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Almost Perfect (2012)

Release Date:
Friday, September 21, 2012

MPAA Rating:

Comedy, Drama

Kelly Hu, Roger Rees, Edison Chen, Christina Chang, Kristy Wu

Written By:
Bertha Bay-Sa Pan

Bertha Bay-Sa Pan

A 30-something career woman tries to find the balance between her demanding family and her perfect new boyfriend.

Almost Perfect (2012) | Review

Believe in Marriage?
Darrel Manson

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"Do you believe in marriage?" That seems to be the question at the center of Almost Perfect.

Vanessa is a 30-something single woman. The fact that she works for a non-profit gives us the impression that she is responsible and giving. She's the one people call when they need something. Her wastrel brother shows up at her apartment to hide out from his wife. Her parent's marriage is pretty chilly. Her materialistic sister would rather sample all the goods than settle down with someone. Vanessa seems to be fine without a man in her life—but then Dwayne shows up. Dwayne was her high school boyfriend and he is back in town. Sparks could be rekindled. But when things seem to be going well with them, Vanessa can't quite commit.

Vanessa's issues flow from the experiences of marriage she sees around her. Would she want to end up like her brother or her parents? On the other hand, does she want to end up like her sister? It seems like those are the only options available. When Dwayne asks her about believing in marriage, she has no answer. Is her problem with believing in marriage, or believing in Dwayne, or believing in herself?

The film finally leads Vanessa to some hope for a future (and marriage) with Dwayne, but the journey isn't all that satisfying. There is too much backstory of her family that never comes out, and without it, the film just doesn't gel. The subplot of her brother's failing marriage really doesn't add much to the film. I was never quite sure where the film was going. At times it seemed to be setting up a romantic comedy. All the characters seemed perfect for romcom, but the plot never veered off into humor. Worst of all, this film about love and marriage lacked passion. The closest it came to passion was Vanessa's mother's disdain for her husband. None of the relationships seemed to have any love crying out to be fulfilled. It's bad enough for relationships to lack any sense of passion, but even worse for a film.

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