes this more than a curiosity is the story itself—a story that grew along with the actors—and the realistic view it has of family and the various forces that come to play in raising a child into adulthood.

content pic Snowpiercer (2014)
Knowing Our Place On The Train
Jacob Sahms, Editor
A parable about class, and "enough," this French graphic novel—translated by a Korean director and delivered by a motley crew of actors—provides an outstanding exploration and an entertaining ride that could lead to heaven... or hell.

content pic Planes: Fire and Rescue (2014)
Definitely Not On Fire
In truth, even my kids found the movie to be a bit clichèd and predictable. However, it is occasionally funny, it does have some mildly exciting moments, and it does have a good heart. Formulaic though it may be, it's still solid family entertainment.

content pic Virgins, The (2014)
Interview with Matthew Wilson
Mark Sommer
"I want Christians to learn from the film that it's okay to show people who we are. All the characters in the film are fumbling their way through this walk of faith. If we tell the stories of how terribly we're doing most of the time, that shows everyone why we all need Jesus. And in comedy, especially, you have to be vulnerable and show people messing up."

content pic Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (2014)
A Thin Line Between Love and A...
Steve Norton
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is more than just a mindless summer blockbuster. Beneath its ground-breaking CGI-work and explosive action, this film offers an incredible portrait of a developing Cold War that is reminiscent of any number of global conflicts (past and present).

content pic Perfect Wave, The (2014)
Surfing for Jesus
Jason C. Stanley
It is the story of a young man's love for surfing. It is the story of a faithful mother's love for her son. It is the story of young men and women falling in love. And it is the story of persistent love of God.

content pic Land Ho
Life After Retirement
Darrel Manson
This is a film about the tension of friendship and loneliness within the world of aging. Mitch and Colin have reached an age where they are saying goodbye to much that has made up their lives: jobs, friends, family—the kinds of things that often define our lives.

content pic Underwater Dreams
Learning They Can Success
Darrel Manson
In 2004, four undocumented Latino students from an Arizona high school traveled to California for an underwater robotics competition. The robotics club was basically started so the teachers involved could have fun with the kids after school. Their entry was made of PVC and whatever electronics they could afford.

content pic The Hobbit:The Battle of Five Armies(201...
My Hopes for the Final Hobbit
Mark Sommer
What I am hoping for is PJ will give us something with a point to it rather than just trying to "wow" us with digital effects and zany humor. Not that the entertainment value is unimportant... But if Jackson is able to bring entertainment and "opening our eyes" together like Joss Whedon or JJ Abrams often do—or even as Gene Roddenbury did—the third movie will be much more satisfying for me.

content pic Earth To Echo (2014)
Boys, Bikes, an Alien
Darrel Manson
It would be unfair of me to compare Earth to Echo with either of the two films I think it aspires to emulate: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Stand By Me, because both of those films achieved a level of greatness that few others will be able to match. But it is fair to say that the film doesn't even qualify for knockoff status.

content pic Deliver Us From Evil (2014)
Interview with Scott Derrickso...
T. Ferguson
Like many Catholics, Ralph Sarchie keeps a rosary in his pocket. But this is no ordinary rosary—just as Sarchie is no ordinary Catholic. "They call it a combat rosary. It was developed in World War I for priests," he explains.

content pic Best Of Summer Blockbusters 2014
Independence Day
Jacob Sahms & Steve Norton
The First Lady bonds with an exotic dancer. Nerdy scientists fight as equals with military pilots. An alcoholic crop duster sacrifices his life alongside the President himself. In the face of annihilation, divisions disappear as our heroes recognize the value of all human life and unite against their enemy.

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