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April 30, 2008
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MoondanceRecommendation: Rent/Queue it (even if it’s for the kids)
Release Date: 4/29/08

This movie proves a couple of things for me:

  1. Figure Skaters can’t act (Sasha Cohen is in this one)
  2. Kids love the darndest movies (mine won’t stop watching it)

Kay Panabaker, who plays Moondance Alexander, is very good in this movie. She does a great job portraying an awkward teenaged girl who doesn’t fit in at school. Her life changes when she meets a horse she names Checkers, who also doesn’t fit in. See, he’s a jumper, but could never fit in at jumping contests because he’s a Pinto and not a pure-blooded thoroughbred horse.

She convinces the tough but fair owner of Checkers to train her and let her enter into a prestigious jumping competition. What follows is a heart warming tale of a bunch of misfits: Moondance, Checkers, Checkers’ owner, Moondance’s mom, etc. are all given a chance to shine. Don’t rent/queue it for the great directing or acting, but for an inspirational story the whole family will enjoy (maybe the kids more than the adults).

Special Features
These are a bit sparse and what’s there isn’t too great.

  • Music Video – I Choose You
  • Behind the Scenes and Cast Interviews – this is a bit contrived with the director saying everyone on the film was “fantastic”
  • The Music of Moondance Alexander – ditto the above behind the scenes, but the composer saying how “fantastic” the director is

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