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content pic Fury (2014)
The Unglory Of War
Jacob Sahms, Editor
As graphic as Lone Survivor and yet as emotionally exploratory as Zero Dark Thirty, Fury combines a terrific writer/directorial effort by David Ayer (Training Day, End of Watch) with lifetime best level performances by Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, and Jon Bernthal.

content pic Yakona (2014)
With the Flow
Darrel Manson
A river is very much a living thing. It is an ecosystem, a resource, a place for enjoyment, a historical artifact. Yakona gives us a look at the San Marcos River in Texas and offers us a chance to appreciate its many facets.

content pic Judge, The (2014)
Welcome To The Feud
Jacob Sahms, Editor
Walking away from the theater, I wanted to hug my kids tighter, and be less critical; I wanted to tell my wife I love her, and that we're in it for the long haul. To me, that's a successful film, if it can make you think, and process, and forgive. That's story, scriptural or cinematic, and it's the lifeblood of the lessons we learn and the hope we have for change.

content pic Revenge of the Green Dragons (2014)
Immigrants' Tale
Darrel Manson
A Chinese gang movie. Perhaps you think of Jackie Chan and carefully choreographed martial arts battles. Put that out of your head. Revenge of the Green Dragons has much more in common with Mean Streets or The Godfather Trilogy than it does with martial arts slugfests. Maybe a large part of that is that this is a story of the American Dream, albeit a perversion of that dream.

content pic 23 Blast (2014)
Finding Sight In Blindness
Jacob Sahms, Editor
Travis Freeman, a real-life teenager from Corbin, Kentucky, goes blind overnight, throwing his world into darkness and impacting the lives of those in his family, on his football team, and within the community. But this is a bigger-than-Hollywood kind of sports story, the kind even Disney couldn't dream up, as Freeman (played by Mark Hafka) decides that playing it safe is not an option.

content pic Evolution of a Criminal
A Story of Sin and Repentance
Darrel Manson
When Darius Clark Monroe was sixteen he was in honors classes at school. He served on the student council. He had a job and a loving family. When he was seventeen he entered prison after having been convicted of bank robbery. In Evolution of a Criminal, Monroe tells his own story of how this happened and, more importantly, what has happened since.

content pic Good Lie, the (2014)
Interview With Screenwriter Ma...
Jacob Sahms, Editor
Margaret Nagle bares her love for kids, the story she has to share, and the difference a movie might make.

content pic Rudderless (2014)
Adrift in Grief
Darrel Manson
Rudderless is the story of a man set adrift in his grief. Sam, an advertising executive, has his world torn asunder when his son dies in a shooting on a college campus. He just can't get over it and two years later is living in an alcoholic haze on a boat.

content pic Algorithms (2014)
Beyond Seeing
Darrel Manson
As we watch we may be challenged to rethink what we regard as disability. Certainly these boys are far better chess players that I ever was even with my advantage of being able to look at the chessboard and see where all the pieces are.

content pic Gone Girl (2014)
What Is Marriage?
Jacob Sahms
I didn't read the book, so I went in mostly... blind. That's fitting for a film that is basically about the covers we put up to hide our true selves, and the secrets no one else knows. The best picture I've seen this year, it's more than mildly disturbing, incredibly suspenseful, and a lens by which we might examine our own relationships... especially in marriage.

content pic Left Behind
Doing the Right Thing
J. Alan Sharrer
Jesus returns. And the world weeps and gnashes its teeth collectively, while the amount of laundry that is left from all the raptured people in the New York City area is staggering.

content pic Hobbit:The Battle of Five Armies, The (2...
Teaser Trailer Finally Here
Mark Sommer
At long last, the Teaser Trailer for The Battle of the Five Armies is out, and we have it here. There is a bit of a teaser within the teaser for those who know the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy well. Jackson has chosen to use Billy Boyd's "All Shall Fade" from The Return of the King. Will Pete find a way to bring Pippin into the movie? Click through to view.

content pic Best Of The Indies (2014)
Mad Max
Jason C. Stanley
No longer is the screen dominated by dark leather and villainous faces but by sunshine, beaches, and bluejeans. Life is good. This change marks the tension between the future that Max and the police are fighting for and the reality that the biker gang prefers. It is the tension between good and evil; justice and injustice; integrity and corruption.

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