Contained in the ancient Roman myth of Mithras is the story of Jesus. Here is the story of another myth that became truth. Here is the true origin of the December 25th Christmas.
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Christmas, the birth of Christ, is celebrated on December 25. But, Jesus wasn't born on this date. So where did the date December 25 come from?
By David Bruce
Christmas, the birth of Christ, is celebrated on December 25. But, Jesus wasn't born on this date. So where did the date December 25 come from?
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Christmas and Pop Culture
Much of what we think about the Christmas story is not biblical. We have been deeply influenced by our popular culture. See how much you have been influenced!

The Deeper Meaning of the Christmas Tree
It was the famous Christian reformer Martin Luther who started the Christmas tree tradition. The decorated evergreen has profound spiritual meaning.


Subject: Mithras
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002
From: eric la freniere

i've enjoyed your mithras page immensely, but must take issue with a statement you made.

i've heard it said before, that "no one dies for a lie." it sounds impressive, but is simply not true.

people have died for various lies throughout history, and continue to do so everyday. sometimes they even take others with them on their way out. the heaven's gate people died for a lie, as did the 9-11 terrorists. people die (and kill) for lies all the time. it is perfectly typical. religion (and it's secular equivalent, statism) make it possible.

the biggest lie of all is the lie of eternal life or immortality, and people die more readily for a big lie than for a small lie.

eric la freniere

Subject: Mithras
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002
From: Dave

 Hi, I stumbled across your webpage in an attempt to find any information connecting the Mithras Cult and the Templars just on a hunch really. What would those Mithraic Legioneers have done with themselves after the fall of Pagan Rome? Seemed a likely prospect.. Any ideas? Anyways.. As for the cross, the symbolism is that of sexual reproduction and begins as far back as 6000BC in the Mid East in the form of the swastika where in Sumerian mythology it is associated with a class of godesses known as NIN.TU (ladies of birth). The idea when crucifying was to expunge not only the body but the animus. Victims of crucifixion die by suffocation so it steals your breath (your animus). Oh yeah.. The really interesting deal with Paul is his ministry seems geared towards unifying human conciousness, the goal of eastern mystics as well. This is facilitated through agape (communal love). A really interesting book written as a philosophic argument on Zen Buddhism called An Inquiry into the Good by Kitaro Nishida asserts the same claim and argues the philosophy brilliantly. So its worth checking out.
Take care.. Dave

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