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content pic Heaven Is For Real (2014)
Beatific Vision
Jacob Sahms
Honestly, I'm not at all interested in wrestling with whether or not this is "real." I know some folks will want to jump all over that, and maybe I'll look at it down the road. For right now, I'd rather pull out the pieces of the film that spoke to me. And there were quite a few.

content pic Bears
A Tale of Survival
Darrel Manson
Bears is this year's Earth Day release from Disneynature. These films are always gorgeously photographed and entertaining excursions into the wilderness to see animals in real life situations. They are a visual celebration of nature and wildlife. They are designed to be family movies that will appeal to all ages.

content pic Captain America: The Winter Soldier (20...
Still American
Marcus Pittman
Marvel is a movie star in its own right, but the latest episode in Captain America's cinematographic history proves it has something to say.

content pic Tasting Menu
The Last Supper
Darrel Manson
And what of us when we face an ending or a new beginning? What opportunities will we find in each new day? Although I doubt it is intentional, the film is opening on Good Friday and a few days after Passover. Those are examples of endings that opened up to futures no one expected.

content pic God's Not Dead (2014)
Putting God On Trial
Jacob Sahms
How well can you explain your faith? Would you be ready to debate the points if someone else thought your faith was foolish?

content pic Noah (2014)
Interview with Ari Handel
Jacob Sahms
The phone rings. It's Ari Handel. And he wants to share the vision behind the complexity that is Darren Aronofsky's Noah, a story which has polarized audiences (and some who've never seen it.) What can we learn? What truths about ourselves, about God, about the way we see the world, can be drawn from an adaptation of a beloved story from Genesis?

content pic Star Wars Episode VII (2015)
Disney Chair: Filming Has Begu...
Mark Sommer
According to Disney Chairman Alan Horn, Star Wars Episode 7 has begun shooting. Click through to view a clip from an interview Horn did with The Hollywood Reporter.

content pic Muppets Most Wanted (2014)
Is This The Sequel We Wanted?
I'm so glad the Muppets are around to deliver something that's become increasingly rare these days; good, clean, smart, goofy, child-like fun. What's so wrong with feeling like a kid again? Nothing. So go see the Muppets already.

content pic Mr. Peabody And Sherman (2014)
Family Matters
Jacob Sahms, Editor
This isn't just a story about a friend of Rocky and Bullwinkle. No, it's an epic, time-traveling adventure about finding family and recognizing how important it is.

content pic Grand Budapest Hotel, The (2014)
A Kinder, Gentler Time
Darrel Manson
Wes Anderson is known for films featuring quirky, yet endearing characters. His stories are about connections—sometimes in families, or the creation of a family-like structure. The Grand Budapest Hotel is certainly in that mold.

content pic Ernest and Celestine
Unlikely Friends
Darrel Manson
Ernest and Celestine, Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature, is based on a series of Belgian children's books about a bear and a mouse who become best friends. It is a pleasant fable about being willing to go against conformity.

content pic Son Of God (2014)
Devotional Look at Jesus
Darrel Manson
I knew better going in than to expect this film to be the film I would make. What I really wanted to see is what film the filmmakers wanted it to be. The film turns out to be a devotional look at the Jesus of the gospels.

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