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The Gospel Reloaded book


To renounce all is to gain all; to descend is to rise; to die is to live.
--KARL RAHNER (1904–1984)

Jesus is risen! he shall the world restore!
Awake, ye dead! dull sinners, sleep no more!
--JOHN WESLEY (1703–1791)

Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.
--MARTIN LUTHER (1483–1546)


Morpheus = the mythical Orpheus, who descended into the underworld to be a savior. Clear Biblical connections here. Also the holy name of God, YHWH (meaning: I Am The Becoming One) connects to Morpheus -the changing one.

Enlightenment = in Buddhism this is a state of entering nirvana. In Jesus's teaching this is spiritual new birth.

Violence = the difference between strict Buddhism and the Matrix. Violence is prohibited by Buddhists. Violence is part Jesus' understanding of life: "The kingdom of heaven has been coming violently" (Mat 11:12 NRSV footnote). The violence against the crucified Jesus liberates the world. Also, spiritual warfare against powers in Paul's writings. Etc. Life-as-isolation Thomas Kinkade type Christians will not get it.

New Life = Both Trinity and Neo have a death and resurrection to new life. The idea of life through death is a clear biblical insight.

Zion = The holy city of God. The kingdom on earth. "On earth as it is in heaven" (Mat 6:10). "And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Mat 16:18). Also, Isaiah 14:32 (Message Bible): What does one say to outsiders who ask questions? Tell them, "God has established Zion. Those in need and in trouble find refuge in her."

Thomas Anderson = Neo's other name comes from The Gospel of Thomas (about Jesus), and Son of Man (Ander + son) the title of Jesus in the gospels.

Providence, destiny, choice = The Matrix series finds balance between choice and destiny in the context of providence. This is a very Biblical understanding of life. So many religions view life as set, and fixed (as the machines represent). Life, however, is dynamic with ebb and flow, reaping and sowing, choices and consequences. Yet, all this within a specify destiny. Life is like its creator, its creative.


Psalm 16:10 (New Living Translation)
For you will not leave my soul among the dead
or allow your godly one to rot in the grave.

Acts 2:24 (Message Bible)
But God untied the death ropes and raised him up. Death was no match for him.

Acts 3:15 (Message Bible)
You no sooner killed the Author of Life than God raised him from the dead—and we're the witnesses.

Romans 8:11 (Message Bible)
It stands to reason, doesn't it, that if the alive-and-present God who raised Jesus from the dead moves into your life, he'll do the same thing in you that he did in Jesus, bringing you alive to himself? When God lives and breathes in you (and he does, as surely as he did in Jesus), you are delivered from that dead life. With his Spirit living in you, your body will be as alive as Christ's!

Ephes. 1:20 (Message Bible)
All this energy issues from Christ: God raised him from death and set him on a throne in deep heaven,

Col. 2:12 (Message Bible)
If it's an initiation ritual you're after, you've already been through it by submitting to baptism. Going under the water was a burial of your old life; coming up out of it was a resurrection, God raising you from the dead as he did Christ.

1 Cor. 6:14 (Message Bible)
God honored the Master's body by raising it from the grave. He'll treat yours with the same resurrection power.

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